ICC Cricket World Cup, 16th Match, Group B: Netherlands v South Africa at Mohali, Mar 3, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 16th match, Group B
South Africa won by 231 runs
3 March 2011 (50-over match)

Seelaar to de Villiers, SIX, shot! The innings' first six. AB pulls off the bluff. He moves outside leg a little to make room, making Seelar follow him. Seelar fires it down leg side and then AB moves towards off, getting inside the line, and hoists it over the fine leg boundary

South Africa 225/2   AB de Villiers 89* (81b 8x4 1x6)   PM Seelaar 7.3-0-44-0

Loots to de Villiers, SIX, AB goes big, and that's rather big. Down on one knee, big back lift, powerful swing and the ball disappears over the midwicket boundary

South Africa 247/2   AB de Villiers 106* (89b 10x4 2x6)   BP Loots 8.1-0-41-1

Loots to de Villiers, SIX, AB goes big again, and it's rather big again. He gets under a length ball and hammers it high and straight. the fielder on the long on boundary thinks he has a chance. He doesn't.

South Africa 253/2   AB de Villiers 112* (90b 10x4 3x6)   BP Loots 8.2-0-47-1

Loots to de Villiers, SIX, a third six! Shades of Gibbs in St. Kitts? Massively pulled over the deep midwicket boundary. Will he go for it?

South Africa 259/2   AB de Villiers 118* (91b 10x4 4x6)   BP Loots 8.3-0-53-1

Westdijk to Duminy, SIX, he's teed off with spectacular results. Length delivery from Westdjik and Duminy pounces, lofting the ball extremely far over the long-on boundary with a massive swing of the bat

South Africa 314/4   JP Duminy 13* (5b 1x4 1x6)   BA Westdijk 8.4-0-74-0

Seelaar to Duminy, SIX, Duminy changes, gets under the ball and sends it over the midwicket boundary, he hit that with the turn into him and made clean contact

South Africa 326/4   JP Duminy 19* (7b 1x4 2x6)   PM Seelaar 9.2-0-70-0

ten Doeschate to Duminy, SIX, this one has gone all the way. Length ball and Duminy clears his front foot to make room and sends it sailing over the straight boundary

South Africa 343/4   JP Duminy 34* (13b 2x4 3x6)   RN ten Doeschate 9.3-0-64-2

ten Doeschate to Duminy, SIX, incredible shot. A mere punch on the up to a length delivery and the timing is so terrific that it carries over the boundary

South Africa 349/4   JP Duminy 40* (14b 2x4 4x6)   RN ten Doeschate 9.4-0-70-2





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