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An early departure and an umpire caught napping

ESPNcricinfo presents the Plays of the Day from the World Cup, Group B match between India and West Indies in Chennai

Sharda Ugra at the MA Chidambaram Stadium

March 20, 2011

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Darren Sammy gives Yuvraj Singh a reprieve, India v West Indies, Group B, World Cup 2011, Chennai, March 20, 2011
Darren Sammy had two chances to catch Yuvraj Singh early in his innings, but missed them both © Getty Images

The departure of the day
He was welcomed; it was awaited and it took all of four minutes to snuff it all out. Sachin Tendulkar's nick off a Ravi Rampaul beauty was met with a shake off the head by umpire Steve Davis and the ultimate compliment from the batsman, who turned on his heel and walked off to deafening silence. Okay, it's not the World Cup semi-final but remember, the UDRS is minus the snickometer; and this on a day when Ricky Ponting admitted he doesn't walk.

Clumsy captain of the day
As if dropping Yuvraj Singh once is not enough, Darren Sammy did it twice within seven balls. If a salmon-like leap at point was not enough to give Andre Russell a wicket with Yuvraj on 9, Sammy had another chance off his own bowling, in his very first over, as a leading edge shot past him. Yuvraj was on 13, and despite cramps and dehydration, he wouldn't leave for another 100 runs.

The non-review
In the fourth over of the West Indian innings, there was a rare World Cup occurrence: a direct hit from an India fielder. That should have caught umpire Simon Taufel's attention. Yet no amount of muted appealing by the fielder Virat Kohli, or his colleagues Zaheer Khan and Munaf Patel led Taufel to ask for upstairs assistance. Turns out Kirk Edwards, who had scored seven at the time, had actually been caught short. He was out three overs later, but in a tournament where reviews have been aplenty, surely Taufel couldn't have thought going to the third umpire for a close run-out decision would be a waste of time.

The debut
The first time India opened the bowling with a spinner, in this World Cup, R Ashwin's parsimonious first-over was greeted with applause, cheers and approving whistles. In his fourth over, there came the wicket. Was that the sound of the door slowly creaking shut against Piyush Chawla?

The choke
It began with a maiden; the 28th over of the West Indian innings put the brakes on a chase that was rolling along smoothly, as opener Devon Smith and Ramnaresh Sarwan built a partnership. Harbhajan Singh bowled a maiden to Sarwan, and the unravelling began. Over the course of the next ten overs, West Indies scored 22 runs and lost five wickets.

Tipping point of the day
At 154 for 2, West Indies were going at a bossa nova tempo, with opener Devon Smith holding together three partnerships that took the men in maroon to a position from where they needed 115 off just under 20 overs. Then Zaheer Khan returned for his second spell, in reverse gear, and stopped Smith's composed innings short. Pollard fell in the next over and the West Indian sand-castle began crumbling.

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Posted by Naren on (March 22, 2011, 14:54 GMT)

@IlManifico, I feel sorry for your cricketing brain. I think you have never watched his 140 in the WC final against India. Give credit where it is due. Ponting was able to dictate terms when he was at his peak during those golden years. Nobody, not even Sachin, has been able to come in and take the attack to the opposition as he did in those days. I like Sachin, but I am not a fanatic like most Indians. It is going to an extreame that you have to be a Ponting basher to be a Sachin supporter. Can you not sit back and enjoy while it lasts? In five-ten years, we are going to miss a lot of great cricketers.

Posted by Naren on (March 22, 2011, 14:48 GMT)

wow... what a big deal on walking? Not walking at all is better than Selective Walkers. Please put a stop to this useless arguement.In the past Sachin had edged and not walked. So stop making Ponting a villain for each and every little thing and let him focus on his form issues.

Posted by dummy4fb on (March 21, 2011, 9:53 GMT)

Amazing performance by Yuvraj Singh....great to see that form back again!!

Posted by vicky4113 on (March 21, 2011, 6:53 GMT)

lets not forget that sachin didnt walk during the ipl final when it actually mattered.

Posted by flyingmachinee on (March 21, 2011, 5:21 GMT)

Ashwin wat a bowler...............bowling in powrplays containing batsman and also taking wickets...........dhoni must use him well in quarterfinals..............

Posted by dummy4fb on (March 20, 2011, 23:55 GMT)

I lost a bundle today, thats ok. WI is my team they can do me anything. BUT I can criticize them. WAS GAYLE THAT injured? WE haven't defeated a major team since 2000. WINNING bring confidence and that is what WI do have. WI need VICTORY. NOW WHAT! WE are going to the quarter final with 2 losses. SO MUCH FOR CONFIDENCE. WINNING teams rest their players, losing teams look for wins. WE are bowling teams out relatively cheaply, but just cannot get 260 runs. SAMMY IS hoping for PAK to get a bad day that is not cricket. YOU have to plan and execute same. GOOD LUCK WI!

Posted by adarsh2803 on (March 20, 2011, 23:43 GMT)

Unable to understand why Sharda Ugra is so cynical in her every write up about India. "Rare world cup occurrence - a direct hit from indian fielder". Yet to read an article from here where she can shed off her cynicism. It's as if India has barely managed to scamper through for quarters. Remember every single team in this world cup had been thrashed badly except India and SA. Yet media creating heroes out of England and villain out of India

Posted by benny1234 on (March 20, 2011, 21:48 GMT)

once again the gratest Tendulkar scored two runs and India has won the match The only way India can beat Australia if Tendulkar is out with in 40 runs.I have posted comments earlier that was not favourable to Tendulkar but it was not published i hope this time it will be published

Posted by green_jelly on (March 20, 2011, 21:28 GMT)

Of all the debates between Tendulkar and Ponting, it is clear who is the better sportsman.

Posted by abu_zayr on (March 20, 2011, 20:54 GMT)

Lets all hope that the god of cricket sachin steps up in the QF against the aussies and make a valuable contribution and lead the team into the semis. Lets go India, bring on the aussies. The noise will be deafing at Motera and expect a tough game. Can't wait for Thursday.

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