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Hauritz excited by call, but Doherty 'shafted'

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January 18, 2011

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Nathan Hauritz scored a century and took five wickets in New South Wales' win against Queensland, New South Wales v Queensland, Sheffield Shield, Blacktown Olympic Park Oval, 4th day, December 19, 2010
Nathan Hauritz: "It was disappointing not to be part of that Ashes but it's fantastic to be part of the World Cup squad" © Getty Images

Nathan Hauritz was relieved to learn of his World Cup selection after being left on the outer for the duration of the Ashes. Hauritz is the sole specialist spinner in the 15-man outfit after the selectors overlooked Xavier Doherty, the left-arm orthodox from Tasmania.

"There were still thoughts in the back of my head that it might not happen," Hauritz said at the SCG. That's because it has been an incredibly bumpy summer for Hauritz.

He was Australia's Test spinner in India but was overlooked for the Ashes, despite being the most successful slow bowler since Shane Warne retired in 2007. "It's definitely a great deal of relief to be selected," he said. "Generally it's not good news but the last week it has been good news from the selectors. It's a like a phone call you get from your mother, sometimes it's bad news, sometimes it's good."

Hauritz is now happy in his role as the only specialist, but he will be supported by Steven Smith, David Hussey and possibly Michael Clarke at the tournament starting next month. "Obviously it was disappointing not to be part of that Ashes but it's fantastic to be part of the World Cup squad," he said. "I'm extremely excited."

This time it is Doherty's turn to feel the pain after his card was marked when he went wicket-less in Sunday's ODI win over England. It was his third ODI, with all four of his breakthroughs coming on debut against Sri Lanka. Last month he was dropped after being ineffective in his opening two Ashes Tests.

George Bailey, the Tasmania captain, said Doherty had been Australia's best one-day spinner on the domestic circuit for the past two or three years. "He's obviously performed really well in the few chances he's had with Australia, and then he's just basically shafted," Bailey told AAP.

Bailey pointed the finger at selectors for sending "mixed messages" over how Doherty should be bowling. "Then when he's told he's not in the team, he's given very little direction to come back for us," he said. "And this is not just Xavier, but I think all players that are dropped out of that Australian squad. I think communication from the top to players coming back is pretty ordinary."


Comments: 46 
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Posted by Dummy4 on (January 21, 2011, 6:01 GMT)

Can someone explain to me y Steve Smith in the team, if that's the best Australia have to offer then thru are worst than west Indies.

Posted by Andrew on (January 20, 2011, 20:40 GMT)

re: Haddin, I don't think anyone in the country beleives that Haddin is the best keeper Oz has. Haddin has 2 things though that is better than all other keepers though 1. Best batsmen, 2. Experience. Some of Haddin's best work this summer was during crisis - I was @ the Gabba on Day 3 when he smoked the Poms (with Hussey of course), from a very difficult position - that took guts, something that has been lacking across all the batsmen (except Hussey) this summer. Paine is obviously the next choice - he showed good grit in India. Some people put forward Wade, but for T20s I'd go Ronchi. I'd also in Tests think the best candidate is Hartley of QLD, his batting career stats don't look great - but last summer he was the Bulls leading run-scorer in the Shield - over the last couple of yrs his batting has improved alot. Hartley's keeping IS IMO - the best in the country - better by a long way then Paine.

Posted by Andrew on (January 20, 2011, 20:34 GMT)

@Okakaboka - no worries mate. I have to say though if you remove the "perceived" slowness of Pup's S/R, I think he is one of Oz's better fielders (not in the slips), & his captaincy is very good. People bag his captaincy - but very few offer genuine reasons as to why it sucks. Whereas I argue that White is no "Brearley" in terms of captaincy brilliance, in the T20s I think he managed worse than Pup would of - particularly his refusal to use Smith & O'Keefe (even Hussey more), when there was a clear need to take the pace off the ball. There were other minor things I was annoyed with his captaincy - but as I said at the time IF he was responsible for the improved fielding standards - well then I am happy with him remaining T20 captain. I would argue that Paine would deserve (part), credit for the fielding in the T20s, there is still way more improvement to go. TBC

Posted by Hector on (January 20, 2011, 8:49 GMT)

@Meety...I had forgotten about his adventures with SA. Played with them for 10 years. As to your question 'Why would Boonie, Cox, Chappell or Merv Hughes want to perpetuate a NSW bias?'....Very good question. I don't know. But something does smell! I agree with a number of things you say.....O'keefe...Even if he was ONLY as good as Doherty, you would pick him because of batting ability. Hauritz's treatment...Well????? Clarke & Johnston would continue to be picked if they did nothing in the next 5 matches because of sponsorship deals involving Cricket Australia. Clarke IS a very poor captain....End of story. So, at what point in a list of failures and/or low scoring strike rate would you drop Clarke. Who would be the better ODI Captain .....Clarke or White?....That, is an easy question to answer. Anyway, keep blogging. I know I'm over the top, but the situation does call for it. The selectors, as you pointed out, are not consistent and give confusing and mixed messages to players.

Posted by Andrew on (January 20, 2011, 7:19 GMT)

@Okakaboka - most of his career was in his native state of Sth Australia & Hilditch is not the only selector on the panel. Why would Boonie, Cox, Chappell or Merv Hughes want to perpetuate a NSW bias?

Posted by Hector on (January 20, 2011, 5:01 GMT)

AMJ Hilditch played for NSW:1978-1980 Batting Average 36.32 So, would he have played for Australia if he represented any other State in Australia? ......OF COURSE NOT!!!! UM, those wanting to know which selector is from NSW...Durrrr...Andrew Hilditch.....sabotaging Australian cricket right before our eyes. Here is a list of all Australian fans who believe Hilditch is doing a good job...Ready: A. Hilditch.

Posted by Simon on (January 20, 2011, 1:26 GMT)

Some people on this site are clueless. Hauritz is the best spinner in the country in ODI and the longer form. Doesn't play much 20/20 though. He has bowled his best this summer, picking up a number of wickets and bowling tight. However, Doherty is an excellent spinner as well, perfectly suited to the short format. Surely there should be enough room in a squad for India and Sri Lanka for two frontline spinners. And there should be room enough for Paine as well, who has been hitting the ball well and is a good 'keeper, maybe at the expense of one of the three fast bowlers. Seriously, we don't need Johnson, Tait and Lee in the same team.

Posted by Jarryd on (January 20, 2011, 1:20 GMT)


Posted by Andrew on (January 19, 2011, 23:37 GMT)

@Okakaboka - (cont), I'd also include O'Keefe given by rights he was next in line for a spot as he played the Oz A game in Hobart AND has very good form with BAT & BALL. Another NSW player hard done by lately is Phil Jaques (though not in form now). Players with genuine cases (not major grievances), would be Hodge, S Marsh & Ferguson. I would say that Hopes is a player with major grievance - he has pretty much never let Oz down & Didn't get a chance to push for the W/Cup. As far as I'm concerned EVERY state can feel agrieved that their favourite son is not in the National side. NSW gets more players in the side partially because of being the most populous state & partially because the participation levels are high than other States which means the Grade Cricket is of a higher standard. Shoaib Ahktar a player who has taken plenty of wickets internationally a few years back couldn't buy a wicket in Sydney grade cricket. Mate get a life & get behind the National side, they need support!

Posted by Andrew on (January 19, 2011, 23:14 GMT)

@ TaniaM - I wish I'd worked a few Bingles out & was tired by the end of it! LOL. @Aussieslover- I think Doherty is one to keep for ODIs. I'd like to have seen him go to India - the only thing that concerned me in this ODI - was that he didn't seem to show as much variation as he has done previously. That worried me. Has he been "stuffed" by the selectors? @Okakaboka - mate your off the reservation! It's great to have conspiracy theories, but it falls a bit flat when you have to include credible things such as MOTIVATION! The only NSW player in recent times that shouldn't of played for Oz IMO - is Henriques. The only other players that shouldn't get a look in from other states were Pomersbach & Beer - they weren't from NSW, (I'd have thrown in North but for a period of time he over performed!). NSW players who have been snubbed of late are: Hauritz (Ashes), Stu Clark (proven Test player not getting bags of wickets but he can bowl 1 side of the pitch!) TBC

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