ICC Cricket World Cup, 8th Match, Group A: Australia v New Zealand at Nagpur, Feb 25, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 8th match, Group A
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 96 balls remaining)
25 February 2011 (50-over match)

Lee to Guptill, no run, and he begins with a ball that could not have got closer to off stump without hitting it. Back of a length, angling in and holding its line. Brave leave from Guppy. Hmm.


Lee to Guptill, no run, 130 kph, more than enough pace if you can get the ball to do magic off the seam. Lee lands it perfectly, kisses the pitch and wafts away past Guppy's nervous poke.


Lee to Guptill, no run, bat on ball finally, Lee hits the right length again, Guppy gets forward and defends carefully


Lee to Guptill, no run, he's pressing the accelerator, slowly but surely, purring up like a well-tuned engine. Short ball, hits the deck back of a length and gets lovely carry from this fresh track. Guppy weaves out of the way


Lee to Guptill, no run, hmm, 133 kph and uneven bounce. This one just hits one of those greenish clumps and dies on Guppy, goes under the bat's toe as he looks to defend


Lee to Guptill, no run, some more movement to end the over, a maiden. Lee hits the seam again and gets the away nip, past Guppy who shoulders arms. Good, intense first over

New Zealand 0/0   B Lee 1-1-0-0

Lee to BB McCullum, no run, Lee angles into the stumps, Baz gets behind the line and defends to mid on


Lee to BB McCullum, no run, slashed away like a cheap thriller movie. Short from Lee, but not really carrying off the deck, Baz hit it hard into the ground and straight to cover


Lee to BB McCullum, 1 run, Baz turns the strike, hangs back in the crease and pushes into the covers for a single


Lee to Guptill, no run, snorta from Lee! 137 kph, lands on a length and rears up like a monster. This pitch has more ups and downs than the Himalayas. Guppy was thinking of getting forward, then saw it, wisely changed his mind, arched back and just about saved his face. Lee has some advice for him!


Lee to Guptill, no run, this one is fuller, Guppy's able to get forward and defend to the off side


Lee to Guptill, no run, another short one to end the over, steaming away at 144 kph, Guppy rises on the toes to cover the bounce and keep it down

New Zealand 10/0   B Lee 2-1-1-0

Lee to Ryder, no run, back of a length and slanting across Ryder who leaves.


Lee to Ryder, no run, 135 kph, a bouncer full of intent. Ryder does the smartest thing - he ducks as it whizzes where his helmet would have been if he weren't ducking


Lee to Ryder, no run, marginally straight, back of a length at 134 kph, Ryder closes the face early as he looks to turn it away to the leg side, gets a leading edge that goes to the off side


Lee to Ryder, no run, back of a length again, not a ball to hit from Lee. Ryder is stuck on the crease, pushes his bat in front of the body to play it into the covers


Lee to Ryder, no run, 145.5 kph, Lee is zipping 'em through today. Fuller and faster sucker ball outside off, it just beat Ryder for pace as he moved his feet across a year late. Close to the outside edge too. Ryder looks like a man beaten after it whizzes past


Lee to Ryder, FOUR, Lee is denied a maiden as Ryder threads the covers with a powerful slash into the ground. It's a shot from the Ryder book of delights, but he has it under control. A foot of width outside off, Ryder stands up and throws the bat at it, and swats it through the covers

New Zealand 25/1   B Lee 3-1-5-0

Lee to Ryder, no run, Lee beats Ryder outside off with a regulation length ball angling across and moving further away. Ryder should begin moving the feet, there is enough variation here to otherwise induce an edge


Lee to Ryder, no run, nice timing and good fielding. Similar ball from Lee, fractionally shorter, and Ryder stays back to cut it into the off side, backward point dives to the right and saves it


Lee to Ryder, 1 leg bye, Ryder looks to turn off the pads, and misses. It balloons up off his body to the on side and they get a leg bye


Lee to Guptill, no run, another dot for Guppy, who stays tamely in the crease and plays defensively backward of point


Lee to Guptill, 2 runs, Drumroll - Guptill is not out for a duck. Over-pitched on off stump and he finally gets forward with some intent, and punches through the covers. Not the best piece of timing, but good enough to get a couple. He will breathe easier


Lee to Guptill, FOUR, Having done his Gavaskar impersonation, Guptill now summons his inner Sehwag. Back of a length and just outside off stump. Guppy stays on leg stump, waits for the ball to come beside him, and then opens the face upwards intentionally to ping the third man boundary. Perfectly executed, almost a six. Lee ends another over with a boundary.

New Zealand 32/1   B Lee 4-1-11-0

Lee to NL McCullum, no run, McCullum attempts to cover drive but gets beaten outside off


Lee to NL McCullum, no run, defended on the front foot towards cover ...


Lee to NL McCullum, 1 leg bye, Lee was aiming for the yorker but his line was a little awry on leg stump, McCullum missed the flick and the ball hit the pad and rolled towards the on-side. Lee couldn't sprint across quickly enough to prevent the run. A bit of reverse from Lee


Lee to How, no run, good length outside off stump and rather quick. How lets it go safely


Lee to How, no run, another full ball with a hint of swing into the right-hander, flicked off the pads behind square


Lee to How, 1 run, good length outside off, edged towards third man for a single

New Zealand 85/6   B Lee 5-1-12-0

Lee to How, 1 run, Lee is a champion. He first delivered a good length ball at considerable pace around off stump. The batsman blocked it and then set off for a single. Lee sprinted to get the ball and slid as he did so, his feet breaking the stumps at the batsman's end. Nervelessly he turned around and on the slide scored a direct hit at the bowler's end. The batsman was in though.


Lee to NL McCullum, 1 run, full ball outside off, run down to third man


Lee to How, no run, pushed towards cover on the front foot


Lee to How, 1 run, good length once again and very straight, played towards square leg with a closed face


Lee to NL McCullum, no run, good length outside off stump, dabbed off the back foot towards point


Lee to NL McCullum, FOUR, an a welcome sight, McCullum keeps his eyes on the short ball from Lee and bunts it over the head of Haddin. First boundary in 11 overs.

New Zealand 97/6   B Lee 6-1-19-0

Lee to How, no run, Lee sneaks a good length ball in between the batsman's bat and pad. That one seamed in a touch and kept very low


Lee to How, no run, good length and straight, How can't do much but defend


Lee to How, no run, played towards square leg from the crease


Lee to How, no run, Lee bowls wider outside off stump and How lets it go through to Haddin


Lee to How, no run, full ball outside off stump, How leans into it and plays a crisp square drive. Injured finger and all, Ponting makes a fine save at point


Lee to How, no run, another full and fast delivery outside off, How drives once again and this time Ponting makes an easier stop

New Zealand 100/6   B Lee 7-2-19-0

Lee to Vettori, FOUR, slow bouncer, 121 kph and Vettori says Thank You very much! That sat up like a dolly and Vettori slapped it happily through midwicket


Lee to Vettori, 1 run, more improvisation. Vettori again hustles across to off stump and gets one on the pads. He clips it away with ominous timing towards deep backward square leg, and Tait does well to cover it


Lee to Southee, 2 runs, more runs, Southee gets a thick edge that nearly runs away for four towards third man, but Tait again does well


Lee to Southee, no run, Southee jumps away, Lee follows him like a guided missile and Southee ends up completely cramped, jumping away in clumsy fashion as it squeezed in towards him


Lee to Southee, 3 runs, they are hurting Australia here. Southee, in the manner of all defiant tail-enders, is just staying rooted to the crease and waving at them outside off. This one is back of a length and he gets it to deep cover for three.


Lee to Vettori, OUT, after seven brilliant wicket-less overs, Lee picks one in his shoddiest over of the day. Vettori has run more at the crease today than between them, and again motors away to well outside off. Lee does well to stick to his guns and keep it outside off, back of a length. Vettori goes for the pull and gets an inside edge, through to Haddin.

DL Vettori c †Haddin b Lee 44 (62m 43b 5x4 0x6) SR: 102.32

New Zealand 206/9   B Lee 8-2-29-1





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