ICC Cricket World Cup, 38th Match, Group A: New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Mumbai, Mar 18, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 38th match, Group A
Sri Lanka won by 112 runs
Played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai (neutral venue)
18 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

Southee to Dilshan, no run, from wide of the crease and from that angle he couldn't get it to swing and Dilshan whacks the full-length delivery but straight to cover


Southee to Dilshan, no run, closer to the stumps as he releases the ball, lands around the middle, on a length, and curves away to off and middle, pushed out to the off


Southee to Dilshan, no run, outswinger in the zone and Dilshan has a big swing and a miss. Oohs and aahs from the men behind the stumps

Sri Lanka 4/0   TM Dilshan 0* (3b)

Oram to Dilshan, no run, lovely delivery! jaffa! It bounced extra from short of length and surprised Dilshan who had a defensive poke at it. The ball flashed past the edge.


Oram to Dilshan, 2 runs, fuller in length outside off, Dilshan leans for the square drive but the bottom-hand comes off the handle and the ball rolls through cover point


Oram to Dilshan, no run, on the middle stump line, full on a length, defended to the off


Oram to Dilshan, no run, cuts in with bounce, moves past the prod, strikes the thigh and rolls away to square-leg. dilshan wants a run before he gets back in time to beat the direct hit from Kane


Oram to Dilshan, no run, on a length, around off, dilshan drives to mid-off.

Sri Lanka 7/0   TM Dilshan 2* (8b)

Southee to Dilshan, 5 wides, Screaming bouncer but too high and it leaps over Baz who jumps but can't haul it back in


Southee to Dilshan, no run, full and straight, driven hard but straight to mid-off. A feet or two to left or right of that fielder might have got him four


Southee to Dilshan, no run, in the corridor from a good length, Dilshan tries to whack it through the off but makes no contact


Southee to Dilshan, OUT, Tharanga is run out. It was driven right down the track, Tharanga backed up too far, and Southee got a hand on the ball as he dived to stop it and the ball rolled on to hit the stumps. Accidental run out but NZ will take it. Tharanga back to hut

WU Tharanga run out 3 (13m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

Sri Lanka 13/1   TM Dilshan 2* (11b)

Oram to Dilshan, 1 run, in the zone outside off, run down to third man

Sri Lanka 15/1   TM Dilshan 3* (12b)

Southee to Dilshan, no run, leans forward to drive to mid-off. Again straight to the fielder.


Southee to Dilshan, no run, full in length on the middle, punched back to Southee who threatens to throw but holds on to the ball. Danny Morrison is loving it on the air.


Southee to Dilshan, OUT, Caught at third man! he was not slashing or upper cutting but actually trying to whip it to the on side. he chose the wrong length for it. It landed short in length on the middle and leg and straightened. Dilshan got a leading edge and the ball swirled away to Oram at third man

TM Dilshan c Oram b Southee 3 (22m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

Sri Lanka 19/2   TM Dilshan 3 (15b)





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