ICC Cricket World Cup, 36th Match, Group B: England v West Indies at Chennai, Mar 17, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 36th match, Group B
England won by 18 runs
Played at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai (neutral venue)
17 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Russell to Strauss, no run, ooh nervous start from the bowler, touch short and some width too but Strauss can't time his cut shot


Russell to Strauss, 2 runs, short again and Strauss wants a tilt at Russell I reckon, wheeling a pull shot to deep midwicket


Russell to Strauss, no run, yup, Strauss definitely wants a bit of this. Dancing down the wicket again to try and thwack this through the off side. Doesn't time it remotely


Russell to Strauss, no run, my my, Russell is not impressed and bangs in a sharp bouncer that has Strauss ducking in a hurry. Follows the delivery with a stare


Russell to Strauss, FOUR, no no, short is not the place for Strauss. He gets all of this pull shot and it speeds to the fine leg rope


Russell to Strauss, 1 run, another short one, Russell needs to find a way to calm into this contest, Strauss powers another pull shot but the sweeper tides up on the leg-side boundary

England 40/0   AD Russell 1-0-7-0

Russell to Prior, OUT, Russell strikes! Emphatically! Full and sliding into Prior is exactly the place to bowl to him. He was hanging on the back foot and the ball had burst through and splattered middle stump before he'd even thought about defence

MJ Prior b Russell 21 (36m 21b 3x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Russell to Trott, FOUR, looks a good start but yeesh, lucky he hit this! Full and picked off the pads, would have been a huge lbw appeal had he missed but as it was Trott is away in a hurry


Russell to Trott, no run, this is a better delivery, around off stump and Trott pops forward to defend


Russell to Trott, FOUR, too short and Trott, the much maligned Trott, has his second boundary. Up on one leg and flipping a pull shot behind a square for four


Russell to Trott, no run, much fuller and squeezed away in defence


Russell to Trott, FOUR, ah, coos throughout the Cricinfo desk here as Trott languidly leans into an off drive. Barely touched it but it raced away

England 60/1   AD Russell 2-0-19-1

Russell to Strauss, 1 run, now Strauss drives strongly through the covers but it goes straight to the sweeper


Russell to Trott, FOUR, drifting towards the pads and, yep, that's another boundary for the flying Trott as he whips it elegantly through midwicket


Russell to Trott, no run, that's better, banged in back of a length and Trott goes onto the back foot to defend


Russell to Trott, 1 run, more runs through the leg side, but this time it's just a single to deep square


Russell to Strauss, OUT, gone! Russell strikes again, the short ball gets Strauss. He went for the pull but got a top edge and Gayle make excellent ground running back from midwicket, taking the catch over his shoulder then holding on as he hit the deck

AJ Strauss c Gayle b Russell 31 (50m 39b 3x4 1x6) SR: 79.48


Russell to Trott, no run, another one comes off the middle of Trott's bat although finds mid-off

England 79/2   AD Russell 3-0-25-2

Russell to Trott, no run, full on off stump, Trott comes forward and drives to mid-on


Russell to Trott, 1 run, another lovely drive from Trott, down the on side but Bishoo makes a good diving save at mid-on to keep them to a single


Russell to Bell, no run, full outside off, defended back to the bowler


Russell to Bell, 1 run, banged in short, Bell rocks back and pulls it with a roll of the wrists to long leg


Russell to Trott, 1 run, everything is finding the middle from Trott, another on drive and again Bishoo in action at mid-on


Russell to Bell, no run, full outside, driven firmly to Gayle at short cover

England 88/2   AD Russell 4-0-28-2

Russell to Wright, no run, on off stump, pushed into the off side


Russell to Wright, no run, comes back into Wright who plays to the off side


Russell to Wright, 1 run, he'd have been gone with a direct hit! Wright chops into the off side, Gayle collects at cover, turns and throws at the non-striker's end. Batsman was well short


Russell to Bopara, no run, defended on the back foot


Russell to Bopara, 1 run, pushed down the ground, mid-off is quite deep and it's an easy single


Russell to Wright, 1 wide, banged in very short and called wide for height


Russell to Wright, 5 wides, oh dear, that's a shocker...fired down the leg side and beats the keeper


Russell to Wright, 1 run, much better, back of a length and cramps Wright for room as he pushes into the off side

England 149/5   AD Russell 5-0-37-2

Russell to Bopara, no run, tight on off stump, Bopara tries to work into the leg side but can't get it away


Russell to Bopara, OUT, gone! And another. England falling in a heap. Bopara gets an inside into the stumps as he plays with an angled bat. Stumps are shattered for third time today

RS Bopara b Russell 4 (27m 16b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00


Russell to Tredwell, no run, edged! But falls short of Gayle at slip as he opens the face and almost guides the ball


Russell to Tredwell, no run, beaten outside off as the ball angles across the left hander


Russell to Tredwell, no run, on the stumps, defended back to the bowler


Russell to Tredwell, 1 wide, banged in short and it's over Tredwell's head so won't be a maiden


Russell to Tredwell, no run, full outside off and left alone

England 152/6   AD Russell 6-0-38-3

Russell to Wright, no run, back of a length, defended to the off side


Russell to Wright, FOUR, my goodness, a boundary! Offered some width and Wright frees his arms to drive in the air over backward point


Russell to Wright, 1 run, forced square along the ground this time out to the cover sweeper


Russell to Tredwell, 2 runs, width to the left hander on this occasion and Tredwell punches nicely through point to get off the mark


Russell to Tredwell, 1 run, back of a length on leg stump, worked out to the deep


Russell to Wright, no run, well, that was odd...Russell appeared to lose his run up but continued to deliver. Wright left a full ball outside off, the indicated he wasn't sure what happened. Anyway, it's over

England 163/6   AD Russell 7-0-46-3

Russell to Swann, OUT, have to give credit to captain and bowler, backed the wicket-taker and he's struck emphatically. Swann's stumps are a mess, full and straight, Swann jumped leg side to swish a drive but it was through him

GP Swann b Russell 8 (14m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Russell to Tremlett, 1 run, full and straight again but Tremlett somehow manages to pat down the ground. Hmm, not sure what to make of that. Russell pretended to pull out the delivery just before reaching the crease, before straightening up and landing his yorker. Trying to sell Tremlett a dummy. Smart thinking or against the infamous 'spirit of the game'?


Russell to Bresnan, 1 run, Bresnan looks like he really powers this, but the timing it so bad that it trickles away


Russell to Tremlett, no run, good lines and length from Russell, he's done superbly this over. Tremlett very cagey in defence


Russell to Tremlett, no run, again Tremlett is very cautious, standing perfectly still to prod a defence


Russell to Tremlett, 1 run, excellent over ends with Tremlett keeping the strike- pushing a single to mid-off

England 241/9   AD Russell 8-0-49-4





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