ICC Cricket World Cup, 5th Match, Group B: England v Netherlands at Nagpur, Feb 22, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 5th match, Group B
England won by 6 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
22 February 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Broad to Borren, 1 run, full and straight again and Borren sensibly gets into line to push down to long-on for one

Netherlands 214/5   PW Borren 1* (1b)

Bresnan to Borren, no run, he starts well, back of a length around off stump and Borren plays and misses a run-to-third-man


Bresnan to Borren, 1 run, that's all Borren needs to do, swap the strike back to ten Doeschate. Pushing this full ball down the ground


Bresnan to Borren, 1 run, Strauss gives Borren a single with the off-side fielders hanging on the inner circle, fullish ball that Borren pops to point for one

Netherlands 225/5   PW Borren 3* (4b)

Broad to Borren, 1 run, ideal again from Borren, gets the danger man on strike by dropping a shortish ball into the off side for one


Broad to Borren, 1 run, Borren is proving an ideal foil, happily letting ten Doeschate do the work by picking off singles

Netherlands 234/5   PW Borren 5* (6b)

Anderson to Borren, 1 run, worked away into space for a single


Anderson to Borren, 1 run, dinked away to short fine leg. It came off the bat but England wanted to review it. Didn't need HotSpot to prove that came off the bat!


Anderson to Borren, 1 run, with the yorkers going awry Anderson has opted to bang it in and Borren calmly glides to third man

Netherlands 251/5   PW Borren 8* (9b)

Bresnan to Borren, 1 run, Borren has walked a long way outside leg to try and heave this into the off side. Doesn't time it well but gets the single he wanted


Bresnan to Borren, no run, Borren for once not doing what he should be. Gets too clever here and tries to Dilscoop over the keeper and misses


Bresnan to Borren, 1 run, this time Borren finds the single, crunching an ugly cut shot to point


Bresnan to Borren, 2 runs, poor delivery brings a sharp chance to Trott at short fine leg but it's dropped. It was full and down the leg side and the sweep shot was parried away by a diving Trott.

Netherlands 259/5   PW Borren 12* (13b)

Anderson to Borren, 1 run, full once more from Anderson, good delivery, and it's run down to third man


Anderson to Borren, FOUR, ah lovely shot! Poor delivery from Anderson, too short and Borren hangs leg side to lift it over short third man for four


Anderson to Borren, FOUR, and again! Top cricket from Borren, shocking from England. Short and wide once more, Borren waits leg leg side and thumps it over short third man


Anderson to Borren, FOUR, four more! Borren on fire! Oh the Ashes must feel a long way away for Anderson. This time he goes full and Borren, simple as you like, stands still and clumps it back over the bowler's head for four. 15 from the over!

Netherlands 274/5   PW Borren 25* (17b 3x4)

Broad to Borren, 1 wide, short, shoved down the leg side. Lucky there wasn't a bat on this or it would probably have skirted away for four


Broad to Borren, FOUR, Broad is smiling, but he doesn't mean it. Short ball, Borren jumps leg side and top edges a cut that sails over Prior's head and bobbles over the boundary


Broad to Borren, 1 no ball, finally Broad goes full and straight and he's rewarded again with a wicket. Borren giving himself room but it wasn't short so his attempted flay never got near. Excellent cameo knock though from the captain. Hold on, what's going on here!? Borren has stopped going off and he's survived! England only had three inside the circle so it's a no ball! Dear oh dear, the wheels are off and England are a shambles. Collingwood is the offending man, failed to walk in into the circle at midwicket.


Broad to Borren, 1 run, Second life for Borren and he this time bunts a single to cover


Broad to Borren, 2 runs, fullish again and it's worked away to deep backwards square for a couple more. Broad's bowling duty ends but England might need his batting here!

Netherlands 286/6   PW Borren 32* (21b 4x4)

Anderson to Borren, 2 runs, this time it's swung hard to deep midwicket for a scampered couple


Anderson to Borren, no run, dot ball! Precious, rare dot ball as Borren swishes and misses at a slower ball


Anderson to Borren, 1 run, shin high full toss is swung into the leg side

Netherlands 292/6   PW Borren 35* (24b 4x4)





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