ICC Cricket World Cup, 25th Match, Group B: India v Netherlands at Delhi, Mar 9, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 25th match, Group B
India won by 5 wickets (with 81 balls remaining)
9 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Yuvraj Singh to Kervezee, no run, slows it up in the air and gets Kervezee to defend off the front foot

Netherlands 100/3   AN Kervezee 0* (1b)

Khan to Kervezee, no run, angles in from wide of the crease, holds its line after landing on a length and is defended to the off side


Khan to Kervezee, no run, sharp inward curve this time, Kervezee does well to cover the line and not get the front foot across. Defended down the track.


Khan to Kervezee, no run, full delivery, looking for the reversing yorker. This one is at 127 kph and lands on a full length. Kervezee plays into the off side


Khan to Kervezee, no run, this time he moves it the other way from short of a length, Kervezee dabs to the off side and thinks of a single. He changes his mind in time, Kohli collects and throws the stumps down but Kervezee is safe


Khan to Kervezee, 1 run, the one that holds its line this time, at 133 kph and it gets the outside edge as Kervezee limply hangs an angled bat out. Single to third man

Netherlands 101/4   AN Kervezee 1* (6b)

Nehra to Kervezee, no run, over-pitched outside off, this time Nehra doesn't get it to move, and it is driven without timing to cover


Nehra to Kervezee, 1 run, full again, 134 kph on middle and off, and it hints at moving away. Kervezee manages to force it back past the bowler for one

Netherlands 102/5   AN Kervezee 2* (8b)

Khan to Kervezee, no run, Zaheer continues to get away curve, Kervezee mistimes the drive to the off side


Khan to Kervezee, no run, back of a length on the pads, worked to the leg side off the back foot


Khan to Kervezee, no run, yorker, lethal even if at 130 kph. Kervezee manages to get bat on this and toe-end it to midwicket


Khan to Kervezee, no run, full length at 130 kph, played back down the track to Zaheer


Khan to Kervezee, 1 run, full pitched outside off, driven into the covers without timing

Netherlands 103/5   AN Kervezee 3* (13b)

Nehra to Kervezee, no run, this one keeps low outside off, Kervezee has to adjust and crouch as he defends to the off side

Netherlands 107/5   AN Kervezee 3* (14b)

Yuvraj Singh to Kervezee, OUT, de Grooth is run out. This innings is a complete shambles now, and the packed stands in Kotla will be concerned they won't get to see much of a chase. There was no single there. Kervezee works Yuvraj towards short midwicket and takes off. Chawla at mid-on runs in, collects with one hand and lets rip a throw at Dhoni. It wasn't the best of throws, but it was such a madly judged run that Dhoni had a year to collect and break the stumps. de Grooth started running really late, he knew it was suicidal.

TN de Grooth run out 5 (14m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 45.45

Netherlands 108/6   AN Kervezee 3* (15b)

Harbhajan Singh to Kervezee, 1 run, turning into the pads, dabbed with the spin through square leg for one more

Netherlands 115/6   AN Kervezee 4* (16b)

Yuvraj Singh to Kervezee, no run, slow and short and turning as the batsman advances. He is forced to defend down the track.


Yuvraj Singh to Kervezee, FOUR, Kervezee gets four, skipping out and to the leg side, taking him close to the pitch while also giving him the room to swing over the vacant long-on area.


Yuvraj Singh to Kervezee, 1 run, Yuvraj responds with the skidder that comes in, Kervezee waits and angles it away backward of square leg for one


Yuvraj Singh to Kervezee, 1 run, angling into the pads again, Kervezee punches through the straight field for another single

Netherlands 122/6   AN Kervezee 10* (20b 1x4)

Harbhajan Singh to Kervezee, no run, drifts this one towards off stump and gets it to straighten, defended down the track from the crease


Harbhajan Singh to Kervezee, 1 run, too straight this time, and worked with the spin to the leg side for one more

Netherlands 125/6   AN Kervezee 11* (22b 1x4)

Chawla to Kervezee, OUT, and Chawla has a wicket first ball. He looks almost embarassed. Harbhajan at midwicket takes the catch at midwicket and must be wondering why he's not getting these freebies. That was dropped in Chawla's half. It was a miracle it did not bounce again before Kervezee hit it. He flat-batted the pull with such blinding ferocious intent that he forgot to place it. He picked out Harbhajan at deep midwicket.

AN Kervezee c Harbhajan Singh b Chawla 11 (45m 23b 1x4 0x6) SR: 47.82

Netherlands 127/7   AN Kervezee 11 (23b 1x4)





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