ICC Cricket World Cup, 2nd Match, Group A: Kenya v New Zealand at Chennai, Feb 20, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 2nd match, Group A
New Zealand won by 10 wickets (with 252 balls remaining)
Played at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai (neutral venue)
20 February 2011 (50-over match)

Bennett to Kamande, no run, lovely stuff from Bennett, he has consistently been looking to hit the stumps, or the pads, with full deliveries angled in to the batsman, this time he gets an inside edge on to pad


Bennett to Kamande, no run, more full length stuff, clipped away without any conviction towards midwicket


Bennett to Kamande, no run, decides to have a swing at this one close to off stump from the crease, it somehow goes between the bat and the stump, on the bounce to the keeper

Kenya 49/5   JK Kamande 0* (3b)

Vettori to Kamande, no run, played out to cover off the front foot


Vettori to Kamande, no run, bobs up in the air off the inside edge as he pushes half forward, but there is no one at short leg, queer


Vettori to Kamande, no run, had no clue about this delivery, took two steps down the track, stopped totally, and then defended it off an inside edge

Kenya 50/5   JK Kamande 0* (6b)

Bennett to Kamande, no run, pacy delivery just outside of stump, left well alone


Bennett to Kamande, no run, this one seemed to stop on him, it is a bit two paced, this wicket, he was forward in defence and the ball lobbed up in the air but again no one at short leg


Bennett to Kamande, 1 run, swings at a full delivery from the crease, and gets an inside edge that rolls away towards point, he is getting it to shape in a bit

Kenya 52/5   JK Kamande 1* (9b)

Vettori to Kamande, no run, Kamande is more circumspect, off the pads in to the leg side


Vettori to Kamande, 1 run, slow turner outside off stump, punched away down the ground to long off

Kenya 59/5   JK Kamande 2* (11b)

Oram to Kamande, no run, gets some extra bounce with that tall frame of his from a length, and the batsman defends it towards cover off the back foot


Oram to Kamande, no run, much fuller on middle and leg, hurriedly played out towards mid on


Oram to Kamande, no run, cut away off the back foot in front of cover, without much power, and no timing


Oram to Kamande, no run, played out to point off the back foot, good start from Oram so far


Oram to Kamande, OUT, gets his man in his first over, he pitched it a shade fuller outside off, Kamande looked to run it down to third man, but the extra bounce that Oram normally gets did him in, and the thick edge flew to the right of Baz who held on comfortably, more worries for Kenya

JK Kamande c †BB McCullum b Oram 2 (19m 16b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.50

Kenya 59/6   JK Kamande 2 (16b)





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