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IPL 'missed opportunity' for Pakistan players - Hafeez

Umar Farooq

May 17, 2012

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Mohammad Hafeez pushes one into the off side, India v Pakistan, Asia Cup, Mirpur, March 18, 2012
Mohammad Hafeez: "If you compare the whole world with us, everyone is there [at the IPL] getting practice in intense scenarios and enhancing their skills." © AFP
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Mohammad Hafeez, Pakistan's newly appointed Twenty20 captain, has said that his side has missed out on the opportunity to enhance their skills by not being part of the IPL. They will have to face up to Sri Lanka short on match practice, he said, but the team is focussed on their task and optimistic about putting in a strong showing.

"For about two months we have not been playing international matches, not even Twenty20," Hafeez said on the sidelines of the team's preparatory camp at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. "If you compare the whole world with us, everyone is there [at the IPL] getting practice in intense scenarios and enhancing their skills, but our players are missing out on that opportunity. We set up this training [camp] to give the boys a chance to quickly get themselves in shape."

While some of Sri Lanka's key players, like Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Angelo Mathews and Lasith Malinga, are at the IPL, Pakistan's last series was in the UAE against England in February, and there they lost the three-match Twenty20 series 2-1. Since then however, the squad has taken on a new look, with the selectors picking specialist players for each format of the game and appointing Hafeez Twenty20 captain.

Hafeez said his squad will miss the experience of players like Misbah and Younis Khan, but has enough potential to produce a favourable result. "Most of our new players and the ones who are recalled are doing well on various platforms," he said. "Younis and Misbah are great players, but ultimately we have to move forward. It's not about individuals, we all trust each other, especially after Misbah has settled the atmosphere in the team.

"You will see that on this tour we will be very positive. I will try to maintain a good environment for them in the dressing room, and as a captain I am trying to give my players full confidence. Khalid [Latif], Ahmed [Shahzad] and Shoaib [Malik] have already played for Pakistan, and I am trying to create an atmosphere in which they do not feel that they are making a comeback of sorts to the Pakistan team."

His team, Hafeez said, will be wary of the demanding conditions in Sri Lanka and will not make any decisions on their playing combination beforehand. "Playing in Sri Lanka at home is always tough. We are wary about the conditions there, but we are optimistic about the result. The whole team is focussed, practice sessions are going well and we are trying to get ourselves into shape for international cricket."

"I think it's difficult to predict [the playing XI] beforehand, we have to look the conditions and the players will be used accordingly. It will depend on selectors, I don't want to predict things, there's a chance for everyone to do well."

Umar Farooq is ESPNcricinfo's Pakistan correspondent

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Comments: 108 
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Posted by Wicky on (May 20, 2012, 19:15 GMT)

@Bunny.boy123,well done boy

Posted by Bunny on (May 20, 2012, 13:42 GMT)

@g.narishma: fyi i took out these records from cricinfo itself which is the most authenticated cricket records site. talking about comparing Ind Pak performance against Aus, Eng, SA so please note the number of games played by Ind against these teams is much more than Pak played against same sides,even then Pak has better win/loss ration than India against Eng & very close W/L ratio to India against Aus & SA keeping in view Ind has played more matches against Aus & SA than Pak. Talk about playing against WI, we accept we didn't won any test series against WI in WI but overall Pak has won more matches against WI than India.Pak won 16 tests, lost 15 against WI whereas Ind won 14 lost 30 against WI. In WI,Ind & Pak won 5 tests each but Ind played total 45tests & Pak played only 23..so who is better against WI?by the way i dont insult other...just updating others records...cheers!

Posted by Dummy4 on (May 20, 2012, 6:21 GMT)

i wonder why he is called professor of pak team?? n btw IPL doesnt improve any1s skills!! frustation of big names sitting in dugout, youngsters missing catches, innumerous No balls,players scoring centuries after being dropped once or more etcc ARE THES IMPROVISING CRICKET SKILLS??? i wish BD players also ban IPL n play county or internationals!!

Posted by narsimha on (May 20, 2012, 5:27 GMT)

BANNYBOY123-The performance in cricket is known by stats , figures ` not by %, i dont know from where u drawn these % but as per the stas available in this very web , the over all prformance against top 3 team,s , AUS, ENG, & SA by PAK & IND -IS IMPORTANT see the PAK performance in tests aqgainst AUS -PAK won altogether 12 tests, vrs ENG-16 vrs SA pathetic ally 0nly 3 where as IND vrs AUS altogether won 20tests vrs ENG -19 vrs SA-7, IN ODIS PAK over all wins AGAINST AUS-30 vrs- ENG-28 vrs-SA18 at the same time INDIA AGAINST THESE TOP TEAMS - VRS AUS -37, vrs ENG-43, VRS SA24, -so u can see who performed better agaist these top 3 teams. it pity that till date u r great team could not register a series win in WI n WI . It is pathetic that u r so called best team wiith so called best bowling could not win series even agaist a weak WINDIES team in the last tour See MR BANNY - we dont have any objection if u think in what ever manner on u r team but dont insult others.

Posted by Bunny on (May 19, 2012, 11:41 GMT)


Posted by Bunny on (May 19, 2012, 11:34 GMT)

@SRPP: straight ur records! Pakistan won tri-nation in Australia long back in 1996-97 against the likes of great WI team of that time & Australia when India couldn't even dream of winning a single ODI in Australia...then Pak won 3 ODI series 2-1 in Australia in 2002! India didn't play any test series in 2009 against England in England...Pakistan have won 3 consecutive times series against England in England 1987 (1-0), 1992 (2-1),1996 (2-0), 2001 (1-1), india won in 2008 after 1975 (world champs of 1983) by only 1-0,Ind beat NZ in 2009 1-0 in NZ after a series back in 1960s...Pak won or drew countless times against NZ in NZ but never lost in NZ since 1972-73, 1989 (0-0),1992 (1-0),1994 (2-0),1996-97 (1-0),2000 (1-1),2003-04(1-0),2009-10(1-1),2010-11(1-0). More for u & others Pak-jelus indians....PAKISTAN HAS 3RD HIGHEST WIN-LOSS RATIO IN TESTS AFTER AUS & ENG.....1)AUS: 1.8 2)ENG: 1.23 3)PAK: 1.15....IND: 0.76...always talk of records as a whole.good & bad times come sometime

Posted by Wicky on (May 19, 2012, 3:40 GMT)

@SRPP,u mean history should be rewriten aftr 2009 where ind won few,man! History can b writen wishfuly,sory to say his going to b repeatd whenevr ur hypersensitive ,ultra sensitive bcci alows a proper series against us on regular basis,then we gonna decid who has learnt more 4rm ipl n who has nt,frankly speakng i realy feel 4 ur young bowlers,who r already short of talent n being hammerd time n again by liks of gayle,ab,watsn,polard,its nt we pakis who cry bt it z othr way round,we have never thrown botles at othr teams,have never detioriatd d pitchs@sachin_champ,whatevr these stats r ,these R certainly way beter than Ur miracolous,enviable performances on non.stop basis,where ur ipl skilld yngstrs faild to realiz that tst cnsists of days nt 2.5 days

Posted by sayed on (May 19, 2012, 3:37 GMT)

Missed opportunity to increase your bank account skipper but NO thank you, last thing Pak players need is to learn cricket from IPL. If you mean the smash and thrash brand of cricket in IPL, just find any club cricket match in Lahore or Karachi and you'll get plenty of that!..... do feel sorry about your bank account thought :(

Posted by Dummy4 on (May 18, 2012, 21:30 GMT)

@ soumyas.. one thing you need to understand that Sakib did not become Sakib or Tamim did not become Tamim because of IPL. They're in IPL because who they are. why don't you name few players who came out from IPL and then plying for national team? I recon you have to smash your head around for that answer but won't find any. why is it so hard to understand for some people IPL is all about for quick bucks not for building excellency. Btw who does not like CASH COW IPL haha @Harish Nayak... why dont you move IPL to Dubai and see how many audience u get for that and then you will see how strong your statement is!!

Posted by Dummy4 on (May 18, 2012, 18:28 GMT)

I am not sure Captain I agree with you - you might have missed out on IPL. I think it will blessing in disguise - it will enefit you - you and your team are fresh and that freshness will be a strength. Sri lanka players most of whom failed and will be tired - only Malinga was extraodrinarily excellent

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