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ICC report slams Eden Gardens, Wankhede renovations

ESPNcricinfo staff

December 17, 2010

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Work in progress at Eden Gardens ahead of the ODI against Sri Lanka, Kolkata, December 8, 2009
According to a report by the ICC inspection team, there is more work necessary at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata than at any other venue © AFP

An ICC inspection team has raised serious concerns over the preparedness of two key World Cup venues - Eden Gardens in Kolkata and the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai - in time for the tournament, which begins on February 19, 2011. Its interim report says the original November 30 deadline for completion of construction, which neither stadium has met, is likely to be over-run by at least a month and warns that, if construction at these venues is not completed by January 15, "it is not possible to confirm that the venues will be in a suitable condition to be handed over by January 31".

The inspection team, headed by ICC events manager Chris Tetley, visited the World Cup venues in India in late November and early December. In its evaluation - first reported in the Deccan Herald - it listed the pending work and expressed doubts over its completion by the end of the year. The report quotes Professor Eugene van Vuuren, the ICC's Stadium Consultant, as saying construction programmes were likely to be completed by late January at the earliest. "This pre-supposes no unforeseen delays or further impacts on construction by the current poor weather."

Beyond the construction work, there are a number of other tasks that will also need to be finished before any games can be played. These include landscaping and necessary beautification of the grounds, interior finishing and furnishing, the installation of entry gates, certification by local authorities, and the installation of temporary infrastructure required specifically for the World Cup.

The report is reminiscent of the situation with the Commonwealth Games in Delhi earlier this year, where venues and other facilities were completed at the last moment and after widespread criticism by various stakeholders - athletes, officials, administrators - and the global media.

Tournament director Ratnakar Shetty said this was the first he was hearing about the report but added that he was confident of the work being done in time. "There are two parts of the job that have to be completed in the Wankhede Stadium: the last of the construction and the finishing of the details," he told ESPNcricinfo. "The construction will stop by December 31, after which the rest of the work will be done to finish the access to the stadium and all the smaller details.

"I'm quite confident it will be done by January 15, which is two months before the Wankhede Stadium's first World Cup game. In any case, the major work at Wankhede is already done, with regard to the corporate boxes and the bucket seats."

He said the World Cup organisers would want the ICC to carry out another visit to the Wankhede, Eden Gardens and three Sri Lankan venues around January 15.

The report was especially scathing about the condition of Eden Gardens, which it said had more unresolved issues than any other venue, and of the local administration. "Unfortunately, the venue administration did not recognise the requirements of the event and were often unwilling to discuss or agree to what was required. There was a tendency to rely on experiences of previous World Cup matches which took place in 1996, and are not wholly relevant to the needs of stakeholders for CWC 2011."

The report states that "a meeting with Mr Dalmiya [president of the Cricket Association of Bengal] was useful in explaining a few of the issues; however he was not present for discussion on the detailed requirements of the inspection team."

It said a decision would soon be taken on whether to start building the roof on two of the blocks - if the roof was not built, the chances of completion would be greater and there would be no impact on staging World Cup matches.

Construction work apart, the outstanding issues include:

  • Tickets and hospitality currently offered for the use of ICC sponsors are unacceptable

  • Sightscreens at both ends need to be raised

  • A suitable location for the D/L Manager needs to be found. The upstairs room is not appropriate

  • The anti-doping and medical rooms need to be separate facilities and not shared

  • An overflow location for media and NRH needs to be identified and demarcated

  • Uninterrupted back-up power is required for the floodlights and replay screens

The Wankhede Stadium, it said, would be an "excellent facility for international cricket" when completed but noted "there is still much to be done". The pending work includes:

  • Uninterrupted power supply for the floodlights and replay screens

  • A significant amount of one-way tinting to be placed on glass frontages above sightscreens at both ends

  • The umpires changing room needs to move from the designated space under construction to the location allocated to the medical and anti-doping rooms

  • The anti-doping and medical rooms need to be separate facilities and not shared

The interim report concludes by stating, "It will be necessary to re-inspect both venues and take a decision on the viability of staging the World Cup matches as currently scheduled."


Comments: 43 
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Posted by Mohan on (December 20, 2010, 7:48 GMT)

It is a war between ICC(Sharad Pawar) and BCCI(Shashank Manohar or Srinivasan or Jagmohan Dalmiya). Because When Sharad Pawar became ICC President ,BCCI neglected him; and to counter Pawar and Lalit Modi ,he roped in Dalmiya the No.1 competitor for Pawar. Hence this slamming. Please don't read too much into this, this is my guess.

Posted by naishadh on (December 20, 2010, 7:20 GMT)

hmmm this is disastrous! i remember the renovation work at wankhede started about 1 and half year back. and kolkata started around the same time too..but the saddest part is they are still not completed..

common guys its just renovation..u dont have to build it up all again..wankhede is understandable because major part of the stadium came down to renovate it, but kolkata had around 2 or 3 massive stands to be rebuilt, yet they dint complete..

instead they could have alloted matches to hyderabad stadium which has excellent infrastructure and the love for the game that hyderabadis have got was seen in the recently concluded test match against new zeland. when people say test cricket had lost its charm hyderabad stadium drew a record 35000+ crown then imagine the atmosphere for an indian pakistan world cup match? electrifying!

i think ahmedabad is a wrong inclusion because it is not one of the cleanest cties in india..which wont help tourism either!!

Posted by Abhishek on (December 19, 2010, 20:23 GMT)

Instead of blaming each other..we should take a initiative of things to be done ,,after all...Its Our Nation...Our Pride..I'm sure things will be done on time ...and Wankhede itself will host Finals .. Can it be India V .....??

Posted by Dummy4 on (December 19, 2010, 10:26 GMT)

The stadiums preparedness is a problem.They have to do a good job out of it.But yeah if they din't they need to get some stick for that.But you can't expect much from the BCCI which has been in loggerheads with the franchise for the past two months.@randikyaa and other SL fans even if these stadiums don't get finished in time there are good stadiums in India like Hyderabad and Jaipur.The talk of moving the matches to Bangladesh and especially Pakistan is hilarious to say the least.

Posted by Shehan on (December 19, 2010, 4:01 GMT)

@spiritwithin: SL stadiums were criticized like what last year. Their renovations are on track with only minor adjustments to be done. The thing is when that happened Indians criticized SL for lack of preparation. Well what about now? Less than 2 months before the world cup the country which boasts of having the richest board is behind schedule. hahahaha The thing you need to understand is it doesn't matter whether you have the richest board or not but whether it's efficient. Knew it would be a big mistake to let India host a majority of matches.

Posted by Dummy4 on (December 19, 2010, 1:11 GMT)

Give the matches to Bangladesh... They'll them better....... host these guys cant get a single thing right in India.

Posted by Taz on (December 19, 2010, 0:32 GMT)

The ICC should take the decision that if the Indians can't get the stadiums in order, then they should take the bold decision and host the matches in Karachi and Lahore. I'm sure that would go down a treat !

Posted by Randika on (December 19, 2010, 0:21 GMT)

Who said CWG was a success???? Doping facilities / tests were dubious, Sanitation for participants and spectators alike were slum standard, horrible media coverage, pre-event catastrophes, there were so many downsides. There won't be much complaints from the participants however cos they are a few and have hotels housing them. There won't be horror stories like those from the CWG Village. But can anyone assure spectator facilities atleast this time? Indian stadiums have always been the least considerate for spectator facilities

Posted by Sam on (December 18, 2010, 19:15 GMT)

When will the ICC see that their test wickets are rubbish too?

Posted by Dummy4 on (December 18, 2010, 17:58 GMT)

Veera86, there is no doubt that this WC would be a mega commercial success, but lets not get ahead of ourselves in terms of CWG. The games were still criticized and having a decent opening and closing ceremonies doesnt mean that the games themselves were a success.

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