ICC Champions Trophy, 12th Match: Australia v England at Jaipur, Oct 21, 2006
ICC Champions Trophy - 12th match, Group A
Australia won by 6 wickets (with 79 balls remaining)
Played at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur (neutral venue)
21 October 2006 - day/night match (50-over match)

Watson to Bell, OUT, Watson strikes with his second ball! Bell should have really smashed that for four because it was short and wide outside off stump, instead he drove in the air on the back foot and straight to Hussey at cover

IR Bell c Hussey b Watson 43 (86m 60b 7x4 0x6) SR: 71.66

England 83/1   AJ Strauss 32* (54b 3x4)   SR Watson 0.2-0-0-1

Johnson to Pietersen, OUT, and the second wicket goes! Johnson bowls the offcutter, it pitches around off stump and moves away from Pietersen who gets drawn into the drive and edges it tamely to Gilchrist

KP Pietersen c †Gilchrist b Johnson 1 (5m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66

England 84/2   AJ Strauss 32* (54b 3x4)   MG Johnson 3.2-0-12-1

Watson to Flintoff, OUT, After being surprised by a bouncer early this over, Flintoff pulled this one to deep midwicket. Banged in short and Flintoff pulled it with neither power nor placement and Hussey ran in a few yards to take the catch.

A Flintoff c Hussey b Watson 4 (31m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 26.66

England 110/3   AJ Strauss 51* (80b 6x4)   SR Watson 2.5-0-6-2

Symonds to Strauss, OUT, Symonds and Gilchrist combo works this time. Strauss tries to cut a ball that turned away after landing on the off stump line and ends up nicking it into the gloves

AJ Strauss c †Gilchrist b Symonds 56 (138m 90b 6x4 0x6) SR: 62.22

England 115/4   MH Yardy 0* (9b)   A Symonds 1-0-4-1

Watson to Yardy, OUT, Yardy gets a tickle. Won't be laughing though. A ball at his ribs sent straight to Gilchrist.

MH Yardy c †Gilchrist b Watson 4 (24m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 26.66

England 125/5   PD Collingwood 6* (7b 1x4)   SR Watson 5.1-0-10-3

Johnson to Dalrymple, OUT, England slip further into trouble. A ordinary delivery on the leg and middle, is pushed in the air towards Ponting at short midwicket. Ponting dives forward and low to grab the catch.

JWM Dalrymple c Ponting b Johnson 3 (18m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

England 135/6   PD Collingwood 13* (20b 1x4)   MG Johnson 6.5-0-26-2

McGrath to Read, OUT, Read tried it on his first ball but succeeds now. A lame poke at a length delivery in the corridor outside off stump puts an early end to his stay.

CMW Read c †Gilchrist b McGrath 0 (5m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

England 136/7   PD Collingwood 14* (25b 1x4)   GD McGrath 7-0-31-1

Bracken to Mahmood, OUT, Another one goes down and England are sinking here. Another tame dismissal. Too early into his push-drive and Bracken accepts the offering.

SI Mahmood c & b Bracken 8 (14m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 61.53

England 150/8   PD Collingwood 20* (32b 1x4)   NW Bracken 6.2-0-28-1

Johnson to Harmison, OUT, Harmison pokes at a shortish delivery which reared up at his right shoulder. Must have been a faint edge - tv replays seem to suggest it might have brushed the sleeves- is swalowed up by Gilchrist.

SJ Harmison c †Gilchrist b Johnson 1 (3m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

England 151/9   PD Collingwood 20* (34b 1x4)   MG Johnson 9.1-0-34-3

McGrath to Anderson, OUT, Sorry, Gilchrist doesn't figure on this delivery. Again the yorker beats Anderson's bat but knocks back the off stump.

JM Anderson b McGrath 15 (18m 19b 2x4 0x6) SR: 78.94

England 169/10   PD Collingwood 22* (38b 1x4)   GD McGrath 9-1-36-2





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