ICC World Twenty20, 16th Match, Group 2: Australia v India at Colombo (RPS), Sep 28, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 16th match, Group 2
Australia won by 9 wickets (with 31 balls remaining)
Played at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (neutral venue)
28 September 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Cummins to Pathan, 1 run, length ball, outside off, push-driven wide of mid-off


Cummins to Gambhir, FOUR, and he angles it in too far with the fine leg up in the circle. Deftly glanced away by Gambhir. Minimum effort, four runs for the taking


Cummins to Gambhir, no run, more accurate now, on a length, middle and off, defended


Cummins to Gambhir, no run, short of a length, punched away nicely, but can't beat point


Cummins to Gambhir, 1 run, dug it in, Gambhir backed away to steer it past point from outside leg


Cummins to Pathan, OUT, great footwork from Cummins. Short of a length, gets a little big on him, he drops it just off the pitch and runs. On most occasions these result in singles, but Cummins has other ideas here. he strides towards the ball, and kicks it towards the stump, dislodging the bails a second before Gambhir's bat has slid in. Top work from Cummins

G Gambhir run out 17 (12m 12b 3x4 0x6) SR: 141.66

India 21/1   PJ Cummins 1-0-6-0

Cummins to Kohli, no run, that's good pace. Short of a length, 142ks, getting to to bounce towards the chest, hits the top of the bat


Cummins to Kohli, OUT, pace has done him in. This is one of the rare instances in recent times that Kohli has been done in comprehensively by a bowler. It's the pace and bounce again. Short, close to 143ks, his weight didn't go back as he pulled, and ended up skying it towards mid-off. Christian had to run to to his right, and put a slide in to complete the catch

V Kohli c Christian b Cummins 15 (18m 13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 115.38


Cummins to Pathan, 2 runs, full, on off, goes off the outer half of the bat, a misfield from Warner at point costs them two runs


Cummins to Pathan, 1 run, it's the bouncer again, but Pathan's mis-hit doesn't carry to deep midwicket. Top effort from Starc, though. A bit too quick for Pathan, but it never looks like carrying. Starc charges in, though, puts a full-length dive in, but reaches it on the half-volley


Cummins to Yuvraj Singh, no run, bouncer again, healthy pace too, good over so far. Yuvraj sways out of the line here


Cummins to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, tucked away off the hip for a single

India 60/2   PJ Cummins 2-0-10-1

Cummins to Raina, 1 run, short of a length, steered away to third man for one


Cummins to Dhoni, no run, length ball, headed towards top of off, pushed to cover


Cummins to Dhoni, 2 runs, slower bouncer, Dhoni waits and waits, and pulls it well for two. Well doe to Hogg, too, who charges to his right from fine leg, puts in a dive, keeps the ball in play


Cummins to Dhoni, no run, cramped up for room, punched straight to straight extra cover


Cummins to Dhoni, no run, another dot. Short of a length, quick, on off, no room, pushed back to him


Cummins to Dhoni, OUT, pressure of dot balls there. This is a wide half-volley, might even have been called wide had he not driven at it. No feet means he is reaching out, and manages just a limp hit straight to extra cover

MS Dhoni c Bailey b Cummins 15 (21m 21b 2x4 0x6) SR: 71.42

India 104/6   PJ Cummins 3-0-13-2

Cummins to Raina, 1 run, slower bouncer, Raina pulls it, top edge lands safe


Cummins to Ashwin, no run, walks right across the stumps and misses a plum full toss. Ashwin wants a no-ball for height, but the umpire doesn't oblige


Cummins to Ashwin, 1 run, slower ball, slogged away, along the ground, gets a single


Cummins to Raina, 2 byes, slower short ball, Raina connects thin air with his wild heave, they take a bye, Wade lobs the throw too far, and then Hogg fails to back up well at mid-off, allowing them a second


Cummins to Raina, 1 run, slower bouncer again, pulled away to deep midwicket


Cummins to Ashwin, no run, wide and full, Ashwin charges down, and misses by about a foot. No bye this time

India 129/6   PJ Cummins 4-0-16-2





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