ICC Cricket World Cup, 21st Match, Group B: England v South Africa at Chennai, Mar 6, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 21st match, Group B
England won by 6 runs
Played at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai (neutral venue)
6 March 2011 (50-over match)

Steyn to Bell, FOUR, good response from Bell, Steyn went for the short ball but it sat up very gently and gave Bell plenty of time to pull it in front of square

England 12/2   IR Bell 4* (4b 1x4)   DW Steyn 1.3-0-7-0

Morkel to Trott, FOUR, hint of width allows Trott to cut it away through backward point for just the second boundary of the day...wasn't timed perfectly but had the legs to beat third man

England 40/3   IJL Trott 19* (38b 1x4)   M Morkel 2.1-0-7-0

Morkel to Bopara, FOUR, gets the edge this time, Bopara feeling for the ball and it goes between keeper and the very wide slip. Bopara tried to make it look like a glide, but there was more edge involved

England 51/3   RS Bopara 12* (23b 1x4)   M Morkel 3.3-0-11-0

Imran Tahir to Bopara, FOUR, ah lovely shot, the best of the day. Overpitched from Tahir and Bopara leans into a fluid extra cover drive

England 63/3   RS Bopara 21* (33b 2x4)   Imran Tahir 2.3-1-9-0

Duminy to Trott, FOUR, ah good shot, it was short and sat up for it but England have missed out on a few this morning. Trott this time cut hard and square for four

England 72/3   IJL Trott 29* (61b 2x4)   JP Duminy 0.3-0-4-0

Peterson to Trott, FOUR, really beautiful piece of timing from Trott here. Gets a slightly short ball and whips it square of the wicket, it rushes to the rope, beating the fine leg fielder who tried to skirt round

England 105/3   IJL Trott 46* (83b 3x4)   RJ Peterson 4.3-2-9-3

Peterson to Prior, FOUR, powerful from Prior. Brings out the sweep and fetches it from outside off, sending it racing forward of square leg

England 133/4   MJ Prior 10* (16b 1x4)   RJ Peterson 6.4-2-19-3

Imran Tahir to Bopara, FOUR, cracking shot, an aggressive sweep, hitting down on the ball all the way, and no-one can intercept

England 143/5   RS Bopara 57* (93b 3x4 1x6)   Imran Tahir 5.1-1-22-1

Imran Tahir to Swann, FOUR, switch hit from Swann! And he nails it as well! Pulled firmly through cover/midwicket for four

England 154/7   GP Swann 5* (9b 1x4)   Imran Tahir 6.4-1-29-1

Steyn to Swann, FOUR, clobbered! That's a flowing stroke from Swann, down the track, meeting the quick on the half-volley, and that's smacked through cover. His favourite stroke, and he played it well

England 161/7   GP Swann 11* (13b 2x4)   DW Steyn 7.4-0-35-1

Imran Tahir to Swann, FOUR, good boshing from Swann, down the track, picks his spot and finds the midwicket boundary

England 171/9   GP Swann 16* (18b 3x4)   Imran Tahir 8.2-1-38-3





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