ICC Cricket World Cup, 20th Match, Group A: Sri Lanka v Australia at Colombo (RPS), Mar 5, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 20th match, Group A
No result
5 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Lee to Tharanga, no run, Lee runs in and bowls a gentle short of a length ball, by his standards, around leg stump, and Tharanga works it away on the leg side


Lee to Tharanga, no run, 142.4 kph length delivery, didn't look like that the way it came off the pitch slowly, Tharanga in fact waited on it before plonking it down close on the off side


Lee to Tharanga, 2 runs, Lee goes fuller across the left-hander and Tharanga is away, pushing out to guide it wide of point, and wide of third man as well


Lee to Tharanga, no run, tests out what the pitch has, bangs in a bouncer, Tharanga is taken by surprise and goes under it


Lee to Tharanga, no run, this one is on the stumps from just short of a length, tucks Tharanga up, and he opens the face to play it out to point


Lee to Tharanga, no run, the short of a length ball arrives, not the bouncer, and tharanga easily keeps it down for Lee to field it

Sri Lanka 2/0   B Lee 1-0-2-0

Lee to Sangakkara, 3 runs, Sanga gets going, drives Lee with minimum of effort through cover, it was just short of a length and he eased it in to the gap, just the man Sri Lanka need right now


Lee to Tharanga, no run, Tharanga gets one in his zone, wide and short outside off stump, cuts on the bounce to point


Lee to Tharanga, 1 wide, 109.1 kph slower one from Lee, but goes wrong completely, pitches outside leg and moves further away down the leg side


Lee to Tharanga, 1 run, gets it on target this time, on a length going across Tharanga, who gets forward and pushes it wide of extra cover


Lee to Sangakkara, no run, dug in short of a length, sitting up on this track, punched away nicely to extra cover


Lee to Sangakkara, FOUR, Sanga comes right forward to meet this one coming in from a length outside off, shows the full face of the bat, and holds the pose as the ball races past mid on


Lee to Sangakkara, 3 runs, Sanga is looking good, uses the angle from round the stumps to whip this length delivery wide of mid on, Lee has yet to find his radar

Sri Lanka 19/1   B Lee 2-0-14-0

Lee to Sangakkara, no run, Lee starts off well in this over, just short of a length into Sanga who brings it down close to the stumps


Lee to Sangakkara, no run, late decision to guide this one, he was rooted to the crease, saw this one going across him, and at the last instant brought down the bat to play it away to point


Lee to Sangakkara, no run, 144.6 kph and hurrying on to Sanga who pushes too hard at it, and it travels fast to mid off, and Tharanga has to rush back in to his crease


Lee to Sangakkara, no run, no room to make use of the pace, Sanga tries to guide it past point but cannot


Lee to Sangakkara, 1 run, Sanga pushes this one softer to mid off than the one earlier this over, and goes scurrying across for the single, Ponting fires in the throw, Sanga was home with the clumsy dive in the end


Lee to Tharanga, no run, cut away off the back foot to cover, too much bounce for Tharanga's liking

Sri Lanka 23/1   B Lee 3-0-15-0

Lee to Tharanga, 1 run, Tharanga gets away, he was very late in bringing an angled bat down on a length ball around off stump, and got an inside edge on to pad that rolled away on the off side


Lee to Sangakkara, 1 run, just short of a length, enough for Sanga to work it past square leg


Lee to Tharanga, no run, short one on leg stump, he goes outside the line and tries to turn it past a very short short fine leg, but he puts in the dive to stop a certain boundary


Lee to Tharanga, OUT, what a take! Tharanga cannot believe it, it was that short and wide delivery that he likes to take toll of, but it bounced a shade too much for his comfort, tand he cut it in the air past point, or thought he had, but Steve Smith there pulled off a stunner, timing his leap at full stretch to perfection, taking it one handed, he juggled with it somewhat before taking it cleanly in the end, that ball was really traveling like a bullet, if not a 'tracer' bullet

WU Tharanga c Smith b Lee 6 (32m 18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33


Lee to Jayawardene, 1 wide, goes in search of the yorker but sprays it down the leg side


Lee to Jayawardene, no run, pacy length delivery that makes Mahela come out and block solidly


Lee to Jayawardene, FOUR, they had removed the second slip some time ago, the edge from Mahela flies at catchable height in that direction, it was angled in from a length, and Mahela went prodding at it, getting a thick edge

Sri Lanka 36/2   B Lee 4-0-22-1

Lee to Sangakkara, 1 run, angles the ball into Sanga's pads from round the wicket, flicked fluently towards deep square leg and that single brings up the 50 partnership


Lee to Samaraweera, no run, Lee tails the ball from a good length into the right-hander, Samaraweera punches the ball towards Lee off the front foot


Lee to Samaraweera, 2 runs, a nice friendly full toss on middle stump, Samaraweera flicks the ball towards deep square


Lee to Samaraweera, 2 runs, that kept rather low and it was headed for middle stump before Samaraweera clipped it behind square


Lee to Samaraweera, no run, short of a length outside off, played awkwardly off the back foot towards point


Lee to Samaraweera, no run, good length and very straight, Samaraweera moves back and across and pushes towards the leg side

Sri Lanka 129/3   B Lee 5-0-27-1





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