ICC Cricket World Cup, 8th Match, Group A: Australia v New Zealand at Nagpur, Feb 25, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 8th match, Group A
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 96 balls remaining)
25 February 2011 (50-over match)

Tait to BB McCullum, 1 wide, NZ are away with a wide from Tait who spears the first one well down the leg side


Tait to BB McCullum, 1 wide, another one. Tait's radar is still not turned on, and Baz looks to whip another one heading down the leg. No contact made


Tait to BB McCullum, no run, 130 kph, short delivery that came on slowly and thudded into McCullum's fore-arm. He doesn't even flinch! He's not wearing a guard, and was trying to get under the bumkper, but it did not get that high


Tait to BB McCullum, no run, 142.3 kph, Tait hits Baz's bat and not the other way round. Short ball, fizzing up from back of a length and Baz defends into the off side


Tait to BB McCullum, FOUR, Baz is away with a typically enterprising upper-cut. Pacy from Tait again, just sligghlt wide of off stump, Baz stays beside it and uncorks those monster wrists to send it flying backward of square, almost a six


Tait to BB McCullum, 3 runs, ooh, Ponting misfields, was he being careful about the injured finger? Full on the stumps from Tait, Baz leans into the push drive to the left of mid off. Ponting runs across and dives over the ball

New Zealand 9/0   BB McCullum 7* (4b 1x4)

Lee to BB McCullum, no run, Lee angles into the stumps, Baz gets behind the line and defends to mid on


Lee to BB McCullum, no run, slashed away like a cheap thriller movie. Short from Lee, but not really carrying off the deck, Baz hit it hard into the ground and straight to cover


Lee to BB McCullum, 1 run, Baz turns the strike, hangs back in the crease and pushes into the covers for a single

New Zealand 10/0   BB McCullum 8* (7b 1x4)

Tait to BB McCullum, 1 no ball, oho, wides in the first over, now a no-ball from Taity. Baz was going after this one as it it were a free hit, huge swing and a miss to a ball wide outside off.


Tait to BB McCullum, 1 wide, and the free-hit is a wide. Tait's delivered more extras than a big-budget Bollywood movie's dance would feature. Banged in real short, and it's a foot over Baz's head


Tait to BB McCullum, FOUR, finally he delivers a legal free-hit and McCullum scythes it over backward point. He almost seemed to expect another short ball, was in the position, shuffling across and throwing the willow at it. Not as well-timed as the previous hit, and it lands well short of the ropes


Tait to BB McCullum, no run, fuller from Tait, Baz is half forward into the defensive shot


Tait to BB McCullum, FOUR, ooh, lucky for Baz. Tait offers width again, but not as short as the other ones. Baz wanted to hit the leather off that one, but he did not have the room to crunch it away. As he was cramped, it took the inside edge and missed the stumps. French Cut for four.


Tait to BB McCullum, OUT, McCullum has holed out, or has he? Caught at third man by Krejza, but the umpire wants to check if he over-stepped. He landed alright, but the foot skid a few inches forward. Still doesn't over-step so McCullum has to go. Full delivery outside off, Baz looks for the extravagant carve over point, but since his feet weren't across it went off the outside edge, close to the bottom of the bat. He went at that so hard, that it carried to Krejza at third man at good height.

BB McCullum c Krejza b Tait 16 (19m 12b 3x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

New Zealand 20/1   BB McCullum 16 (12b 3x4)





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