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India v Pakistan, 2nd semi-final, World Cup 2011

Ajmal still baffled by Tendulkar lbw reversal

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April 1, 2011

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Wahab Riaz celebrates as Virender Sehwag walks off, India v Pakistan, 2nd semi-final, World Cup 2011, Mohali, March 30, 2011
Wahab Riaz: ""The wickets of [Virender] Sehwag and Yuvraj [Singh] were most memorable for me" © Getty Images

Pakistan offspinner Saeed Ajmal has said that he is still not sure how the Decision Review System (DRS) overturned on-field umpire Ian Gould's lbw ruling against Sachin Tendulkar during the World Cup semi-final against India in Mohali. Gould ruled Tendulkar lbw off Ajmal in the 11th over, but the batsman reviewed the decision. Replays showed that the ball pitched in line but according to Hawk Eye the ball was missing leg stump and the decision was overturned.

"I don't know how the television replays showed my delivery turning towards the leg side because I had bowled an arm ball and it went straight," Ajmal told AFP on the team's arrival in Lahore. "I was 110% confident when the referral was made that the batsman was out." Tendulkar was on 23 at that point, and survived four dropped chances before he was dismissed after making a crucial 85 that earned him the Man of the Match award.

Ajmal picked up two wickets and said that he was happy with his bowling performance but disappointed that Pakistan lost the high-voltage clash to India by 29 runs. "All of us were very disappointed at losing the match because there was so much interest and hype attached to it. But in cricket one team has to lose and one has to win," he said.

The pick of the Pakistan bowlers in that game was left-arm seamer Wahab Riaz who picked up his first five-wicket haul in ODIs and had India in trouble at 205 for 6 before Suresh Raina's cameo. "The wickets of [Virender] Sehwag and Yuvraj [Singh] were most memorable for me as they are very dangerous players of pace and spin," Riaz said. Riaz had Sehwag lbw for 38 and accounted for Yuvraj Singh for a duck with a swinging, dipping full toss.

Pakistan were warmly welcomed by their fans when they arrived in Lahore and captain Shahid Afridi, who landed in Karachi, was mobbed by joyous fans on the way to his house. Opening batsman Mohammad Hafeez, who made a quick-fire 43, urged the Pakistan fans to have faith in the team. "This team has a lot of capability and will get better results in the future," he said.

Pakistan manager Intikhab Alam praised the team spirit and said the way the team had gelled together and played as a unit through the tournament was the most satisfying aspect of the campaign. "My main task was to unite the team and make it perform collectively and I think we achieved that to a great extent and that is satisfying for me."

Pakistan next travel to West Indies to play Twenty20, five one-dayers and two Tests. That tour begins on April 18.


Comments: 27 
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Posted by Dummy4 on (April 2, 2011, 2:14 GMT)

Ajmal has all the right to be baffled ...How could the ball miss leg stump when according to him, he bowled an arm bowl which went straight

Posted by al on (April 1, 2011, 21:12 GMT)

Also, If Sachin got out earlier in the first 15-120 overs, we have no idea how the remaining 30-35 overs would've played out. when Sachin is batting, the other end tends to relax and off load their responsibility a little bit. If Sachin was out earlier, others might have played more seriously and who knows India might've put 300 on board. In words of Sidhu ifs and butt

Posted by Dummy4 on (April 1, 2011, 19:16 GMT)

Baffled me too! When we saw it even in slow-mo, it looked like it was going to hit leg and middle. Lucky escape!

Posted by Dummy4 on (April 1, 2011, 16:33 GMT)

The ball clearly missed the leg stumps... Sachin is a gentleman, If he was really out, he might've walked away, When he went for a review. Then is NOTOUT, Hawk-Eye Showed the same... So no doubt... Its not out...

Posted by Dummy4 on (April 1, 2011, 16:30 GMT)

Mr. Ajmal ! An Umpire doesn't give a batsman out if the bowler is sure. He gives the decision according to his judgment. But not all the decisions made by an umpire is 100% accurate.

Posted by umran on (April 1, 2011, 16:19 GMT)

I've read Hawkeye has an error margin of 3.6mm so shouldn't the umpire taken this into consideration when he made the decision and given it out?

Posted by Dummy4 on (April 1, 2011, 16:19 GMT)

What's so difficult to understand? the ball was missing the stumps.

Posted by Mradul on (April 1, 2011, 16:19 GMT)

Its good to be confident, Ajmal, but what we all noticed was that Sachin was not convinced with the decision and he felt that bowl was going down the leg side, that's what he confirmed with his non-striker partner too and he was convinced and so was hawkeye. Every bowler feels that he got the batsmen once he starts to appeal. I still remember the verdict against Sachin when he was given out "shoulder before wicket" against Mcgrath. I have checked all the cricket rules and there is nothing called shoulder before wicket, though there is something called leg before wicket, and we know legs and shoulders are far apart in a Human body, but such is life my friend!!

Posted by Dummy4 on (April 1, 2011, 16:18 GMT)

If UDRS were there 20 years bfr, Neither Murali nor Warne would ve got more wickets.. The problem is they are natural turners of the ball... Ajmal belonged to that category... The ball was spun so much on that occasion... Hawk eye should not be used to adjudge LBWs... May be hot spot can be used only for inside edge.. The rest should be given to on-field umpires...

Posted by Abhishek on (April 1, 2011, 16:05 GMT)

It sure looked plumb to the naked eye. However, one thought the ball did spin towards the leg stump- may be Ajmal's action and grip are so convoluted that he himself might not know what comes out of his hand! (like B. S. Chandrashekhar). But one thing is certain- DRS is not 100% accurate. It's errors could go both ways but on 30th, Tendulkar had good luck written on all of his stars!

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