ICC Cricket World Cup, 36th Match, Group B: England v West Indies at Chennai, Mar 17, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 36th match, Group B
England won by 18 runs
Played at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai (neutral venue)
17 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Russell to Trott, FOUR, looks a good start but yeesh, lucky he hit this! Full and picked off the pads, would have been a huge lbw appeal had he missed but as it was Trott is away in a hurry


Russell to Trott, no run, this is a better delivery, around off stump and Trott pops forward to defend


Russell to Trott, FOUR, too short and Trott, the much maligned Trott, has his second boundary. Up on one leg and flipping a pull shot behind a square for four


Russell to Trott, no run, much fuller and squeezed away in defence


Russell to Trott, FOUR, ah, coos throughout the Cricinfo desk here as Trott languidly leans into an off drive. Barely touched it but it raced away

England 60/1   IJL Trott 12* (5b 3x4)

Sammy to Trott, 2 runs, too much on leg stump, neatly flicked away to deep square


Sammy to Trott, FOUR, wide outside off this time, Trott places it between cover and backward point for his fourth boundary


Sammy to Trott, FOUR, and another, this time he comes onto the front foot and drives a half volley through the covers. Superb stuff from Trott, but West Indies have lost their lines

England 73/1   IJL Trott 22* (8b 5x4)

Russell to Trott, FOUR, drifting towards the pads and, yep, that's another boundary for the flying Trott as he whips it elegantly through midwicket


Russell to Trott, no run, that's better, banged in back of a length and Trott goes onto the back foot to defend


Russell to Trott, 1 run, more runs through the leg side, but this time it's just a single to deep square


Russell to Trott, no run, another one comes off the middle of Trott's bat although finds mid-off

England 79/2   IJL Trott 27* (12b 6x4)

Benn to Trott, 1 run, tossed up and worked down to long on


Benn to Trott, 1 run, pushed towards leg stump which allows an easy tuck into the leg side


Benn to Trott, 1 run, on the back foot, pushed into the covers and this single is a little tighter but a fumble makes it comfortable

England 85/2   IJL Trott 30* (15b 6x4)

Russell to Trott, no run, full on off stump, Trott comes forward and drives to mid-on


Russell to Trott, 1 run, another lovely drive from Trott, down the on side but Bishoo makes a good diving save at mid-on to keep them to a single


Russell to Trott, 1 run, everything is finding the middle from Trott, another on drive and again Bishoo in action at mid-on

England 88/2   IJL Trott 32* (18b 6x4)

Benn to Trott, FOUR, now he brings out the reverse and gets it fine through third man...top batting from Trott


Benn to Trott, 1 run, smart stuff, follows the boundary with a gentle nudge down to long on

England 93/2   IJL Trott 37* (20b 7x4)

Bishoo to Trott, 1 run, on leg stump, turned away through midwicket

England 96/2   IJL Trott 38* (21b 7x4)

Pollard to Trott, no run, fuller outside off, Trott drives but finds mid-off


Pollard to Trott, 1 run, opens the face and guides down to third man

England 99/2   IJL Trott 39* (23b 7x4)

Bishoo to Trott, no run, very full and dug out back to the bowler


Bishoo to Trott, 1 run, some gentle turn, Trott pushes down the ground off the back foot to take England to their 100


Bishoo to Trott, no run, nicely bowled, tossed up on middle and finds some turn to take the edge to short third man


Bishoo to Trott, 1 run, whipped down to long on

England 102/2   IJL Trott 41* (27b 7x4)

Pollard to Trott, 1 run, angled towards Trott's pads and he flicks it through midwicket


Pollard to Trott, 1 run, nearly a run out as it's played to midwicket...Sammy throws to the bowler's end and the keeper, Thomas, was desperate for it

England 107/2   IJL Trott 43* (29b 7x4)

Bishoo to Trott, 1 run, dropped in short, Trott onto the back foot and pulls gently through midwicket

England 112/2   IJL Trott 44* (30b 7x4)

Pollard to Trott, no run, Pollard slips in a shorter ball that Trott tried to steer to point


Pollard to Trott, 1 run, this time Trott does pick off a single


Pollard to Trott, 1 run, with a straight and upright bat, Trott picks up a single down to long-on

England 115/2   IJL Trott 46* (33b 7x4)

Bishoo to Trott, no run, more good work from Bishoo and Trott defends


Bishoo to Trott, no run, Gayle moves swiftly to field. Which is no small matter


Bishoo to Trott, no run, touch of flight and some turn beats an enquiring outside edge


Bishoo to Trott, 1 run, Trott gets down on one knee and tickles this around the corner


Bishoo to Trott, OUT, Bishoo strikes! His first wicket in ODI cricket. What a soft end to a fantastic innings. Started with a bang and ended in a whimper, chipping the ball gently to midwicket. Good reward for Bishoo, his spell changed the run of play

IJL Trott c Gayle b Bishoo 47 (55m 38b 7x4 0x6) SR: 123.68

England 121/3   IJL Trott 47 (38b 7x4)





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