ICC World Twenty20, 13th Match, Group 1: Sri Lanka v New Zealand at Pallekele, Sep 27, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 13th match, Group 1
Match tied (Sri Lanka won the one-over eliminator)
27 September 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Malinga to Guptill, FOUR, length ball on the pads, Guptill gets inside the line by moving towards off stump and glances the ball off his pads to the square leg boundary


Malinga to Guptill, no run, superb reply, pitches on a good length on off stump and shapes away from Guptill, who fends off the back foot and is beaten


Malinga to Guptill, 1 run, once again the line is a bit straight, Guptill works the ball off his hips towards square leg


Malinga to Nicol, no run, the slower ball on a good length, Nicol was out of his crease early and played the ball towards point


Malinga to Nicol, no run, another slower ball around off stump, Nicol had come out of his crease again and then had to wait to defend the ball


Malinga to Nicol, FOUR, Nicol moves across his crease to chip a slower ball in the air but past the fielder at short fine leg, New Zealand are getting a move on here

New Zealand 26/0   SL Malinga 1-0-9-0

Malinga to Nicol, 1 run, short of a length outside off, Nicol tries to slap it off the back foot but the fielder at cover is in the way


Malinga to Guptill, no run, Nicol tried to turn that on the leg side but was squared up by the slower ball that moved away from him, he got a leading edge that fell safely short of extra cover


Malinga to Guptill, no run, short of a length and straight, played from the crease towards midwicket


Malinga to Guptill, FOUR, stand and deliver stuff, Guptill lines up a short of a length ball and tees off on the front foot, hitting the ball over the bowler's head with a horizontal bat


Malinga to Guptill, no run, punched off the back foot towards point, the ball is coming on to the bat so well today


Malinga to Guptill, 2 runs, Guptill moved forward and towards leg, Malinga followed him, and Guptill clipped the ball between square leg and midwicket

New Zealand 43/0   SL Malinga 2-0-16-0

Malinga to Oram, no run, full ball on off stump, Oram drives to Mahela at cover and sets off, Taylor sends him back but Mahela's throw misses the stumps. There was no run there


Malinga to Oram, 1 run, Oram stays in his crease and drives a little squarer, between point and cover


Malinga to Taylor, 1 run, full and straight, played to the fielder at deep square leg, hit all along the ground


Malinga to Oram, 1 run, full ball around off stump, Oram stays back in his crease and drives through cover


Malinga to Taylor, FOUR, too full and too much on leg stump, Taylor glances the ball off the pads with almost no backlift, using the pace to find the fine leg boundary


Malinga to Taylor, 1 run, there's an awful mix-up and the fielding is poor too. Taylor played the ball straight to Mahela at midwicket and ran. Mahela threw the ball too high to Malinga, who failed to catch the ball to run out the batsman. Mahela should have gone for the direct hit, Malinga wasn't in the best position

New Zealand 149/3   SL Malinga 3-0-24-0

Malinga to NL McCullum, 1 run, in the blockhole, and the batsman works the ball through square leg


Malinga to Franklin, 1 run, a low full toss outside off stump, Frannklin taps the ball towards extra cover for a single


Malinga to NL McCullum, 1 run, another low full toss, on a straighter line, McCullum drive to long on


Malinga to Franklin, 1 run, in the blockhole once again, Franklin squeezes it out towards the bowler's left and Malinga fumbles to allow the single


Malinga to NL McCullum, 1 wide, that's too wide outside off stump, a wide even though McCullum had backed away towards leg


Malinga to NL McCullum, OUT, bowled him, I think off the inside edge, on to the pad, and on to the base of leg stump. McCullum backed away towards leg to make room and swung hard, he was beaten by the yorker

NL McCullum b Malinga 3 (10m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00


Malinga to Williamson, 1 run, Williamson makes room by moving toward leg and then manages to squirt a full ball on middle stump towards point, Dilshan fumbles

New Zealand 165/6   SL Malinga 4-0-30-1





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