ICC Cricket World Cup, 2nd Quarter-Final: India v Australia at Ahmedabad, Mar 24, 2011
ICC Cricket World Cup - 2nd quarter final
India won by 5 wickets (with 14 balls remaining)
24 March 2011 - day/night match (50-over match)

DJ Hussey to Kohli, 1 run, swats a shortish one down to long on off the back foot


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, 1 run, fuller now, and worked towards square leg, there is no one there, midwicket charges to field


DJ Hussey to Kohli, no run, goes for a forcing shot, but mistimes it to the bowler


DJ Hussey to Kohli, 1 run, fuller this time, and he bashes it in the air, Gambhir ducks underneath the missile as it flies at him, goes towards long on


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, no run, some turn for David, bounce too, played uncertainly on the off side


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, no run, played out on the off side, this time there is no single

India 132/2   DJ Hussey 1-0-3-0

DJ Hussey to Gambhir, no run, defended off the front foot calmly


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, 1 run, guided towards point, they take on the fielder and get the single easily


DJ Hussey to Kohli, OUT, Kohli has thrown it away totally against the run of play, full toss on the stumps, he threw his bat wildly at it, but only found the man at midwicket, David cannot believe it, he is smiling wildly, Virat is disappointed but he has to go

V Kohli c Clarke b DJ Hussey 24 (38m 33b 1x4 0x6) SR: 72.72


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR, another full toss! Another heave over the leg side, but Yuvraj gets well under it and slams it over midwicket. Just. He's away with a boundary.


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, no run, faster ball, fired in at 97 kph outside off, Yuvraj just lets it go


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, no run, Hussey slips in the armer, Yuvraj misses as he plays for the turn and is struck, but that might have been sliding down the leg side

India 147/3   DJ Hussey 2-0-8-1

DJ Hussey to Gambhir, 1 run, Hussey tosses it up on the pads, Gambhir gets inside the line and nudges to square leg


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, tossed up outside off, Yuvraj seems to mean business, huge follow through as he check drives to long off for one


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, no run, Gambhir is fidgetting all around the crease, this time he backs away and looks for the cut, but ends up defending as Hussey fires it in straight.


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, no run, down the track, gets to the pitch and cover drives well, but can't beat the infield


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, no run, pushes a length ball to mid off, Yuvraj wants one, but Gambhir doesn't


DJ Hussey to Gambhir, no run, plays back to another sharp armer that comes in, and Gambhir manages to stab away through backward point for one

India 158/3   DJ Hussey 3-0-10-1

DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, no run, this is horrendous running. Complete communication breakdown, says Sanjay Manjrekar. Arm ball on the stumps, Yuvraj plays all around it and it pops away to the leg side. Gambhir starts and stops. Yuvraj starts and stops. The throw goes to the batter's end. Should have gone to the other end.


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, OUT, infantile running. Gambhir is gone. That was even more horrendous. Not sure what was happening there again. Yuvraj guides a ball outside off backward of square, very fine on the off side. The ball went nowhere, and first slip was after it. Gambhir wants a single and runs three-fourths of the way down the track. Yuvraj hasn't budged. Not sure what Gambhir was thinking. He turned and then gave up, he didn't have a chance anyway. Gambhir just looks miffed with Yuvraj, as he bad-mouths on the way back. The fault was entirely his.

G Gambhir run out 50 (116m 64b 2x4 0x6) SR: 78.12


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, no run


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, this match is alive. India are stuttering for no reason. Yuvraj is early into a chip into the off side and it is nearly played right back at Hussey who puts the right arm out on his follow through. Too far away though.


DJ Hussey to Dhoni, 1 run, Dhoni leans out to a delivery breaking in from outside off and gets a single


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, Yuvraj nudges a full ball to midwicket, lots of chatter even before they get a single to a vacabt midwicket area.

India 171/4   DJ Hussey 4-0-13-1

DJ Hussey to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni's got a boundary to release some of the pressure. Poor delivery from Hussey, lands it midway and it turns in a little, but there was enough room for Dhoni to whack the cut through the covers. Ponting makes a huge effort in the infield and injures his already dodgy little finger. Deep point runs across and makes an extraordinary effort, but it is four.


DJ Hussey to Dhoni, 1 run, tossed up outside off, Dhoni powers the cover drive away for one more


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, no run, back of a length on off and middle, Yuvraj defends from the crease


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, no run, full toss on off stump, Yuvraj misses out, completely mistiming the cover drive and he gets it out to point


DJ Hussey to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run, Hussey escapes with a poor ball, short and going down the leg side, Yuvraj looks to paddle-pull to fine leg, but Ponting at short fine leg is on it. Today, Ponting has been everywhere!


DJ Hussey to Dhoni, no run, again it is Ponting, this time at cover. Dhoni pushes a full delivery on off to his right, but the Aussie captain slides and slips away to deny him the single

India 179/4   DJ Hussey 5-0-19-1





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Hours of play (local time) 14.30 start, First Session 14.30-18.00, Interval 18.00-18.45, Second Session 18.45-22.15

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