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India v England, World Cup 2011, Group B, Bangalore

We can't improve our fielding much - Dhoni

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February 28, 2011

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India captain, MS Dhoni, has admitted his team fielded poorly against England, but said there were limits to how much it could improve its fielding. Instead, he said, the team needed to focus on its strengths.

"Maybe if we would have fielded slighted better, we would have won the game by one run because you realise in these games the importance of one run," Dhoni said. "I don't think we can improve the fielding very much because we have got quite a few slow fielders in the side.

"So I think if we were a different fielding side it would have been slightly better, but then you need to realise your strengths and definitely fielding is not a big part of it."

Apart from a dropped chance off Andrew Strauss early in his innings and one off Ian Bell at slip, India conceded quite a few runs by way of misfields.

The hosts amassed 338 on the backs of another Sachin Tendulkar century on Sunday in Bangalore, but Strauss made a century of his own and the match ended in a dramatic tie after some lusty lower-order hitting from England. During England's innings, Dhoni was seen discussing fielding and bowling changes on a number of occasions with Virender Sehwag.

Munaf Patel took a clever return catch to dismiss Kevin Pietersen, World Cup, Group B, Bangalore, February 27, 2011
Munaf Patel took a clever return catch to dismiss Kevin Pietersen, rare bright moment for India in the field © AFP

"If you are not 100% sure of something, you have got experienced players in the side whom you can always approach because at the end of the day the motivation is to take the best decision at the right time. That's what I was interacting with him since he was close to me."

Dhoni said he likes to let his bowlers choose their own field and it is only when things don't go to plan that he steps in. "I always give the liberty to the bowlers to set the field," he said. "If the fast bowler wants a particular field, even if i am not very happy with it, I believe in the skill of the fast bowlers, and give him the first preference to pick his own field. If it is not successful, then I implement my own field."


Comments: 73 
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Posted by sai on (March 3, 2011, 19:43 GMT)

Dhoni as a captain has lost his touch.In his early days as captain he wasn't afraid to lose & hence he tried different things. It's the fear of defeat that has crept into his mind and has made him a defensive captain.There is no point in waiting for your opposition to make a mistake which was the case in this match. Even a 9 year old would realise that a few dot balls would create pressure in the batsman's mind while chasing 340 odd runs . Even for our strike bowlers like Zak & Bhaji, Dhoni gave the same field as that he would give to his part timers .We r not talking abt a Peterson or a Flintoff or a Eion morgan for that matter.Neither Strauss nor Bell are big hitters of the cricket ball. Strauss himself said this was his best innings & why woudn't he? No captain wud hav given him such an easy field to bat and for so long. I am not giving these views on hindsight . I am certain all guys with cricketing brains wud hav had the same views while watching the match.

Posted by sai on (March 3, 2011, 19:07 GMT)

PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE... It is out of sheer dissapointment that I hav decided to share my views regarding the state of indian cricket. It is not news for a true indian cricket follower that India has slow movers in the field ( Zak,Munaf, Nehra are poor fielders, Sehwag, Bhaji,Yusuf,Gambhir are average fielders .( I am not mentioning Sachin since he is 37). However , no team can boast of such a powerful batting line up as ours and that is the only reason y India has a chance in this world cup. But in order to cushion our weakness in both bowling & fielding , our captain needs to be more innovative and agressive.Pitches must be made to assist spin At thi point in time ,Dhoni is very defensive and one could clearly see that in this game when India was fielding. At most of the stages ,he had just 4 fielders in the ring and that is the most defensive one can get as a captain. Seriously, if it wasn't for the rules of the game,he would have had all his 9 fielders on the boundary line

Posted by Dummy4 on (March 2, 2011, 19:18 GMT)

Dhoni will have to do some serious brain-storming session with Kirsten & rest of Indian Cricket Management to see how they don't let upcoming match against S Africa slip out of their hands. India will be up against a far superior, confident & presently the most dangerous ODI team in the world. Both Kallis & Amla have excellent history of scoring runs against Indian bowling attack (including famed spinning attack) on Indian pitches. Indian top batting line-up would be facing the bowling heat of Steyn & Morkle at more than 140+ speed, in Nagpur (another belter of a track, slow, Flat track with a<350+ score possible). What if India loses toss, SA bat first and score 350+ score. Will Dhoni still manage to win given how they have performed in last 2 matches. Will India still be able to defend a 350+ target, if they win toss & bat first. What will be their bowling options. Should they drop Chawla and bring in Nehra. Should India play three seamers with Harbajan & Yuvraj looking after spin.

Posted by Dummy4 on (March 2, 2011, 19:08 GMT)

The tied match with England is a dangerous wake up call for India for what lies ahead in the remaining matches. India still have unfinished games against South Africa & WI in league matches and will most likely face Australia, Sri Lanka & Pakistan in Quarters & Semis (if India do manage to get that far: by luck or by good cricket). India had tilll now scored (as of 03 March) the highest runs against their opposition amongst all other participating cricketing teams. 370 against Bangladesh & 338 against England. While Bangladesh lost first match by a big margin, they still managed to score a significant 283 against a feeble, unpenetrative Indian bowling attack. England faultered to win but still managed to chase a big target of 338 against a directionless, tired & demoralised Indian bowling attack. India had been lucky to win the toss twice & bat first, but we know how quickly things could changes with Dhoni losing a toss (for batting first) against a more lethal South Africa or England

Posted by vishal on (March 2, 2011, 5:00 GMT)

T-20 ind vs pak tie dhoni won t20 wc !! ipl 3 csk vs kxi tie dhoni won ipl !! champions league csk vs victoria bushrangers tie dhoni won champions league wc ind vs eng tie dhoni will win ? ??? :D ...HE WILL ....CHAK DE INDIA !!

Posted by Mike on (March 1, 2011, 22:41 GMT)

World cup means - Captain's game. That is what the history of Cricket WC shows us. So, this interview shows India out from this WC. Opposions will make great advantages over his comments. Players like Michael Hussey, Hashim Amla, Smith and Ponting.. etc. will be busy finding slow indian fieldersfor placement. ## On the other hand, India worked enough on their batting strength. They have almost reached their max I hope. But there is a lot to improve on fielding and tactics. During 1996 worldcup Sri Lankan captain worked too much on field placement for each batsman vs bowler when they took field each time.### MSD needs work hard like Ponting or Kapil did in the past.

Posted by Mike on (March 1, 2011, 22:26 GMT)

Thats fun. You should work on your negative area to improve. Everything has a limit. India's positive batting too.

Posted by Idrees on (March 1, 2011, 13:01 GMT)

If top order batting is really flowing smooth.. why didnt india play with an extra bowler.. clearly they were struggling with their 10 overs from their part timers particularly after the initial on slog by England. I also didnt see any reason in the aimless slogging at the back end of India's Innings. We talk abt fielding but just sensible batting by our lower order batsmen could have just given us the extra run to win the match. Though both teams show signs that they were happy with the result, i feel that a match with a result would have pleased either teams cause in a world cup "Winning is Everything".In the end it was a highly entertaining and even contest with cricket being the ultimate winner.

Posted by Hari on (March 1, 2011, 12:50 GMT)

"I don't think we can improve the fielding very much because we have got quite a few slow fielders in the side." am sorry... but thats plain rubbish. we are a country of a billion people... we could find a few good men here, if not better. kick the others out... should have done that a long time ago

Posted by Drew on (March 1, 2011, 9:51 GMT)

@Abhishek Chaudhary and Binoy Kaladi, not sure which of you is correct, and can't be bothered checking. But when a player, any player scores a century, the vast majority of the time that team should win. If not it is because it is an ill-timed century (slow or mismanaged) or the rest of the team has not performed. Ponting has led Australia to 24 victories out of 29 when he has made a century. That is to say, when Ponting makes >100 Australia win .83 or 83% of the time. The upper limit of 70%, from the two comments I am responding to is relatively low in that respect. S may vary but the relative frequency tells a story.

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