ICC World Twenty20, 13th Match, Group 1: Sri Lanka v New Zealand at Pallekele, Sep 27, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 13th match, Group 1
Match tied (Sri Lanka won the one-over eliminator)
27 September 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Southee to Jayawardene, SIX, terrific shot! Mahela moves forward and towards the off side to flick a full ball off his pads over the long leg boundary. Sublime timing


Southee to Jayawardene, 1 run, good length on middle stump, Mahela stays balanced and nudges towards midwicket


Southee to Dilshan, 1 run, Dilshan stays in his crease to a delivery that is a bit too full and gets an inside edge behind square leg as he tries to push forward


Southee to Jayawardene, 1 run, a slower ball on off and middle, Mahela stays in his crease and drops the ball on the off side for a quick single


Southee to Dilshan, 1 run, a slower ball out of the back of the hand, Dilshan waits in his crease and hits to backward point, didn't time it well


Southee to Jayawardene, 1 run, Mahela dabs the ball off the back foot towards backward point, all the fielders are on the edge of the circle so singles are easily available

Sri Lanka 31/0   TG Southee 1-0-11-0

Southee to Dilshan, SIX, that's far too short and Dilshan has sent the ball over the square leg boundary by rocking on to the back foot and pulling hard


Southee to Dilshan, 1 wide, Southee replies with a bouncer but it's too high, Sri Lanka reach 50


Southee to Dilshan, FOUR, length ball outside off stump, Dilshan flays his bat at it, driving powerfully through cover point for another boundary


Southee to Dilshan, 1 run, Dilshan drives the ball hard and in the air towards the bowler's right, it's not really a chance and the ball hits the bowler's boot and goes on the leg side


Southee to Jayawardene, no run, Mahela tries to dab one that is too full and bounces sharply as well towards third man, he gets beaten. Southee appeals loudly but Brendon McCullum does not


Southee to Jayawardene, SIX, watch out in the crowd! Mahela is standing outside his crease and launches the length ball off the front foot, simply driving it high and far over deep midwicket


Southee to Jayawardene, 1 run, in the blockhole outside off stump, played towards cover point for a single

Sri Lanka 62/0   TG Southee 2-0-30-0

Southee to Dilshan, 1 run, full ball, which Dilshan tries to smash over long-on but mis-times it. The ball reaches the fielder on the bounce


Southee to Mathews, 1 run, full ball angling across the right-hander, Mathews drives towards extra cover


Southee to Dilshan, 2 runs, Dilshan makes room by moving outside leg, Southee cramps him with a yorker, Dilshan squeezes it out towards midwicket and they take on Guptill's arm to complete the second


Southee to Dilshan, 1 run, nearly in the blockhole around off and middle, driven from the crease through cover point


Southee to Mathews, 1 run, once again Southee finds the blockhole and gives Mathews no room, the batsman hits towards long on


Southee to Dilshan, 1 run, a terrific over from Southee, Dilshan plays the final blockhole delivery towards long on

Sri Lanka 154/3   TG Southee 3-0-37-0

Southee to Mathews, 1 run, full and cracked out to cover, well fielded


Southee to Thirimanne, 1 run, full outside off, goes for the ramp and gets it off the toe of the bat in the air towards short long leg, doesn't get it at all and it falls short of the fielder


Southee to Mathews, 1 run, full ball on leg stump, dug out through midwicket for...just a single as the fielder scrambles well off the rope


Southee to Thirimanne, no run, full and wide enough of the attempted drive, beats the bat, dot ball!


Southee to Thirimanne, FOUR, full and wide, goes for the ramp and this time pulls it off! What a shot, picked it up from well outside off and it sails over short long leg


Southee to Thirimanne, OUT, slap into the off side off an inside edge, easy run out at point surely to the non-striker's end but I think Taylor dropped the ball, he did! Taylor dropped it and Sri Lanka have won!! But no!! On the replay the ball has deflected off Taylor's hand and deflected into the stumps!!! Amazing stuff so New Zealand have effected the run out and this is going to be a Super Over...so much checking to see what actually caused the bails to come off but it looks as if it was ball...here comes the third umpire...it's OUT!!!

HDRL Thirimanne run out 5 (10m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

Sri Lanka 174/6   TG Southee 4-0-44-0





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