ICC Cricket World Cup, 8th Match, Group A: Australia v New Zealand at Nagpur, Feb 25, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 8th match, Group A
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 96 balls remaining)
25 February 2011 (50-over match)

Bennett to Haddin, OUT, Bennett gets Haddin with a 96.4 kph slow bouncer. Comical stuff all round. It came out much shorter than Bennett wanted - landed midway down the pitch, took off in slow motion and seemed to stop - in mid-air mind you - as Haddin evaluated his options. He decided to throw the horizontal bat at it and swat it down, but it was too high for him to control. He ended up looping it to deep midwicket, despite rolling the wrists over it, and this time Franklin holds.

BJ Haddin c Franklin b Bennett 55 (84m 50b 8x4 0x6) SR: 110.00

Australia 133/1   SR Watson 60* (59b 6x4 1x6)   HK Bennett 4.1-0-35-1

Bennett to Watson, OUT, Bennett has picked two in two. Do NZ have a chance to get back into this? Once again, Watto perishes soon after crossing his 50. Bennett continues to operate with that nagging lack of pace, this time back of a length and well outside off. Watto waited for it to come on and played an ugly cross-batted swipe. The ball was coming slower than he expected, and took the inside edge before crashing into the stumps.

SR Watson b Bennett 62 (87m 61b 6x4 1x6) SR: 101.63

Australia 136/2   RT Ponting 0* (0b)   HK Bennett 4.3-0-38-2

Southee to Ponting, 1 wide, OUT, Ponting must be miffed. Hide the TV in the dressing room. Lovely work from Baz, he's stolen a wicket out of nowhere. Southee pushes another one half a foot down the leg side, Ponting is lulled out of the crease as he plays a walking flick and misses. McCullum doesn't. With hands quicker than a rattlesnake he collects and removes the bails. By the time Ponting turned back, McCullum was celebrating. Hide the TVs I say.

RT Ponting st †BB McCullum b Southee 12 (39m 28b 1x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

Australia 167/3   MJ Clarke 10* (21b 1x4)   TG Southee 7.4-1-43-1





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