ICC Cricket World Cup, 14th Match, Group A: Sri Lanka v Kenya at Colombo (RPS), Mar 1, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 14th match, Group A
Sri Lanka won by 9 wickets (with 188 balls remaining)
1 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Malinga to Tikolo, 1 wide, another yorker attempted, but this one slips down the leg side.


Malinga to Tikolo, no run, 146.4 kph, Malinga is getting the ball to talk. In Sinhalese. Tikolo almost looks like Kallis, for a fleeting moment, as he spots the deviation and covers the line solidly. Defended back down the track


Malinga to Tikolo, no run, ends with one back of a length outside off, Tikolo guides it carefully into the covers

Kenya 103/3   SO Tikolo 0* (2b)

Muralitharan to Tikolo, no run, the doosra fizzes past Tikolo's bat, hanging in hope outside off, expecting an offbreak.


Muralitharan to Tikolo, 1 run, another leading edge, Murali doesn't turn this one in either as Tikolo shapes to flick and gets it away towards mid off after playing the flick

Kenya 105/3   SO Tikolo 1* (4b)

Malinga to Tikolo, no run, 140.1 kph, back of a length outside off and Tikolo punches into the covers


Malinga to Tikolo, no run, fuller this time, not much tail in the air, 142 kph and Tikolo check-drives to mid off


Malinga to Tikolo, no run, slower yorker this time, Tikolo is forced to adjust the forward defensive and play it down the track, a little uppishly


Malinga to Tikolo, 1 wide, this one slips down the leg side, and it is called wide


Malinga to Tikolo, no run, on target now, not much movement in the air, and Tikolo manages to get bat on it and he forces it to mid off


Malinga to Tikolo, 1 run, length ball, searing in from middle towards leg and it is whipped fluently by Tikolo to deep square leg

Kenya 109/3   SO Tikolo 2* (9b)

Mathews to Tikolo, 1 wide, he wanted to have a go at this one, but it was floated up very wide of off stump, and he didn't bother in the end


Mathews to Tikolo, no run, fuller just around off stump, and he comes forward to find mid off with the drive


Mathews to Tikolo, 1 run, goes on the back foot to one that is slightly short of a length, and punches away to sweeper cover

Kenya 113/3   SO Tikolo 3* (11b)

Kulasekara to Tikolo, no run, settles into a decent length outside off stump, and it is punched down to mid off


Kulasekara to Tikolo, no run, wants to despatch this down the ground, but cannot get the fuller one past mid off, in fact it is straight to him


Kulasekara to Tikolo, no run, lovely slower one, takes its sweet time to arrive, when it does he can only block it away


Kulasekara to Tikolo, FOUR, the slower bouncer goes wrong for Kula, Tikolo latches on to the half tracker and pulls it away through midwicket for the first boundary in ages


Kulasekara to Tikolo, 1 leg bye, Kula gets one back, bowls it on a length and it jags back in sharply to hit him high on the pads, and it rolls away towards point

Kenya 118/3   SO Tikolo 7* (16b 1x4)

Mathews to Tikolo, OUT, Dilshan plucks a rocket out of the air, and is mighty pleased with it, it was short and wide, Angelo is lucky to get that one, it was bashed off the back foot hard and scorched its way to Dilshan at point. who took it cleanly around chest height, Angelo smiles, Tikolo walks back

SO Tikolo c Dilshan b Mathews 7 (20m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 41.17

Kenya 120/4   SO Tikolo 7 (17b 1x4)





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