ICC Cricket World Cup, 2010/11 / Commentary

ICC Cricket World Cup - 30th match, Group A

Canada v New Zealand

New Zealand won by 97 runs


Hansra to Styris, 2 runs, Catch it was the cry as Styris whips it aerially, just wide of the diving midwicket


Hansra to Styris, no run, gets forward to push it to the on side of the pitch


Hansra to Styris, 1 run, quicker, on the middle and leg, nudged to midwicket


Hansra to Williamson, no run, goes on with the arm, from round the stumps, just outside off, dabbed to the leg side


Hansra to Williamson, no run, looks to slog sweep, the ball is too full, and he ends up stabbing it down the track


Hansra to Williamson, 1 run, around off, cut away to sweeper cover

New Zealand 266/5   AS Hansra 1-0-4-0


Hansra to Styris, SIX, Styris goes downtown. He went down his knee, cleared his front foot and swung this full delivery over long-on


Hansra to Styris, 1 run, works this past square-leg for a single


Hansra to Williamson, 2 runs, backs away to cut it through covers. Overthrows at the striker's end


Hansra to Williamson, 1 run, gets forward to ping long-on


Hansra to Styris, SIX, Good bye! Styris unleashes hell on a bent knee. This one is a slog sweep and it flies over midwicket boundary


Hansra to Styris, 1 run, drives through the on side for a single

New Zealand 291/5   AS Hansra 2-0-21-0


Mar 13, 2011

Brendon McCullum celebrates his ton against Canada, Canada v New Zealand, Group A, World Cup 2011, Mumbai, March 13 2011

Brendon McCullum celebrates his ton against Canada


Mar 13, 2011

Ashish Bagai suffered cramps, Canada v New Zealand, World Cup 2011, Group A, Mumbai, March 13 2011

Ashish Bagai suffered cramps


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