ICC Cricket World Cup, 35th Match, Group A: Australia v Canada at Bengaluru, Mar 16, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 35th match, Group A
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 91 balls remaining)
Played at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore (neutral venue)
16 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Watson to Patel, no run, lumbers in and bowls a fuller one outside off stump, driven to mid off


Watson to Patel, no run, a touch shorter and cutting back in, pushed away to short midwicket


Watson to Patel, no run, gets some width outside off, but cannot make use of it, slaps this one into the ground and the ball rolls away to cover


Watson to Patel, no run, the lesser pace of Watson is making the ball stop and come on slowly, another attempt at a drive it mistimed to mid off


Watson to Patel, no run, and again, looks to have a swing at one outside off stump, gets an inside edge onto pad


Watson to Patel, 1 run, driven crisply off the front foot this time and a single is taken wide of mid off

Canada 65/1   SR Watson 1-0-1-0

Watson to Patel, no run, Hiral has one more swipe from the crease to one outside off stump, this time he misses


Watson to Patel, 1 run, makes good ground and gets down to the other end with a desperate dive, the throw missed, and Hiral lives on to raise his bat for his half-century, it was hit down to mid off


Watson to Surkari, FOUR, Surkari this time, looks to steer on that is very close to the body, and gets an edge that scoots wide of Haddin


Watson to Surkari, no run, off the pads from short of a good length on the leg side


Watson to Surkari, no run, chooses to leave a length delivery on ite line outside off stump, but it cuts back in a long way, not far from off stump that one


Watson to Surkari, no run, has him in trouble with this one that jags back in sharply and bounces more than the previous one, goes over the stumps as he pushes outside the line

Canada 77/1   SR Watson 2-0-6-0

Watson to Patel, no run, squeezes one out in front of point and sets off for the single, sent back by the non-striker


Watson to Patel, no run, shuffles and plays a length ball back to the bowler from the crease


Watson to Patel, OUT, finally Hiral's adventurous innings is over, he went for the slash to a short and wide delivery, got on his toes to counter the bounce, but got it high in the air, and safely down to Mitch on the third man boundary who takes it cleanly, but what a knock from the kid

H Patel c Johnson b Watson 54 (58m 45b 5x4 3x6) SR: 120.00


Watson to Surkari, no run, takes a step outside the crease and blocks one off the edge on to pad


Watson to Surkari, no run, takes two steps down the track this time, but can only manage to pat it away, smart work from Watson, keeping it tight


Watson to Surkari, 2 runs, almost got him, he chopped this one off the back foot, and Haddin cannot get how it missed the stumps and rolled away fine

Canada 84/2   SR Watson 3-0-8-1

Watson to Surkari, 1 run, gets front foot out to drive wide of cover for a run


Watson to Bagai, FOUR, for once Watson strays down the pads from a fuller length, and he shuffles to tickle it fine enough to pick up four


Watson to Bagai, no run, settles back again to the outside off stump line and good length, he lets it go immediately


Watson to Bagai, no run, left alone outside off stump again, this one came back in a tad and kept low too


Watson to Bagai, no run, gets bat and pad close and drives this one away to point with an open face


Watson to Bagai, no run, whoa, walks two feet outside off stump but Watson shortens the length and follows him, and he pushes away to mid off

Canada 89/2   SR Watson 4-0-13-1

Watson to Bagai, no run, hurries on outside off from a length, he is late on the shot and takes it on the glove as it bounces as well


Watson to Bagai, no run, hangs back in the crease, and plays away from the body to push this one away


Watson to Bagai, FOUR, Watsone drags this one wide outside off, he has to reach out to stab it in the air past point, where Steve Smith goes leaping in the air to his right but cannot take it


Watson to Bagai, no run, much fuller and closer to off stump, dug out down the track


Watson to Bagai, FOUR, all timing this one, gets one full on middle and leg, gets front foot out and brings down the bat at an angle to send it purring to the wide long on boundary


Watson to Bagai, no run, very full outside off stump, he squeezes out the drive to mid off

Canada 128/2   SR Watson 5-0-21-1

Watson to Bagai, no run, squirted away to point off the back foot


Watson to Bagai, no run, eases into a languid drive that goes in the air but falls miles short of deepish mid off


Watson to Bagai, 1 run, again he drives off the front foot, this time the thick edge goes in the air towards third man


Watson to Surkari, no run, goes for the pull to one that was not short enough, misses as it keeps a bit low, Haddin had the bails off, too soon it turned out, as the backfoot came off the ground a second later


Watson to Surkari, no run, forces out on the front foot and pings mid off with the drive off a fuller one


Watson to Surkari, no run, stabs this length ball away on the off side, wants the single which is not there as Watson and Haddin are nearby

Canada 131/2   SR Watson 6-0-22-1





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