ICC Cricket World Cup, 36th Match, Group B: England v West Indies at Chennai, Mar 17, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 36th match, Group B
England won by 18 runs
Played at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai (neutral venue)
17 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Roach to Strauss, no run, short and wide outside off stump and it carries through nicely to Thomas. Strauss is relieved to flag one through early


Roach to Strauss, no run, good carry again here outside off, closer to Strauss this time as he left alone


Roach to Strauss, no run, back of a length on off stump this time, slowly raises through to Strauss who places a bat in the way


Roach to Strauss, no run, for dot balls in a row as Strauss lets another one go


Roach to Strauss, no run, full for the first time today, Roach has a very good yorker, pushed with a toe-end to mid-off


Roach to Strauss, no run, and the over ends as it begun, with Strauss leaving alone. Good start for West Indies then

England 0/0   KAJ Roach 1-1-0-0

Roach to Strauss, no run, that's very close to cut but Strauss is strong on the shot. Unfortunately for him he remains on 0 after picking out point


Roach to Strauss, 1 run, close! Nervy moment for Strauss as he is rushed on a pull shot, trying to break the shackles but got it high on the bat and spooned it just over a backpedalling square leg


Roach to Prior, 1 run, precious run again, more certain than the last, as Prior clips to midwicket where Benn fields and makes a hash of the relay through by dropping the ball


Roach to Strauss, 1 run, finally a more certain shot for Strauss as he glances into space


Roach to Prior, no run, Roach is wearing his fastest wheels here, already touching 90mph. Good length and off-stump line and Prior stands tall to block


Roach to Prior, no run, fuller to finish, Prior is hanging back expecting another shot one. Pats to cover. Decent pace and carry in the pitch so far

England 7/0   KAJ Roach 2-1-3-0

Roach to Strauss, no run, Roach is generating plenty from his whippy action and it's rushing Strauss in defence


Roach to Strauss, no run, fuller and the drive is woefully timed and dribbles to mid-off


Roach to Strauss, no run, Strauss is just trying to manufacture something here, giving himself a touch of room to drive. But at the moment Roach's pace is rushing him


Roach to Strauss, FOUR, ah, Strauss gets all of this! Half-volley length and banished wide of cover


Roach to Strauss, no run, Roach pulls back his length and Strauss can only defend as a result


Roach to Strauss, no run, stylish drive but bashed straight to mid-off

England 18/0   KAJ Roach 3-1-7-0

Roach to Prior, 1 run, back of length but the line is just leg-sided enough for Prior to nurdle a single to fine leg


Roach to Strauss, no run, on the pads to Strauss, which Miller reckons is a no-go area, but Strauss picks out square leg


Roach to Strauss, FOUR, very nicely done here from the England captain. Couple of steps down the track and, as Miller would tell you, Strauss is violent off his pad, flicking to the midwicket boundary


Roach to Strauss, no run, again Roach ventures near the pads but Strauss picks out midwicket


Roach to Strauss, no run, heave and miss outside off! Strauss leant back and aimed something expansive, but only at thin air


Roach to Strauss, 1 run, after all that heaving Strauss is back to compact mode, flicking an off-stump delivery wide of midwicket

England 33/0   KAJ Roach 4-1-13-0

Roach to Bell, OUT, haha, maybe not that much pace! Off stump is on its way to England! Fullish ball angling in, Bell was hanging back and the off stump was sent flying! England's campaign is tottering now, starts for all the England players but they're four down for not enough now. Ravi Bopara has a huge job to do. Can he prove his talent under pressure?

IR Bell b Roach 27 (58m 48b 1x4 0x6) SR: 56.25


Roach to Bopara, no run, ooh, Bopara is rushed here as well. Makes it seem like it didn't bounce as much as he expected. Luke Wright is in next! Cripes


Roach to Bopara, no run, more solidly behind this from Bopara. Leaning forward to block. Looks nervous at the moment though


Roach to Bopara, no run, more more decisive movement from Bopara into this. Stepping forward into a drive as Roach persists with a full length


Roach to Bopara, no run, full from Roach again, just too wide of off stump to interest Bopara


Roach to Bopara, no run, ooh, huge appeal here as Bopara is trapped in front. Will there be a review?... No. Perhaps a faint inside edge saved Bopara here. He was late getting forward and yes, big inside edge saved him

England 134/4   KAJ Roach 5-2-13-1

Roach to Wright, no run, wristspin one end, pace from the other. This is quality viewing! Wright hurries into a defence at off stump


Roach to Wright, no run, Wright sees a foot of width and aims an expansive slash. It was through him in a flash


Roach to Wright, no run, prodded away in defence. I wouldn't say it was solid but at least the bat was straight. Zipping through from Roach


Roach to Wright, no run, good-looking drive but the way England are going at the moment there looks about 20 fielders out there


Roach to Wright, (no ball) 1 run, no ball! Sweet relief for England. Wright managed to squeeze a single out to point so Bopara has the free hit to try and get himself off the mark


Roach to Bopara, 1 run, ooh, sign of things to come later in the innings perhaps. Roach spears in a reverse-swinging yorker that Bopara can get the slightest bit on inside edge on. Almost runs himself out but he's off the mark


Roach to Wright, no run, solid defence from Wright. You can't say that too often. Another excellent West Indies over

England 138/5   KAJ Roach 6-2-16-1

Roach to Wright, no run, banged in short and it flies over Wright, who ducked more out of courtesy than necessity


Roach to Wright, 1 wide, oops, shoved down the leg side and but for an excellent take on the half-volley from Thomas could have been five


Roach to Wright, no run, full and crashed to mid-off


Roach to Wright, 1 run, back of a length and Wright aimed a leg-side swish, too quick on him so couldn't time it


Roach to Bresnan, no run, oh Bresnan missed out there. Thigh-high full toss but he could only pat it to midwicket


Roach to Bresnan, no run, excellent delivery this time. On off stump and offering to slide in, solid defence


Roach to Bresnan, 1 leg bye, Roach slips this past the inside edge and it thuds off the pads

England 215/7   KAJ Roach 7-2-18-1

Roach to Swann, no run, Swann carefully keeps out his first delivery. Fired in full in search of swing by Roach


Roach to Swann, 1 run, Roach is again venturing full and this time Swann finds a single wide of point


Roach to Bresnan, 1 run, overcooks the yorker this time but at 147mph this is plenty quick and Bresnan pushes a single down the ground


Roach to Swann, 1 no ball, that'll do nicely, in theory. Free hit as Roach oversteps


Roach to Swann, 1 run, for the second time in the innings the free hit almost brings a run out and just about brings a single. It was a yorker squeezed out to point, the batsmen got half-way through a run, before standing aimlessly in the middle of the pitch. Direct hit was curtains


Roach to Bresnan, no run, yorker attempted and dug out towards mid-on


Roach to Bresnan, 1 run, somehow Bresnan got his groove on and sped through for a single, the shy at the stumps missed, which helped his cause

England 221/8   KAJ Roach 8-2-23-1

Roach to Bresnan, no run, Bresnan this time tries to give himself room, gets the full toss he wants but can't beat mid-off


Roach to Bresnan, 1 bye, high full toss, Bresnan thought it was above waist-height, it wasn't and he swing at fresh air brought nothing until the keeper fumbled


Roach to Swann, 1 run, Swann enjoys a full length and times this to deep midwicket


Roach to Bresnan, FOUR, edge! Precious edge for England. Full toss that Bresnan aims to heave at, kisses the edge and with third man up it was always four


Roach to Bresnan, no run, Roach's gameplan is simple, aim a yorker, Bresnan jumps leg side to try and power through cover but can't do it


Roach to Bresnan, FOUR, four more! It's that edge again! Roach is rapid and the thick edge hurtles past the keeper for four. England just finding a way to stay afloat in this tournament

England 238/8   KAJ Roach 9-2-32-1

Roach to Tremlett, no run, banged in very short and this gets right up to Tremlett's ears, which is no bad effort


Roach to Tremlett, 1 run, that'll do nicely for England. Prodded to midwicket, Tremlett took a long time to get motoring but got through


Roach to Bresnan, 1 run, Roach hasn't quite landed the yorkers perfectly, but he hasn't been far off and Bresnan's attempted drive dribbles to cover. A misfield allows a single, suspect West Indies won't mind that


Roach to Tremlett, OUT, that'll be all. Good finish from Roach, banging in a short ball that gets Tremlett into a tangle, fends off with a glove that loops behind to Thomas to take

CT Tremlett c †Thomas b Roach 3 (6m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

England 243/10   KAJ Roach 9.4-2-34-2





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