ICC Cricket World Cup, 25th Match, Group B: India v Netherlands at Delhi, Mar 9, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 25th match, Group B
India won by 5 wickets (with 81 balls remaining)
9 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, full pitched ball at 136 kph, angling across and ending on off stump, defended off the front foot. Zak is already seeking movement.


Khan to Szwarczynski, 4 byes, hmm, poor start from Dhoni, Zaheer bowls a full length ball that swings late and slips down the leg side as Eric skips inside the line. Dhoni fluffs the collection


Khan to Szwarczynski, 2 runs, again on the pads, this time Eric is away with a neat clip through square leg for a couple. Nehra fields - his first World Cup game since the final of 2003.


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, back of a length from Zaheer, he moves over to the off stump line and Eric defends solidly as he pushes down the track


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, prodigious swing this time, at 127 kph and straightening through the air as Eric went for an expansive stroke. He curtailed his instinct and defended to the leg side


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, ends with one that holds its line, Eric sees it closely as lets it go outside off

Netherlands 6/0   Z Khan 1-0-2-0

Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, over-pitched well wide outside off, crunched without timing towards point


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, slightly closer to off stump, and not so full, Eric sees it through to the keeper


Khan to Szwarczynski, FOUR, a shot that underlines just how hopelessly slow this pitch is. Full credit to Eric though, for playing a fine shot. Back of a length, this one hardly takes off from the track, and comes off slowly, Eric's stance is outside the crease and he continues to move down to meet the ball on top of what little bounce is there, and coaxes it in front of square for four


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, again, no bounce, Dhoni takes it after the second bump as Zaheer keeps it on a length and Eric leaves


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, Dr. Kotla and Mr. Hyde. This one takes off sprightly from a length and thuds into Dhoni's gloves at waist height.


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, ends with a confident check drive into the covers as Zaheer again keeps it back of a length. He hasn't moved the ball at this in this over.

Netherlands 16/0   Z Khan 2-0-6-0

Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, angles in from wide of the crease, and it is defended from the crease to the leg side


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, interesting delivery, seemed like a slower ball initially, but it came at 130.8 kph, curling in through the air and ending on the toes, Eric inside-edged the flick onto the pad


Khan to Szwarczynski, FOUR, nicely done by Eric. Zaheer again slants it into the pads, this time he lands it short of a length, but once again Eric is chipping down the track to make his own pace. He nearly converts it into tha half-volley and on-drives with lovely timing past short midwicket


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, he walks out again, and gets a proper half volley, but is cramped for room and plays into the covers


Khan to Szwarczynski, FOUR, hideously lazt start this from India. Back of a length and wide of off stump, Eric looks to steer and gets an under edge that goes between Dhoni and the wide slip. Surely Dhoni could have made a better effort and stopped the ball, but his half-hearted jump is of no use.


Khan to Szwarczynski, no run, ends with a length ball a foot outside off, the damage for the over is already done and Eric lets this go

Netherlands 26/0   Z Khan 3-0-14-0

Khan to Kervezee, no run, angles in from wide of the crease, holds its line after landing on a length and is defended to the off side


Khan to Kervezee, no run, sharp inward curve this time, Kervezee does well to cover the line and not get the front foot across. Defended down the track.


Khan to Kervezee, no run, full delivery, looking for the reversing yorker. This one is at 127 kph and lands on a full length. Kervezee plays into the off side


Khan to Kervezee, no run, this time he moves it the other way from short of a length, Kervezee dabs to the off side and thinks of a single. He changes his mind in time, Kohli collects and throws the stumps down but Kervezee is safe


Khan to Kervezee, 1 run, the one that holds its line this time, at 133 kph and it gets the outside edge as Kervezee limply hangs an angled bat out. Single to third man


Khan to Zuiderent, OUT, Zaheer has nailed him, but Zuiderant has reviewed it. Sleight of hand from Zaheer, he's got the ball to do everything except turn back towards him. He runs in with the ball hidden in his hands, not giving away how he's holding it. This one lands back of a length and curls into Zuiderant, who has thrust his front pad forward and in front of the stumps. Danger signs. The ball comes in enough to miss the bat that was hanging in hope next to the pad. Replays vindicate Steve Davis. The seamers have come into their own with the old ball. Maybe India should just open with spinners and use the fast bowlers after 25 overs.

B Zuiderent lbw b Khan 0 (10m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Netherlands 101/5   Z Khan 4-0-15-1

Khan to Kervezee, no run, Zaheer continues to get away curve, Kervezee mistimes the drive to the off side


Khan to Kervezee, no run, back of a length on the pads, worked to the leg side off the back foot


Khan to Kervezee, no run, yorker, lethal even if at 130 kph. Kervezee manages to get bat on this and toe-end it to midwicket


Khan to Kervezee, no run, full length at 130 kph, played back down the track to Zaheer


Khan to Kervezee, 1 run, full pitched outside off, driven into the covers without timing


Khan to de Grooth, 1 run, ends with one that curves into the toes, de Grooth clips through square leg for a single to end the over

Netherlands 104/5   Z Khan 5-0-17-1

Khan to Borren, 1 run, begins with a near-yorker on Borren's toes, he can't force it away through the off side, but gets a single


Khan to Mudassar Bukhari, 1 run, another full ball on off stump, Bukhari digs it out to the off side for a single


Khan to Borren, no run, slow offcutter, Zaheer gets it to nip away from leg stump and Borren plays it uppishly to the leg side.


Khan to Borren, 1 leg bye, slower ball again, this time he misses the line and lands it on leg stump. Borren tries to shovel it past short fine leg, but can't get the gap


Khan to Mudassar Bukhari, no run, low full toss on off stump, Bukhari is not good enough to get under it and find a way to muscle it into the off side


Khan to Mudassar Bukhari, 1 run, another low full toss, that's not a bad option in these circumstances. Bukhari drives straight to long off for a single

Netherlands 180/8   Z Khan 6-0-20-1

Khan to Borren, OUT, Borren summons his inner Dilshan, and plays his own version of the pick-up shot. Or the ramp shot if you will. Pre-meditated though, and that led to his undoing. Back of a length from Zaheer as Borren set himself up for a full delivery. As a result, instead of scooping, he ended up lapping it off the lower end of the bat. Hence it went higher rather than far. Instead of clearing Nehra, it landed in his hands at short fine leg. Good innings from the captain.

PW Borren c Nehra b Khan 38 (46m 36b 3x4 2x6) SR: 105.55


Khan to Mudassar Bukhari, no run, yorker first up, on middle and off, Bukhari digs it out


Khan to Mudassar Bukhari, no run, Bukhari plays the pull so early that he gets it out to cover. Short of a length ball from Zaheer, meets Bukhari's swipe rather early and runs away to the off side


Khan to Mudassar Bukhari, OUT, Zaheer has arrested the bleeding and finished off the innings. Despite the late flourish, Netherlands end short of an average score. The fast searing yorker angles across the batsman, there's not much you can attempt with that ball, except the squeezed single to the off side, or a tough-to-pull-off delicate dab to third man. Bukhari just went for the big swipe across the line even as he backed away. Ended up getting an inside edge that clattered onto off stump. India need 190 to win.

Mudassar Bukhari b Khan 21 (20m 18b 1x4 2x6) SR: 116.66

Netherlands 189/10   Z Khan 6.4-0-20-3





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