ICC World Twenty20, 20th Match, Group 2: India v Pakistan at Colombo (RPS), Sep 30, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 20th match, Group 2
India won by 8 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
Played at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (neutral venue)
30 September 2012 - night match (20-over match)

Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 wide, Zaheer starts with a wide delivery outside off, a hint of swing away after pitching well outside off


Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, length ball outside off, crunched towards cover point where a diving Yuvraj stops it from racing away


Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, length ball is guided down towards third man for a single


Khan to Imran Nazir, FOUR, no one is stopping this one, short of length and a bit of width, Nazir gets on the back foot and slashes that past backward point for four, Nazir gets a boundary off his first ball


Khan to Imran Nazir, 5 wides, oh dear, that swings down the leg side, Dhoni was slow to get to that one, he doesn't collect it and gives away four extra runs


Khan to Imran Nazir, no run, that seams away outside off, Nazir doesn't move his feet as he is sucked into playing at that, beaten


Khan to Imran Nazir, no run, closer to the off stump this time, Nazir defends off the back foot to the off side


Khan to Imran Nazir, 2 wides, the third wide of the over, down the leg side once more, Dhoni gets his gloves on it this time, the ball rolls towards short fine


Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, dropped, chance for Sehwag at slip, Zaheer finally gets his line right, just as people were being reminded of his infamous opening over in the 2003 World Cup final, batsman was playing across the line, gets the outside edge, went at a catchable height but well to the right of Sehwag, who gets his hands on it after diving but can't latch on, gets a second chance as he falls to the ground but he turfs it

Pakistan 13/0   Z Khan 1-0-13-0

Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, length ball on middle and leg, played towards midwicket


Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, length ball outside off, defended off the front foot towards cover


Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, back of a length and moving in towards the off stump, played off the back foot towards backward point


Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, good line from Zaheer, heading for off stump that one, blocked towards extra cover, Hafeez is now 1 off 7, and has been put down once already


Khan to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, length ball outside off, Hafeez guides it down to third man for a single, five balls and one run this over from Zaheer, who has pulled it back after that forgettable first over


Khan to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, Afridi is not going to hang around here, a shortish ball is mowed towards square leg, Afridi really looking to massacre the ball there

Pakistan 28/1   Z Khan 2-0-15-0

Khan to Yasir Arafat, OUT, short of length bowled wide of the crease, slapped towards Yuvraj at backward point, and that throw from Yuvraj is bang-on perfect, one bounce and hitting the top of middle, Zaheer was in position to collect the throw, he realised that was heading for the stumps and gets his hands out of the way, Arafat is an inch short, he is on his way, Yuvraj answering his critics here

Yasir Arafat run out 8 (12m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 72.72


Khan to Umar Gul, FOUR, shortish ball, Gul swings at it and gets a bottom-edge, that runs down towards fine leg, Balaji races across and puts in the dive to stop that one, but he pushes it back onto his chest as he slides and the ball deflects over the rope, great effort there but to no avail


Khan to Umar Gul, 1 run, a yorker from Zaheer, squeezed out towards cover for a single


Khan to Saeed Ajmal, 1 run, short from Zaheer, pulled towards deep square leg


Khan to Umar Gul, no run, a low full toss from over the wickets, thumped back towards Zaheer, who does well to stop that


Khan to Umar Gul, 1 run, full and wide outside off, dug out towards midwicket for a single

Pakistan 122/8   Z Khan 3-0-22-0





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