ICC Cricket World Cup, 22nd Match, Group B: India v Ireland at Bengaluru, Mar 6, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 22nd match, Group B
India won by 5 wickets (with 24 balls remaining)
6 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Khan to Porterfield, no run, and movement straight away, Porterfield who got out for a first-ball duck the other day thinks of leaving and then unintentionally guides it on the bounce to the keeper


Khan to Porterfield, no run, back of a length at 130 kph, good bounce for Zaheer, Porterfield has a flail and misses outside off


Khan to Porterfield, 1 run, dropped by Yusuf at second slip. Full and again moving away from Porterfield, he throws his bat hard at it and gets a healthy outside edge. Yusuf makes an overwhelming effort, jumping high to palm it into the air, and then made an underwhelming effort to pluck it on the rebound. He moves slowly to his left and was reluctant to dive. Ireland off to an edgy start


Khan to Stirling, OUT, that's a Zaheer special, and Stirling has lost his stumps. 134 kph, angles across the batsman at a good length, inviting the drive and then zipping inwards of the track to crash into the pitch. Stirling went for the check-drive without moving his feet across or forward and the ball gladly snaked through the bat-pad gap.

PR Stirling b Khan 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Khan to Joyce, no run, Zaheer is hitting the seam with a vengeance here. 126 kph only, but lands outside off and darts away from Joyce who wisely lets it go


Khan to Joyce, no run, and he ends the over with one that holds its line, Joyce covers the angle and defends.

Ireland 1/1   Z Khan 1-0-1-1

Khan to Joyce, no run, Zaheer keeps it short of driving length, early 130s, Joyce comes forward and defends watchfully


Khan to Joyce, FOUR, whoa, the Irish need to settle down here. Joyce jumps out of the crease and to the off stump line even as Zaheer gets into delivery stride, and then goes hard at an away-swinger. Yusuf at second slip dives to his left but can't get there, the ball was traveling. Dhoni and Zaheer consult on whether they should have a third slip ...


Khan to Joyce, OUT, this is stupendous from Zaheer. He's been moving them away like a charm all along, and then just for fun, he gets one to jag back off the seam. Joyce was obviously expecting another one that moved away, and in an attempt to cover the deviation was groping outside the line. Too bad. Zaheer got it to go the other way and kiss the inside edge on the way to Dhoni

EC Joyce c †Dhoni b Khan 4 (8m 5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 80.00


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, length ball, short of a length and defended off the front foot


Khan to NJ O'Brien, 2 leg byes, slips too far down the leg side and Niall gets some pad on it on the way to fine leg


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, comes in from wide of the crease at 127 kph, no movement off the track this time and Niall defends solidly

Ireland 11/2   Z Khan 2-0-5-2

Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, back of a length and a hint of extra bounce into Niall who hangs back and fends away to the leg side


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, fuller and a foot wider of off stump, Niall is watching them closely here. Lets it go through to Dhoni as it holds its line.


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, hits the bat hard this time, nice lengths and decent carry around off stump, Niall reaches forward and plays it to the off side


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, over-pitched this time, Niall had the opportunity to drive but found the fielder at cover.


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, again, that menacing bit of seam away from the leg hander. Niall has to adjust late to cover the movement and defend it off the outside half of the face to the off side


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, another maiden, Zaheer drops short, but it's not quite a half-tracker. Niall goes for the cut, and finds point

Ireland 11/2   Z Khan 3-1-5-2

Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, nothing to drive on offer, Zaheer keeps it back of a length and Joyce can't get to the pitch though he presses forward. Defended to the off side


Khan to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, over-pitched on middle and off, a rare shot of confidence and control from Niall who drives fluently through mid on. Harbhajan runs across and dives to keep it down to a single


Khan to Porterfield, no run, back of a length on off stump again, Porterfield tries to angle it away square, and finds point


Khan to Porterfield, FOUR, that's more like the Ireland we expected to see. Zaheer bangs one in short, and it sits up like a lollypop. Porterfield goes for the pull and times it with a vengeance. It flies away in front of square


Khan to Porterfield, no run, enough of the short stuff says Zaheer, gets it on a length around off stump and it is defended to the off side


Khan to Porterfield, no run, again, draws Porterfield forward into a defensive stroke to the off side.

Ireland 20/2   Z Khan 4-1-10-2

Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, full delivery on the toes, Niall looks to flick but can't get it away


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, ah, iffy single there as Niall reaches across and dabs with soft hands to the right of Yuvraj at point. He collects and has a shy but misses at the bowler's end.


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, hmm, inside edge this time as Zaheer slants one in alarmingly from outside off, Niall goes for the on drive and nicks it onto the pads.


Khan to NJ O'Brien, FOUR, crunched away, Niall has 1000 ODI runs with a very precise cover drive that left point jumping to his left and cover to his right. That was landed full, but Niall's opening of the wrists was perfect to find the gap


Khan to NJ O'Brien, no run, Zaheer tightens the line, its on off stump and defended down the track


Khan to NJ O'Brien, 1 run, another one over-pitched, this time Niall attemps the square drive and it is intercepted well by a tumbling Yuvraj at point.

Ireland 26/2   Z Khan 5-1-15-2

Khan to Cusack, 1 run, back of a length on the pads, clipped through square leg for one


Khan to Mooney, no run, again on leg stump, Mooney is early on the flick and gets a leading edge to midwicket where Yuvraj tumbled and saved


Khan to Mooney, no run, back of a length and very straight, defended from the crease to midwicket


Khan to Mooney, no run, on off stump this time, Mooney looks for the dab to third man, but finds Kohli at point


Khan to Mooney, no run, Zaheer is looking for reverse. 131 kph only, but it tailed in sharply at a very full length and was defended back down the track.


Khan to Mooney, 2 runs, another yorker attempted, this one ends up a full toss on leg stump, squeezed away to square leg for a single

Ireland 175/6   Z Khan 6-1-18-2

Khan to Cusack, 1 run, short ball outside off, hangs back and cuts it backward of point for one


Khan to Johnston, no run, short ball again, as Zaheer angles in from over the stumps, bunted carefully to the leg side


Khan to Johnston, 1 run, driven to deep cover, Johnston is away


Khan to Cusack, 1 run, slow offcutter from over the wicket, opens the face and dabs it to third man for a single


Khan to Johnston, no run, tucks him up with a length ball that doesn't do much off the track, and Johnston can't get it away as he looks for the steer through the off side


Khan to Johnston, no run, slow offcutter again, lands on leg and moves away as Johnston looks to steer square. Can't get it away.

Ireland 181/7   Z Khan 7-1-21-2

Khan to Johnston, 1 run, full delivery from Zaheer, looking for the yorker, squeezed out into the covers


Khan to Dockrell, 1 run, over-pitched outside off, Dockrell squeezes it down to third man for a single


Khan to Johnston, 1 wide, Zak tried, well, something. And lost the plot. A foot and a half wide down the leg side


Khan to Johnston, no run, 127.8 kph bouncer that goes searching for the batsman's head, Dockrell gets out of the way


Khan to Johnston, no run, full delivery outside off, Dockrell goes for a full-blooded cover drive and he finds covers


Khan to Johnston, 1 run, again a very full ball and driven solidly through mid off for a single


Khan to Dockrell, no run, offcutter at 127 kph, nips away from the middle and leg line and is defended from the crease to the off side

Ireland 188/8   Z Khan 8-1-25-2

Khan to Dockrell, 1 run, Zaheer sends down another offcutter that nips away outside off stump, and is steered down to third man


Khan to Johnston, no run, again dropped short of a length outside off, Zaheer is not giving pace or length to work with. Dabbed into the covers, just can't time it


Khan to Johnston, no run, 118.9 kph, slow yorker on the stumps and Johnston just about brings the bat down in time to keep it out


Khan to Johnston, FOUR, botched by Zaheer, biffed by Johnston. He overcooks the yorker and ends up delivering a full toss at a nice height. It is swatted down the ground, to the left of mid on for a single


Khan to Johnston, 1 leg bye, Big lbw appeal turned down, Dhoni and Zaheer decide to refer it. Full from over the wickets, and the main question is - did it pitch outside leg, or in line? His the pads in front of leg and is headed to break the furniture. The mat is in, and it pitched outside leg. Saved.


Khan to Dockrell, OUT, Dhoni may not be considered among the better keepers in the game, but he's been stunning today. Full delivery outside off, it was there for the drive and Dockrell went for the off side with a flamboyant carve. He ended getting a very thick outside edge that seemed headed for third man. Someone forgot to inform the horizontal Indian captain. He was fully stretched to the right and pouched it inches above the ground. And he doesn't celebrate. Calm as always, flicks the ball away and heads to Zaheer for the celebrations.

GH Dockrell c †Dhoni b Khan 3 (19m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 30.00

Ireland 201/9   Z Khan 9-1-30-3





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