ICC Champions Trophy, 2nd Semi Final: South Africa v West Indies at Jaipur, Nov 2, 2006
ICC Champions Trophy - 2nd semi final
West Indies won by 6 wickets (with 36 balls remaining)
Played at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur (neutral venue)
2 November 2006 - day/night match (50-over match)

Bravo to Bosman, FOUR, biff! That's the way to greet a new bowler! Too full first-up, and hammered over the infield and away to midwicket. Well done him


Bravo to Bosman, no run, on the pads, and can't whip it away


Bravo to Bosman, no run, similar delivery, similar result


Bravo to Bosman, no run, fuller length - much better length - and Bosman drops his wrists off the back foot and guides to gully


Bravo to Bosman, FOUR, lovely strike, really dancing at the crease for that delivery. Got his legs out of the way to a full-length leg-stump delivery, and well timed through the covers. Second boundary of the over!


Bravo to Bosman, no run, and a dot to finish

South Africa 57/1   DJ Bravo 1-0-8-0

Bravo to Bosman, 1 wide, leg-side and rightly called by the umpire


Bravo to Bosman, no run, cross-batted smear. The cameraman panned out dramatically, thinking the ball was sailing into the stands, but it just dribbled out to the covers


Bravo to Bosman, 1 run, fuller length, on the back foot again and steering to gully


Bravo to Kallis, no run, good length and defended


Bravo to Kallis, no run, text-book defensive shot. Looking to come forward, late adjustment, bat and pad right together. Beautiful stuff


Bravo to Kallis, no run, aggressive intent this time, but again, he can't beat the field. Picked up in the covers


Bravo to Kallis, no run, full-blooded flog of a cover-drive, but straight to the fielder AGAIN! It's lucky Kallis is known for his sang-froid, or else he might be getting frustrated here

South Africa 63/1   DJ Bravo 2-0-10-0

Bravo to Kallis, no run, it's getting a bit frustrating out there for Kallis. Four fielders on the ring in the covers, plus a man at short cover. And he can't beat any of them


Bravo to Kallis, no run, fuller and wider, but the same result as his attempted cut skews to point


Bravo to Kallis, no run, lovely delivery, full and tight to the stumps, Kallis drives at thin air and Carlton Baugh fields with a juggle. Kallis shakes his head in frustration


Bravo to Kallis, OUT, and there it is! And that is a brilliant, brilliant wicket for West Indies. They've earned that during the past few overs with some good lines from the bowlers and alert fielding in the covers. Kallis loses his composure, has a wipe across the line to a good-length ball, and Ramnaresh Sarwan clings onto a steepling top-edge at third man

JH Kallis c Sarwan b Bravo 16 (50m 38b 3x4 0x6) SR: 42.10


Bravo to Bosman, no run, Herschelle Gibbs is the new batsman, but he's at the non-striker's end


Bravo to Bosman, 1 wide, down the leg-side


Bravo to Bosman, no run, better length, pushed onto the back foot. End of a big over for West Indies

South Africa 66/2   DJ Bravo 3-0-11-1

Bravo to Bosman, no run, full-length outswinger, extra pace, and that's a careless swing-and-a-miss from Bosman. Not what his team needs


Bravo to Bosman, 1 wide, bouncer, perhaps a bit of a harsh call from the umpire


Bravo to Bosman, FOUR, that's a poor delivery. I think it was meant to be the slower ball, but it was misdirected and helped round the corner to backward square-leg


Bravo to Bosman, no run, better lines from Bravo. Watchfully negotiated


Bravo to Bosman, 1 run, fuller length and Bosman rocks onto leg stump and drops his wrists to guide the ball to third man. Ungainly but reasonably effective


Bravo to Gibbs, FOUR, finally, Gibbs beats the field to get off the mark. It was a poor ball that deserved the treatment - short and wide, and clobbered through the gap in the covers


Bravo to Gibbs, no run, and a dot ball to finish a good over for South Africa. Bravo's not got his slower ball going yet in this innings

South Africa 76/2   DJ Bravo 4-0-21-1

Bravo to Gibbs, 1 run, placed into space on the off side


Bravo to Bosman, 1 run, Bosman up his toes and drops it a few feet into the off side. Gibbs calls him through for a snappy single


Bravo to Gibbs, 2 runs, inside edge past the off stump, the ball races down to fine leg where Taylor makes a sprawling stop and his throw clatters into the stumps for good measure


Bravo to Gibbs, no run, Gibbs gets everything behind that


Bravo to Gibbs, 1 run, wide and a rasping drive through extra cover to the man in the deep


Bravo to Bosman, 1 run, Bosman does well to run that down to third man. It was closer to him than he might have liked but he controlled the shot admirably

South Africa 89/2   DJ Bravo 5-0-27-1

Bravo to Peterson, 1 run, gentle start allowing Peterson to work a single


Bravo to Gibbs, 1 leg bye, Gibbs is hit on the pads standing well outside the leg stump and the ball plops into the off side


Bravo to Peterson, no run, full toss, smeared off the back foot and Morton makes a great stop at backward point as the ball bounces inches in front of him. Peterson stares at the umpire ... that was almost above his waist


Bravo to Peterson, 1 run, turned to backward leg


Bravo to Gibbs, 1 run, slower ball, hammered into the leg side, and Gibbs was gone had Lara at midwicket hit with his throw ... but he missed by some distance


Bravo to Peterson, 1 run, right up in the blockhole and Peterson squirts it into the leg side

South Africa 237/7   DJ Bravo 6-0-31-1

Bravo to Gibbs, 5 wides, how odd. Bravo tried a slower/fuller/doosra or something like that and it flew down the leg side, beyond everyone and trundled to the ropes


Bravo to Gibbs, 1 run, sanity returns with a better ball and a single


Bravo to Peterson, 3 runs, another slower ball, this time in the right spot, and Peterson spoons it over the infield on the off


Bravo to Gibbs, no run, pitched up inn the blockhole, driven back with interest and Bravo athletically stoops and makes a nonchalant one-handed stop


Bravo to Gibbs, OUT, yet another slower ball which Gibbs looks to send towards the city centre but he catches it high on the bat and Lara is under the skier half-a-dozen yards in at long on

HH Gibbs c Lara b Bravo 77 (124m 90b 4x4 1x6) SR: 85.55


Bravo to Peterson, 1 run, plopped no more than a yard down the pitch and batsman beats bowler in the race that ensues


Bravo to Nel, 1 bye, the slowest ball of the day - almost Gayle pace - and Nel, who completed his heave before the ball was halfway through its flight, missed it. Peterson, who almost overtook it, ran the bye and Nel scrambled home at the other end

South Africa 258/8   DJ Bravo 7-0-41-2





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