ICC Cricket World Cup, 25th Match, Group B: India v Netherlands at Delhi, Mar 9, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 25th match, Group B
India won by 5 wickets (with 81 balls remaining)
9 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Nehra to Barresi, no run, full length ball on off stump, Barresi reaches out and defends to the mad at short cover


Nehra to Barresi, no run, over-pitched on off stump at 131 kph, Nehra is offering them for the drive, but again Barresi finds short cover


Nehra to Barresi, 2 runs, this time Barresi finds the gap, he drives with opened wrists to elude the man at short cover, and backward cover point dives away to deflect it and keep it to two. No movement for Nehra yet, and he is bowling a foot further than he normall does.


Nehra to Barresi, no run, full again, Barresi presses forward to defend into the off side


Nehra to Barresi, FOUR, slow and sluggish start here from Nehra. He's once again over-pitched, this time on middle and leg, and Barresi has pounced on it with a half step forward and driven crisply to the right of mid off


Nehra to Barresi, no run, that's the length, Nehra lands it a foot shorter than he has through the over, and gets it to slant across Barresi, eluding his faint poke, but not by much.

Netherlands 12/0   A Nehra 1-0-6-0

Nehra to Cooper, OUT, Nehra's struck immediately. He's got this oldish ball to nip away from a full length. Was that reverse swing or a good old offcutter? In any case, it was Nehra at his crafty best. Replays indicate it was an offcutter. He bustles in from over the wicket, lands it full and outside off, inviting the drive and then moving off away towards the off side. The deviation is enough to induce an outside edge as Cooper goes for the big cover drive. Dhoni holds the low catch easily. Netherlands are fumbling here.

TLW Cooper c †Dhoni b Nehra 29 (52m 47b 2x4 0x6) SR: 61.70


Nehra to Zuiderent, no run, again, Nehra gets it to shape away, Zuiderant is crease-bound and poking at it in French cricket style. Miss


Nehra to Zuiderent, no run, again, Nehra is bowling diagonals across the pitch and it is not easy at the best of times, leave alone when you are new at the crease.


Nehra to Zuiderent, no run, a minor victory for Zuiderant who gets bat on it, and pokes it to the off side


Nehra to Zuiderent, no run, fuller length this time, Zuiderant opens the face and dabs it towards point


Nehra to Zuiderent, no run, another lively offcutter to end the over, moves away prodigiously from leg to off and Zuiderant does well not to get a leading edge as he plays the flick a touch too early

Netherlands 100/4   A Nehra 2-1-6-1

Nehra to Kervezee, no run, over-pitched outside off, this time Nehra doesn't get it to move, and it is driven without timing to cover


Nehra to Kervezee, 1 run, full again, 134 kph on middle and off, and it hints at moving away. Kervezee manages to force it back past the bowler for one


Nehra to de Grooth, no run, this one reverses away, at 130 kph, and de Grooth does well to cover the line with an opened face and play into the off side


Nehra to de Grooth, no run, back of a length on the stumps, de Grooth stays on the crease and defends to the leg side


Nehra to de Grooth, no run, looks for the yorker, but lands it at 136 kph on the pads. de Grooth can't get bat on the flick


Nehra to de Grooth, no run, slower ball, back of a length on the stumps to end the over, defended to the leg side cautiously

Netherlands 102/5   A Nehra 3-1-7-1

Nehra to de Grooth, no run, Nehra is doing the exact opposite of what Zaheer is doing. Two left-arm seamers can't be more different if they try to. While Zaheer keeps bringing them in, Nehra keeps tailing them away from the right handers. This time, it is defended as it swerves towards off stump


Nehra to de Grooth, 2 runs, too ambitious. He lands outside leg and too full, de Grooth clips through square leg for a couple


Nehra to de Grooth, no run, this one finishes well outside off and is steered with an angled face towards point


Nehra to de Grooth, no run, off cutter, lands on a length and nips away, defended from the crease to the off side


Nehra to de Grooth, 1 run, the crowd goes bonkers as Sachin has thrown down the stumps. No chance for a run out though, clipped softly through square leg for an easy single


Nehra to Kervezee, no run, this one keeps low outside off, Kervezee has to adjust and crouch as he defends to the off side

Netherlands 107/5   A Nehra 4-1-10-1

Nehra to Mudassar Bukhari, no run, back of a length to begin the over, Bukhari can't get the single away


Nehra to Mudassar Bukhari, no run, another dot ball, Bukhari stays on the crease and plays back down the track


Nehra to Mudassar Bukhari, 1 run, now he hands it to Borren, gets one on the pads and clips square for a single


Nehra to Borren, 1 run, slower ball on Borren's pads, he's managed to glance it square for a single


Nehra to Mudassar Bukhari, SIX, whoa, another six. Netherlands are leaving India oranje-faced with a big sting in the tail. Nehra is still looking for the tight yorker. It doesn't require much to go wrong, for that to end up as a half-volley on the pads. Bukhari got the front foot inside the line and tonked it wildly over long on. Part golf, past cricket.


Nehra to Mudassar Bukhari, FOUR, aha, bad luck now for Nehra. He delivers a smart offcutter, full on middle and leg stump, Bukhari can't pick it and plays all over it, and ends up getting a leading edge to third man for four

Netherlands 176/8   A Nehra 5-1-22-1





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