ICC Cricket World Cup, 41st Match, Group A: Kenya v Zimbabwe at Kolkata, Mar 20, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 41st match, Group A
Zimbabwe won by 161 runs
Played at Eden Gardens, Kolkata (neutral venue)
20 March 2011 (50-over match)

Otieno to Taylor, no run, wide and left alone outside the off stump


Otieno to Taylor, FOUR, well, this deserved to be put away, three feet outside off, and short on top of that, Taylor rocked back and cut it fiercely past point, no one moved


Otieno to Taylor, no run, bowls it fuller, but still wide outside off, he comes forward and tries to smash it away, but mistimes to mid off


Otieno to Taylor, no run, that's the area, coming in with the angle on off stump, he carefully pats it away


Otieno to Taylor, no run, tries to get forward to punch this one away past extra cover but cannot get the timing


Otieno to Taylor, no run, gets him to come forward in picture-perfect forward defence as he bowls a length ball that comes in close to off stump

Zimbabwe 9/0   E Otieno 1-0-4-0

Otieno to Taylor, no run, more compact forward defence from Taylor, no flourish, just a stride forward and a resolute block


Otieno to Taylor, no run, this one takes off from a length, a bit two-paced this surface, he was already in the forward movement, and took it on the glove, fortunately there was no one close in at short leg


Otieno to Taylor, no run, another one holds its line outside off stump, he was a bit tentative after taking the earlier one on the glove, belatedly tried to have a poke, and was beaten


Otieno to Taylor, no run, now this one comes in, this is good stuff, but starting a bit far outside off to make him play


Otieno to Taylor, 1 run, lunges forward in defence, and takes on the man running in from midwicket for a tight single


Otieno to Chakabva, 1 run, very full outside the off stump, he tries to squeeze it away, gets it down to third man

Zimbabwe 14/0   E Otieno 2-0-6-0

Otieno to Chakabva, no run, 128.3 kph homing in on the off stump, but he gets right behind the line and defends


Otieno to Chakabva, no run, pushed away off the front foot in to the off side, this is tight stuff from the Kenyans


Otieno to Chakabva, no run, 133.7 kph this one cuts back in sharply from a length, and stays a bit low too, Regis had backed away for the cut, but he had no chance as it nipped back, this looks a pretty abrasive surface


Otieno to Chakabva, 1 run, this time he gets to the pitch of a fuller one and drives it wide of third man


Otieno to Taylor, no run, walks two feet outside off stump, and blocks it away to point


Otieno to Taylor, no run, pushes one away in front of point, and wants the run, Regis says 'no'

Zimbabwe 20/0   E Otieno 3-0-7-0

Otieno to Taylor, FOUR, 134.7 kph full delivery, Taylor has had enough of convention, swipes across the line, and gets enough on it to get it past the non-striker and down the ground


Otieno to Taylor, 1 run, gets some width outside off, and goes hard at it, but gets it straight to third man


Otieno to Chakabva, no run, good work by Mishra at point, it was cut hard and travelling fast, he dived to his right, got body behind ball, and stopped it cleanly


Otieno to Chakabva, 1 run, slower one, he comes out and threads the gap at cover, but Obanda goes flying horizontally to his left to cut off a certain boundary


Otieno to Taylor, 1 run, shuffles and plays this one on the leg side


Otieno to Chakabva, no run, crashed off the front foot, but Mishra makes another diving save at point, Kenya have been good in the field

Zimbabwe 31/0   E Otieno 4-0-14-0

Otieno to Taylor, no run, shuffles and pushes off the front foot in to the off side


Otieno to Taylor, no run, drives off the front foot, mid off gets quickly to his left and fires in the throw


Otieno to Taylor, FOUR, too full and angled in on leg stump, he works it away neatly and short midwicket had no chance once it got past him


Otieno to Taylor, OUT, Kenya have got the big one, Taylor departs to a nothing shot, this one was not on the pads, he still tries to flick it away, it was outside off stump, he did not get across and ended up scooping it in the air to mid on

BRM Taylor c Ngoche b Otieno 26 (41m 36b 5x4 0x6) SR: 72.22


Otieno to Sibanda, no run, left alone outside the off stump


Otieno to Sibanda, no run, tails on from a length outside off, he leaves again

Zimbabwe 36/2   E Otieno 5-0-18-1

Otieno to Taibu, OUT, a massive mix-up again and this time Sibanda is run out! Taibu pushed the ball towards cover point and took off down the pitch. He then decided he didn't want to run and backtracked into his crease while looking at the ball the whole time. He didn't see that his partner Sibanda had responded and was haring through for the single. The fielder at cover point ran to the non-striker's end with his arms raised in celebration and took off the bails.

V Sibanda run out 61 (82m 57b 7x4 1x6) SR: 107.01


Otieno to Taibu, no run, beaten outside the off stump


Otieno to Taibu, no run, huge appeal for lbw and Asoka de Silva raises the finger. Taibu wants a review. That ball pitched around off and angled sharply into the right-hander. Taibu missed the ball and was hit on the pad. Replays show it would have missed leg stump. Asoka gets another one wrong ...


Otieno to Taibu, no run, similar ball but this time Taibu gets a stride in and punches towards the bowler


Otieno to Taibu, FOUR, blasted through cover! Taibu gets on to the front foot and lashes a full ball with a fierce swing of his bat


Otieno to Taibu, no run, Taibu tries to play the ball behind point but gets a bottom edge into the ground towards the keeper

Zimbabwe 150/3   E Otieno 6-0-22-1

Otieno to Taibu, no run, good length ball and straight, defended on the back foot towards the bowler


Otieno to Taibu, no run, loud call on NO, after Taibu pushes the ball off the back foot towards point


Otieno to Taibu, FOUR, Taibu gets to 50 with a cut that races to the backward point boundary, he brings up 3000 runs in ODIs as well.


Otieno to Taibu, no run, the slower ball bowled wide outside off, Taibu moves forward and mis-times the drive


Otieno to Taibu, no run, Taibu stays in his crease and defends a good length ball on the leg side


Otieno to Taibu, no run, another slower ball on off and middle, defended on the front foot

Zimbabwe 164/3   E Otieno 7-0-26-1

Otieno to Chigumbura, 1 leg bye, looks to swing this one over square leg, but it was not short enough, and rolls away on the off side off the body


Otieno to Ervine, FOUR, and he walks outside the off stump, takes this length ball from a couple of pace down the track, and lifts it over midwicket


Otieno to Ervine, no run, shuffles again, but this one is not full enough and he plays it out on the leg side


Otieno to Ervine, FOUR, Ervine is getting way outside off stump repeatedly, and hurting Kenya, he brings out the lap shot now, scrambles in the end but manages to pick it wide of short fine leg from outside off stump


Otieno to Ervine, 1 run, even the top edges are not finding the fielders, he went for the forcing pull, got the steepling edge that fell well short of fine leg


Otieno to Chigumbura, 1 run, Elton is finding some for here, pulls a shortish one ferociously but finds the man at deep midwicket

Zimbabwe 262/4   E Otieno 8-0-36-1

Otieno to Ervine, 1 run, Ervine continues to find the middle of the bat, creams a length ball off the front foot to sweeper cover


Otieno to Lamb, no run, Obuya takes the ball, and goes up for the catch, but it was off the thigh pad as Lamb missed the waft across the line


Otieno to Lamb, FOUR, lovely drive from Lamb, got forward to ease this fuller one in to the gap between sweeper cover and long off, both of whom gave up early


Otieno to Lamb, no run, tries the short delivery this time, and gets away with it as it bounces high over the batsman


Otieno to Lamb, 1 run, that is right off the toe end of the bat, that is why it weakly looped in the air and fell short of short fine leg, else the way he had swung the blade, it would have been picked up behind the deep square leg boundary


Otieno to Ervine, OUT, he is gone now, went for a forceful punch to a length ball and chopped it on to the stumps

CR Ervine b Otieno 66 (89m 54b 9x4 1x6) SR: 122.22

Zimbabwe 276/6   E Otieno 9-0-42-2

Otieno to Utseya, SIX, this is some acceleration from Zimbabwe, now it is Utseya, almost sweeps this shortish delivery in Moin Khan fashion, and it carries flat and over the deep square leg ropes


Otieno to Utseya, FOUR, another one, almost carries over the ropes, skips down the track, adjusts to one on the leg stump, and lifts it on one leg and past deep midwicket, brings up the 300 too


Otieno to Utseya, FOUR, Kenya have nowhere to hide now, Utseya has charged down and blasted this one down the ground and over the bowler's head


Otieno to Utseya, FOUR, that is some of the finest pieces of work on a cricket field, he had bent the knee, looking to go over fine leg with the scoop, but realised it was too much outside off for that, and just twirled the wrists to turn the face of the bat, and got the ball neatly past the keeper


Otieno to Utseya, 1 bye, tries to do the delicate adjustment again fine on the off side, but misses


Otieno to Lamb, 1 run, takes a step down the track, and has a swipe, thick edge down to third man, and Zimbabwe have surged and swelled like a river in monsoon, and Kenya's hopes have been flooded over

Zimbabwe 308/6   E Otieno 10-0-61-2





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