ICC Cricket World Cup, 13th Match, Group B: Netherlands v West Indies at Delhi, Feb 28, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 13th match, Group B
West Indies won by 215 runs
Played at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi (neutral venue)
28 February 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

ten Doeschate to Pollard, 1 run, gets one on the pads, and is away with a flick to fine leg

West Indies 197/3   KA Pollard 1* (1b)

Seelaar to Pollard, SIX, whoosh, he didn't seemed to hit it hard at all, just took a step out and swung at the right instant, would you believe it, it disappeared somewhere into the top tier


Seelaar to Pollard, 1 run, goes harder at this one, but along the ground to long off


Seelaar to Pollard, 1 run, Pollard will keep the strike with a single

West Indies 209/3   KA Pollard 9* (4b 1x6)

Mudassar Bukhari to Pollard, FOUR, poor ball, Pollard takes toll, gets one full on the pads, and flicks it past a helpless short fine leg


Mudassar Bukhari to Pollard, FOUR, Pollard displays his strength, again just seemed a push, but he also has the gift of timing along with power, lofted a length ball over extra cover, just like that


Mudassar Bukhari to Pollard, 1 run, now Sarwan comes on strike as Pollard hits a fuller one through midwicket


Mudassar Bukhari to Pollard, FOUR, flicks a full toss, another full toss, poor bowling really, a misfield at square leg too, troubles for Netherlands, Pollard collects four more


Mudassar Bukhari to Pollard, SIX, massive, huge, gets underneath a full one on the stumps, sends it into the stratosphere. too bad it had to come down, came down in the top tier, Pollard has come in and just exploded

West Indies 229/3   KA Pollard 28* (9b 3x4 2x6)

ten Doeschate to Pollard, 1 run, good delivery, back of a length outside off, he stays on the back foot and fends it away to short third man

West Indies 231/3   KA Pollard 29* (10b 3x4 2x6)

Westdijk to Pollard, 1 run, darts in with the angle from short of a length, Pollard goes outside the line, drops it in front of square leg, and off they go


Westdijk to Pollard, 1 run, Pollard cannot get underneath this slow fullish delivery, and in the end drives it past the bowler along the ground

West Indies 251/3   KA Pollard 31* (12b 3x4 2x6)

Loots to Pollard, 1 run, mowed away off the back foot, it was very short, very slow, and down the pads, goes backward of square

West Indies 254/3   KA Pollard 32* (13b 3x4 2x6)

Westdijk to Pollard, FOUR, deft from Pollard, no power in that one, just shuffled across the stumps, took a length ball from middle stump, and turned the wrists to send it to the right of short fine leg, superb placement

West Indies 270/4   KA Pollard 36* (14b 4x4 2x6)

Seelaar to Pollard, SIX, murder, scythed through the line, it was tossed up a bit outside off stump and he swung it over wide long off, that was only going one way, over the ropes


Seelaar to Pollard, 1 bye, too quick outside off for Pollard, too quick for the keeper as well, rolls away off his gloves to short third man


Seelaar to Pollard, no run, good delivery, fired in fast, almost caught Pollard in front, he just about managed to push it away past the non-striker

West Indies 279/5   KA Pollard 42* (17b 4x4 3x6)

Westdijk to Pollard, no run, short of a length outside off stump, he waited on it and looked to carve it over extra cover, but was beaten


Westdijk to Pollard, 2 runs, angles this one in on the stumps, he shuffles and spirits it away wide of deep midwicket


Westdijk to Pollard, 2 runs, and again, gets a full one on the pads this time, and flicks it wide of deep midwicket


Westdijk to Pollard, 1 run, looks to heave this length ball out of the ground, it goes on a couple of bounces to long on

West Indies 285/5   KA Pollard 47* (21b 4x4 3x6)

Seelaar to Pollard, 1 run, Pollard almost takes out Chanders with a brute of a drive, uses those powerful arms to slam it down the ground, long on did well to cut off the boundary


Seelaar to Pollard, SIX, absolutely smashed over wide long off, Pollard goes past fifty, what a typhoon

West Indies 297/6   KA Pollard 54* (23b 4x4 4x6)

ten Doeschate to Pollard, 1 run, looks to kill this one over long on, but gets an inside edge that almost takes out the square leg umpire


ten Doeschate to Pollard, FOUR, they just keep coming, no respite, too much width and he slams it past sweeper cover in a flash


ten Doeschate to Pollard, 1 run, worked away off the back foot from just short of a length through midwicket

West Indies 306/6   KA Pollard 60* (26b 5x4 4x6)

Mudassar Bukhari to Pollard, OUT, Pollard goes, finally, after lots of carnage, he looked to caused some more this time, but got too much below a length ball, and skied it high in the air, long on had settled under it, and took it cleanly in the end, 60 off 27, phew

KA Pollard c ten Doeschate b Mudassar Bukhari 60 (59m 27b 5x4 4x6) SR: 222.22

West Indies 312/7   KA Pollard 60 (27b 5x4 4x6)





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