ICC Cricket World Cup, 27th Match, Group B: Ireland v West Indies at Mohali, Mar 11, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 27th match, Group B
West Indies won by 44 runs
11 March 2011 (50-over match)

Cusack to Smith, FOUR, nicely timed, shortish and a bit of width, Smith rocks back and just eases it between cover and point, came off the meat, nicely placed

West Indies 5/0   DS Smith 5* (15b 1x4)   AR Cusack 1.4-1-4-0

Rankin to Chanderpaul, FOUR, lovely drive from Chanders, lands on a good length and he just eases into the drive, cracking it between extra cover and mid-off

West Indies 11/0   S Chanderpaul 6* (9b 1x4)   WB Rankin 2.2-1-7-0

Cusack to Chanderpaul, FOUR, superbly timed, good length on middle, gets forward, closes the face and punches it down the ground, past the bowler and the diving mid-on, gradually getting into his groove here

West Indies 16/0   S Chanderpaul 10* (15b 2x4)   AR Cusack 3-1-9-0

Cusack to Chanderpaul, FOUR, drops it on the leg side and Chanders has no trouble helping it on its way to the fine-leg boundary

West Indies 28/0   S Chanderpaul 16* (26b 3x4)   AR Cusack 5-1-16-0

Botha to Smith, FOUR, edged, lands on a good length, was trying to swing it away over midwicket, the length wasn't quite right for that shot, produces an edge and third man is a little wide, four streaky runs

West Indies 35/0   DS Smith 17* (40b 2x4)   AC Botha 0.2-0-4-0

Mooney to Smith, FOUR, Smith finally connects well, short ball, a touch too short and it;s there for the taking, rocks back and pulls it fiercely to beat deep midwicket to the boundary, 50 up for the Windies, it's been difficult but they're there without any damage

West Indies 50/0   DS Smith 27* (55b 3x4)   JF Mooney 3-0-11-0

Mooney to Smith, FOUR, four, four, full and Smith finds the gap, picks it well off the length and beats the diving mid-on fielder to find the boundary

West Indies 56/0   DS Smith 32* (57b 4x4)   JF Mooney 3.1-0-15-0

Stirling to Smith, FOUR, streaky way to get to a half-century, comes down the track to deposit that over long-on, trying to force the issue, was fortunate to get an inside edge past the short-fine fielder for a boundary, a laborious half-century to ODI standards

West Indies 85/0   DS Smith 51* (82b 5x4 1x6)   PR Stirling 1.4-0-7-0

KJ O'Brien to Smith, FOUR, too short and it's dealt with, dropping it short outside off and Smith swings it away to find that gap between long-on and deep midwicket

West Indies 98/2   DS Smith 58* (89b 6x4 1x6)   KJ O'Brien 4.2-0-19-2

Cusack to Smith, FOUR, misdirected and pays the price, full on leg stump and it;s tickled really fine, beat short fine leg to the ropes

West Indies 107/2   DS Smith 64* (94b 7x4 1x6)   AR Cusack 6.5-1-22-0

Dockrell to Smith, FOUR, it pays off this time, flighted and he accepts the challenge, comes down and smacks him with the turn over midwicket to find the gap

West Indies 117/2   DS Smith 72* (101b 8x4 1x6)   GH Dockrell 0.2-0-4-0

Botha to Sarwan, FOUR, Sarwan steps up, made room, that was pitched on a length, was in the slot for the man and he smashed it over mid-on for a one-bounce four

West Indies 123/2   RR Sarwan 7* (13b 1x4)   AC Botha 6.2-0-30-0

Mooney to Smith, FOUR, there is a fielder in the deep on the leg side but this evades him comfortably, comes down the track does Smith and picks it him over mid-on

West Indies 147/3   DS Smith 86* (116b 9x4 1x6)   JF Mooney 4.2-0-22-0

Mooney to Smith, FOUR, cashing in here, that was a poor ball from Mooney, short ball down the leg side and Smith had no trouble helping it to the fine-leg boundary, that was a freebie. The bowler admonishes himself, and rightly so

West Indies 154/3   DS Smith 91* (119b 10x4 1x6)   JF Mooney 5-0-29-0

Botha to Smith, FOUR, misfield at point by Stirling, an innings-turing phase this, short and wide and it's cut, he dived over it and conceded four

West Indies 174/3   DS Smith 96* (121b 11x4 1x6)   AC Botha 7.5-0-41-0

Rankin to Pollard, FOUR, short and it's punished, rocks back after picking the length early and hammers it over midwicket, raises the 50-stand in quick time

West Indies 182/3   KA Pollard 27* (24b 1x4 2x6)   WB Rankin 7.3-1-21-0

Rankin to Pollard, FOUR, bowled on a length and gets the same treatment, drilled down the ground for another four, made a bit of room and it was smashed back

West Indies 186/3   KA Pollard 31* (25b 2x4 2x6)   WB Rankin 7.4-1-25-0

Botha to Pollard, FOUR, fatal fumble in the deep, tickled off the pads, Cusack gives chase from short fine leg, slips and then loses his balance again to concede four runs, are West Indies running away with it here?

West Indies 193/3   KA Pollard 36* (27b 3x4 2x6)   AC Botha 8.2-0-48-0

KJ O'Brien to Pollard, FOUR, four more, full outside off, cheekily done by Pollard there, third man is a little wide, opened the face at just the right time to beat that fielder

West Indies 202/3   KA Pollard 43* (31b 4x4 2x6)   KJ O'Brien 6.2-0-39-2

KJ O'Brien to Pollard, FOUR, four more, slower one bowled full and even though he mistimed it he found the gap, found the gap between long-on and deep midwicket with a slog

West Indies 208/3   KA Pollard 48* (33b 5x4 2x6)   KJ O'Brien 6.5-0-45-2

KJ O'Brien to Sammy, FOUR, starts with a boundary, short ball on the pads and he has no trouble working it away to the fine-leg boundary

West Indies 222/4   DJG Sammy 4* (1b 1x4)   KJ O'Brien 7.4-0-51-3

Mooney to Pollard, FOUR, found the gap, shaped himself up for a pull pretty early there and received the right delivery, short outside off and he thrashes it over midwicket, almost fell away as he played it

West Indies 234/6   KA Pollard 63* (44b 6x4 2x6)   JF Mooney 7.4-0-47-0

Rankin to Pollard, FOUR, edged and four, good length and it wasn't quite there for the blazing drive he was attempting through cover, he went at it hard and it flew off the edge to the third-man boundary

West Indies 247/6   KA Pollard 75* (49b 7x4 3x6)   WB Rankin 10-1-35-1

KJ O'Brien to Pollard, FOUR, slower one dropped short outside off and it's hammered, swatted mercilessly to the long-off boundary

West Indies 254/6   KA Pollard 81* (51b 8x4 3x6)   KJ O'Brien 8.3-0-58-4





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