ICC Cricket World Cup, 16th Match, Group B: Netherlands v South Africa at Mohali, Mar 3, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 16th match, Group B
South Africa won by 231 runs
3 March 2011 (50-over match)

Mudassar Bukhari to Amla, FOUR, short and wide outside off and Amla is away with a cut shot oozing confidence and authority. There was a third man but the ball steamed to the boundary before he could get to it

South Africa 4/0   HM Amla 4* (3b 1x4)   Mudassar Bukhari 0.3-0-4-0

Westdijk to Amla, FOUR, short ball on leg stump, Amla stays back, swivels and pulls the ball to the fine leg boundary

South Africa 9/0   HM Amla 8* (7b 2x4)   BA Westdijk 0.2-0-5-0

Westdijk to Amla, FOUR, a full ball on off stump, a half-volley in fact, Amla leans forward and drives, in the air a touch but placed safely into the gap between cover and mid-off

South Africa 17/0   HM Amla 15* (15b 3x4)   BA Westdijk 1.1-0-9-0

Westdijk to Smith, FOUR, Smith takes one and then another step down and drives a length ball through the gap at cover, perhaps his first really fluent shot of the day

South Africa 32/0   GC Smith 12* (16b 1x4)   BA Westdijk 3.3-0-21-0

ten Doeschate to Amla, FOUR, that's run down to the fine fine-leg boundary. Full and wide outside off, Amla reached out for it and inside-edged the drive past the wicketkeeper

South Africa 55/1   HM Amla 33* (46b 4x4)   RN ten Doeschate 2.1-0-11-0

ten Doeschate to de Villiers, FOUR, pitched up again, much straighter this time and is dealt with, driven sweetly between mid-on and midwicket for a lovely boundary

South Africa 71/2   AB de Villiers 7* (7b 1x4)   RN ten Doeschate 4.2-0-19-1

ten Doeschate to de Villiers, FOUR, ten Doeschate offers him some width this time, it's short and wide and he cuts it fiercely, over point for four more

South Africa 75/2   AB de Villiers 11* (8b 2x4)   RN ten Doeschate 4.3-0-23-1

Loots to de Villiers, FOUR, short outside off and de Villiers seizes the opportunity, stays rooted to his crease but adjusts well to the length, bends down and jabs it between mid-on and midwicket

South Africa 118/2   AB de Villiers 32* (33b 3x4)   BP Loots 7.2-0-32-1

Seelaar to de Villiers, FOUR, short on middle and off, bends low and slaps it ferociously, there is a big gao between deep midwicket and long-on and he bisects it, powerfully struck

South Africa 127/2   AB de Villiers 39* (37b 4x4)   PM Seelaar 4.4-0-25-0

Cooper to de Villiers, FOUR, AB's innovative side on show now, was pitched full outside off and he had eyed his spot, short third man was in place and he just used the pace to reverse-paddle it past that fielder for four more, fluent innings this, carefree and chanceless

South Africa 132/2   AB de Villiers 44* (40b 5x4)   TLW Cooper 0.1-0-4-0

Cooper to de Villiers, FOUR, smashed, stepping it up now, came down the track to that flighted delivery and absolutely drilled it back past the bowler to beat long-on

South Africa 153/2   AB de Villiers 55* (50b 6x4)   TLW Cooper 1.4-0-16-0

Westdijk to Amla, FOUR, lovely batting, no use of force there, just used the pace to perfection, nipped back in, third man was a little wide, Amla just opened the face at the last moment to late-cut that to the boundary

South Africa 161/2   HM Amla 73* (93b 5x4)   BA Westdijk 5.4-0-40-0

Westdijk to Amla, FOUR, short and punished, runs flowing now, yawning gap between deep square leg and fine leg and the ball was just right to be dispatched in that area

South Africa 171/2   HM Amla 81* (101b 6x4)   BA Westdijk 6.2-0-45-0

Westdijk to de Villiers, FOUR, beautifully placed, he had made up his mind there, Wesdjik didn't help his cause by pitching short, again. All AB had to do was help it on its way past the short fine fielder

South Africa 178/2   AB de Villiers 65* (58b 7x4)   BA Westdijk 7-0-52-0

Seelaar to de Villiers, FOUR, shot. AB stands in his crease, makes a bit of room by moving his front foot out of the way and drives the ball powerfully through cover

South Africa 183/2   AB de Villiers 69* (59b 8x4)   PM Seelaar 6.2-0-36-0

Seelaar to de Villiers, FOUR, launched towards the cover boundary this time, off the back foot. Top shot.

South Africa 229/2   AB de Villiers 93* (82b 9x4 1x6)   PM Seelaar 7.4-0-48-0

Seelaar to Amla, FOUR, Amla's turn. He goes inside out, making room by moving towards leg, and lofts the ball towards the cover boundary

South Africa 234/2   HM Amla 106* (126b 7x4)   PM Seelaar 8-0-53-0

Mudassar Bukhari to de Villiers, FOUR, another yorker, well nearly, and de Villiers jams it out towards point and that's terrific timing for a jam. The fielder at point mis-fields to allow the boundary

South Africa 240/2   AB de Villiers 99* (86b 10x4 1x6)   Mudassar Bukhari 8.4-0-35-0

Loots to Amla, FOUR, Amla sees mid-off up and he plays it slightly inside out, scooping the ball over the fielder. One-bounce four to long-off

South Africa 264/2   HM Amla 111* (128b 8x4)   BP Loots 8.5-0-58-1

ten Doeschate to de Villiers, FOUR, AB goes down on one knee, waits for the length ball and turns his head away as he executes the reverse shot, not a sweep, over the head of short third man

South Africa 270/2   AB de Villiers 123* (93b 11x4 4x6)   RN ten Doeschate 8.1-0-43-1

ten Doeschate to de Villiers, FOUR, short and wide outside off and AB carves it over cover point, easy as you please

South Africa 274/2   AB de Villiers 127* (94b 12x4 4x6)   RN ten Doeschate 8.2-0-47-1

ten Doeschate to de Villiers, FOUR, length ball, mid-off is up because a fielder went deep on the square boundary. AB stands in his crease and lofts the ball cleanly over mid-off.

South Africa 278/2   AB de Villiers 131* (95b 13x4 4x6)   RN ten Doeschate 8.3-0-51-1

Seelaar to Duminy, FOUR, the reverse paddle ,and the placement is so fine and the touch so deft that the ball races to the third man boundary

South Africa 294/4   JP Duminy 5* (2b 1x4)   PM Seelaar 8.4-0-60-0

Westdijk to du Plessis, FOUR, deft and clever. du Plessis came down the pitch, hoping to attack, the ball was slower and so he had to readjust. He opened the face and guided it fine to the third man boundary

South Africa 307/4   F du Plessis 12* (9b 1x4)   BA Westdijk 8.2-0-67-0

ten Doeschate to Duminy, FOUR, length ball on the pads and Duminy flicks it with power towards the deep backward square boundary. That bounced only once before going over

South Africa 337/4   JP Duminy 28* (12b 2x4 2x6)   RN ten Doeschate 9.2-0-58-2





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