ICC World Twenty20 Warm-up Matches, India v Pakistan at Colombo (RPS), Sep 17, 2012
Pakistan won by 5 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Played at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo (neutral venue)
17 September 2012 (20-over match)

Umar Gul to Sehwag, no run, length ball, middle and leg, pushed to the right of Gul, who does well to not allow them the single


Umar Gul to Sehwag, 1 run, length ball, into the pads, worked away for a single

India 12/0   V Sehwag 1* (2b)

Sohail Tanvir to Sehwag, FOUR, Strange. Edged and not attempted. Sehwag tries a booming drive, gets a thick edge to a length ball, but Hafeez at first slip doesn't even go for the catch even as it flies at an arm's length from him. Truth is stranger than fiction


Sohail Tanvir to Sehwag, 1 wide, wide down the leg side now


Sohail Tanvir to Sehwag, 2 runs, plants the front foot down, and flicks this short-of-a-length ball through midwicket


Sohail Tanvir to Sehwag, 1 wide, wide down the leg side again


Sohail Tanvir to Sehwag, no run, .. and gets good bounce immediately. This leaves him a little too, against the angle. Beaten


Sohail Tanvir to Sehwag, SIX, too short, and too wide, and Sehwag has upper-cut it over the shorter point boundary for a six. 58 metres is the boundary on that side of the ground


Sohail Tanvir to Sehwag, 1 run, short of a length, angling in, worked away into the leg side

India 27/0   V Sehwag 14* (7b 1x4 1x6)

Mohammad Sami to Sehwag, no run, short of a length, on off, played to point


Mohammad Sami to Sehwag, FOUR, poor delivery. Bad Sami seems to have turned up. Down the pads with fine leg up. Had Sehwag not helped it away for four this would have been a wide


Mohammad Sami to Sehwag, 1 leg bye, gets away with another leg-sdie gift, as Sehwag fails to make contact, and gets just a leg-bye


Mohammad Sami to Sehwag, FOUR, another gift down leg, and Sehwag accepts it with glee, glancing it between keeper and short fine leg


Mohammad Sami to Sehwag, FOUR, full outswinger on off, and Sehwag drives it superbly between cover-point and cover. Opens the face a little to place it, and sends it all along the ground

India 41/0   V Sehwag 26* (12b 4x4 1x6)

Saeed Ajmal to Sehwag, no run, This is not Sami's day. Not so far. Sehwag, as is his wont, lofts the first ball of spin he faces, and takes long-on on. Sami settles under it, but he has to stretch over the rope to try to catch it. And he seems to have touched the rope as he catches it and then throws it back in to keep it in play. Replays are inconclusive, but bizarrely this has been signalled as four. Beats me. Stumps me. It has to be either six or dot. How is it four? Apologies umpires. It has been corrected now that it was indeed a dot. How so typical of Sehwag to not even take a single off this?


Saeed Ajmal to Sehwag, OUT, and Sehwag is gone. Looks to cut a flat delivery from in front of the stumps, fails to keep it down, and Afridi takes a sharp catch to his right

V Sehwag c Shahid Afridi b Saeed Ajmal 26 (14b 4x4 1x6) SR: 185.71

India 45/2   V Sehwag 26 (14b 4x4 1x6)





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