ICC World Twenty20, 21st Match, Group 1: New Zealand v West Indies at Pallekele, Oct 1, 2012
ICC World Twenty20 - 21st match, Group 1
Match tied (West Indies won the one-over eliminator)
Played at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium (neutral venue)
1 October 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Mills to Gayle, SIX, pitched up and that's been dispatched, effortlessly, was in the slot and there was also some width and that was smashed over the bowler's head for a straight six

West Indies 20/1   CH Gayle 11* (5b 1x4 1x6)   KD Mills 1.2-0-15-0

Bracewell to Russell, SIX, slapped, swatted, call it what you want, short of a length and he charges out of the crease to give it a good whack over the bowler's head, carries all the way

West Indies 36/1   AD Russell 6* (5b 1x6)   DAJ Bracewell 1.4-0-11-1

Oram to Gayle, SIX, what a horrible delivery to bowl for a freehit, a juicy full toss on middle and leg and it's been deservedly smashed over the deep square leg boundary, his 300th six in T20s

West Indies 51/2   CH Gayle 29* (12b 3x4 2x6)   JDP Oram 0.1-0-8-0

Oram to Samuels, SIX, slower one on middle and it allows him to clear mid-on, picks it up well, leans forward a little and smashes that over the long-on boundary

West Indies 59/2   MN Samuels 11* (9b 1x6)   JDP Oram 0.5-0-16-0

Hira to Bravo, SIX, Hira's turn to be hit this time, flat but on a length on the off and Bravo clears the ropes with a clean hit over the bowler's head, through the line

West Indies 82/3   DM Bravo 11* (9b 1x6)   RM Hira 1.1-0-7-0





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