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Aleem Dar wants uniform Decision Review System

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October 4, 2011

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Aleem Dar was voted best umpire for the third year in a row, ICC Awards, London, September 12, 2011
Aleem Dar says using technology like the Decision Review System is good for the game © Getty Images
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Aleem Dar, the three-time ICC Umpire of the Year, has said the inconsistent use of the Decision Review System (DRS) affects an umpire's performance and has called for the system to be used uniformly across all international series.

"There's no issue in using technology," Dar told PTI. It's a good addition to the game but the umpires should stop thinking about it when making a decision. And, instead of being used randomly, the system should be enforced on a permanent basis in all series ... It's not being used in all series and that affects the umpires' performance. I believe inconsistent usage is not good for the game either."

Dar's is the latest voice to join the debate over the use of technology. On Australia's recent tour of Sri Lanka, Brad Haddin, Australia's wicketkeeper, said the system should be used consistently by all the international teams or not at all. On the other hand, the BCCI recently announced it was once again opposed to all forms of the DRS after India's tour of England, despite having agreed to a minimum standard at the ICC's annual conference in June.

The ICC also allows teams to opt out of implementing the system altogether for commercial reasons, as is the case with the upcoming Bangladesh-West Indies series, further complicating the issue.

Dar also said the ICC's new rules, which went into effect on October 1, have added to the responsibility of the umpires. The amendments to the playing conditions include having two new balls to start an innings, a redefined period of Powerplays and a ban on the use of runners. Confusion over the new rule on runners led to a 28-minute delay during the Faysal Bank T20 Cup final, and Dar said the umpires need to be more vigilant.

"I feel my responsibility has increased and we need to be more focussed," Dar told the Express Tribune. "The team [in the Faysal Bank T20] was allowed a runner because the tournament was played with the previous playing rules. Umpires may face such situations after the rule changes and that's an increased burden."


Comments: 38 
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Posted by Roo on (October 5, 2011, 9:06 GMT)

@Gavin Carpenter - yes/no, as an aussie I just want the best umpires and Aleem Dar is one of them. Neutral umpires make no sense if you are missing out on the best umpires for Test cricket. I do not care which nation they come from. That and use the DRS in all "out" decisions by umpires - i.e. Shaun Marsh not calling for a review in his first Test in Sri Lanka when he got no way near the ball...

Posted by RAGHURAM on (October 5, 2011, 8:53 GMT)

Dear JosRoberts.... You have already answered my question.... My question to all BCCI bashers was "Is BCCI is responsible for non-uniform usage of UDRS across all the cricket playing countries???" If Bangladesh/WI does not have money to implement UDRS, is BCCI responsble for that ???? BCCI has only questioned the quality of technology being used.... If all other Cricket playing nations including ICC are confident about the quality of technology, why don't they fund it ??? That would take BCCI out of the equation..... You seem to suggest that funding problem is coming since BCCI is opposed to UDRS... According to me, it is pure incompetency of ICC who are neither willing to listen to BCCI's concerns nor are willing to fund the existing technology so that poor nations can use it ... JUST BLAMING AN INDIVIDUAL ORGANIZATION WILL NOT SOLVE THE ISSUE....

Posted by Roo on (October 5, 2011, 8:23 GMT)

@Desihungama ...biased umpiring in Australia in the 70's 80's...lol Prove that statement please. Never seen it in Oz so would like to know your facts... If an umpire was found cheating in those days he may have been linched by the sporting public here...

Posted by V.L on (October 5, 2011, 5:51 GMT)

@Paul Rone_Clarke and other BCCI bashers India is using it for England series Troll! Its just they don't like it. Thats called opinion and they are entitiled to it. India was no.1 in test and won the Worldcup before the England tour. One bad tour is bound to happen to any team. Come October 15th there will be no respite for the hapless England. The spin trio of Ashwin, Rahul(boy you haven't watched him bowl!) and Raina will have you poms begging for mercy!

Posted by Dummy4 on (October 4, 2011, 22:46 GMT)

@ Bhaskar_Jani : You say that cricket should remain the game of gentlemen and the BCCI shpuld be commended for bringing neutral umpires to the game. Surely if it was a true game of gentlemen at international level, umpires from neutral countries would not be an issue. I'm sure every Australian and Englishman would be very happy to have Ashes Tests umpired by Simon Taufel and Peter Willey. As an Englishman I would certainly trust Taufel to make a decision withoiut his judgment hazed by national pride.

The fact of the matter is that no system is perfect. Umpires will sometimes make mistakes and so will technology, but by using both in conjunction, the real howlers (which we saw in the England v India series, remember Harbajhan's inside edge!) are drastically reduced.

Posted by Syed on (October 4, 2011, 20:07 GMT)

@Desihungama, You are not 100% correct either. It was Noor Khan who first brought the idea of Neutral Umpires in cricket, borrowing it from field hockey. It was finally implemented when Imran was captain, he unilaterally implemented it in 1986 home series against mighty WI. It took another few years for rest of the world to be conviced and implement it.

Posted by Stark on (October 4, 2011, 18:16 GMT)

I agree with Aleem Dar but the icc unfortunately the icc don't take the ump's in to consideration when altering the rules or applying new ones.

Posted by shahid on (October 4, 2011, 17:57 GMT)

Aleem isn't saying anything for or against DRS. His concern is about uniformity of its usage. Now the biggest problem in implementing it is its cost. Some countries like BD and Zimb have no money for this luxury and want ICC to pay for it. Solution is an easy one: Champions League of T20 is played among clubs from different ICC members. The event should not be domestic event for BCCI. It is ICC who should be running CL and allocation for spots in it should be decided as in football CL in Europe. In return ICC should pay for DRS and some more money for developement of the game in associate members like Afghanistan, Ireland and so on.

Posted by John on (October 4, 2011, 16:02 GMT)

@kk777: you're joking, right? The systems which are being used for the DRS were all developed by TV broadcasters and used by them for years before being implemented by the ICC. In fact, the suppliers of the various systems are all contracted to the TV companies and the 'cost' of the DRS is the money the TV companies want to allow the technology they paid to develop to be used. The reason the DRS came in was that it became obvious to everyone except the BCCI that it was ludicrous to have a batsman walking off while the TV audience and the crowd in the stadium watched on the screen the wrong decision that had just been made. Some examples from the recent England/India series: Bhaji and Raina were given out LBW to balls which they edged, while Tendulkar was given not out three times to balls which would have hit the stumps. I guess the BCCI thinks that's a good trade-off. The question isn't whether the DRS is perfect, it's whether it's better and clearly it is.

Posted by Jawwad on (October 4, 2011, 14:57 GMT)

@Bhaskar_Jani - No Sir, you are wrong. It was Imran Khan from Pakistan who first brought the idea of neutral umpiring to the Cricketing World, primarily because India/Pakistan were getting biased umpiring decisions throughout the 70's and 80's whenever they played in England/Australia. And who can forget the 1987 Pakistan tour of West Indies which eventually the umpires won? Anyways, BCCI has never worked for the betterment of the Cricket, just the Indian Cricket. Forget IPL, The Champoins League is an ICC santioned tournament so how no Pakistan domestic team is invited? I blame both PCB for their inaction and BCCI for their overaction. Thanks but no thanks.

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