India v Australia 2010-11 September 3, 2010

Josh Hazlewood starts to dream big

Cricinfo staff

Josh Hazlewood, the 19-year-old fast bowler, is in a position to hope for an Ashes Test after being picked in Australia's squad to face India next month. While Hazlewood and Peter George are the young, uncapped quicks in the unit, they are growing in status and will be ready to stand up if one of the main men breaks down over the next four months.

"I hadn't thought too far ahead but definitely [I'm thinking about the Ashes] now I'm in the Test squad," Hazlewood said in the Sydney Morning Herald. "Obviously there's quicks coming back but if I get a chance I'll put my name forward."

Mitchell Johnson will lead the attack in the two Tests in India and the first-choice support will be Doug Bollinger and Ben Hilfenhaus, who came back from a knee injury against Pakistan. Peter Siddle (back) and Ryan Harris (knee) are close to returning and could figure in the one-day series after the games in Mohali and Bangalore.

"A lot of the other quicks are getting on, so definitely Georgie and I are the younger group coming through with a couple of the other guys," Hazlewood said. "You do get the sense it could be not too far away."

Things have happened quickly for Hazlewood over the past two years and he is so fresh he has only played six first-class matches. It did not stop him from being picked on the limited-overs tour of the United Kingdom during the winter and he collected 1 for 41 on debut against England. He has never been to India but hopes he will be comfortable bowling on the unfriendly surfaces.

"I don't think you know until you're in that position but taking the new ball in Sheffield Shield cricket is just one step below,'' he said. ''I had not too bad a season last year, playing five games, so there's a lot of experience there. Hopefully if given a chance, I feel ready."

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  • Peter on September 6, 2010, 4:30 GMT

    Totally agree with ryangsmith. I also am interested int he best team selected and I was equally disappointed when Hodge got the short end of the pineapple as well. I don't really want to get into the Berry/Gilchrist discussion, Berry was an outstandiung keeper, but Gilchrist was a once in a generation or once in many generations player. And so what if Hazelwood has played a few games, same went for Shane Warne and I think he turned out ok.There have been a few Victorians selected recently that shoudn't have been in hindsight (McGain.McKay) come to mind, honest but short of test class so it cuts all ways. Siddle is an excellent additon, I rate him highly. Let';s just support the guys who represent us and move on.

  • Ryan on September 6, 2010, 2:48 GMT

    @Okakaboka. Yes I am from NSW, just thought I'd say that up front. So you can accuse me of bias and disregard my opinions if you want. And yes I am sure there are a lot of people unhappy with Andrew Hilditch and a few of his selections (past and present) me being one of them. But though I am from NSW I am also an AUSTRALIAN and I want the best AUSTRALIAN team. I don't care if players are from NSW or not! For what it's worth I think Brad Hodge was very hard done by. He would have been picked in my team ahead of Marcus North for SA 18months ago and following. I have no doubt he'd have done a better job than North! There is no doubt the selectors have their preferences (and I think Ponting and Neilsen have a fair bit of influence in selctions) eg the selectors seem to have a preference for Siddle over Bollinger. Is that NSW bias? Its hard to argue against the NSWmen in the team, perhaps Haddin, but he's not in this squad anyway. I agree with you that North should go. You do think that?

  • ScottyMuller on September 6, 2010, 1:17 GMT

    Gordo ... Gilchrist is accepted as one of the greatest test players of all time, Darren Berry was an honest toiler but get real ... Meanwhile what I want to know is: can we beat India over there? the Ashes is getting all the attention but I am more interested in this series

  • Ryan on September 5, 2010, 16:43 GMT

    @Okakaboka. No one is denying Berry was a good keeper. But since when is Shane Warne an expert on who is the best keeper EVER! There are many who would pick Gilchrist in an all-time WorldXI. These same people would probably also conceed that Gilchrist was not the best keeper ever. But he was in no way a bad keeper and in my opinion( and a lot of others) he was the best person to play in the team as keeper. Ask opposition teams who they would have rather Australia had, Gilchrist or Berry and I'm sure they'd take Berry. I think we all want the best team. The trouble is that not everyone agrees on what that is. But the only people whose opinion counts for anything is the national selectors. On Hazelwood sure he's only played 6 first class games. But the fact he plays for NSW is NOT the reason he was picked. I don't think how many games you've played is that important when selecting a team. There is a case for making some selections on potential, not the whole squad but a couple of spots.

  • Gordon on September 5, 2010, 4:54 GMT

    Just to clear up one thing Peter George is taller than Hazlewood. George is 2.03 m and Hazlewood is 1.96 m. Just to clear up because I think someone awhile ago said Hazlewood would get more bounce than the others. Callum Fergerson is a talent as well as White and even Cosgrove even though Cosgrove has his own troubles sometimes.

  • Craig on September 4, 2010, 21:11 GMT

    to "Okakaboka" if you have seen both Hastings and Hazlewood bowl you could not possible claim Hastings is the better bowler, Hastings is a lumbering hit the deck bowler who will seldom trouble top flight batsmen. Please remember the selectors are from Tas, SA & Vic. If bias was to claimed it would be Merv Hughes getting average bowlers like McKay in Oz set up. This Vic clown was probably whinging about McGrath getting picked as well. Joke!!

  • Prasanna on September 4, 2010, 5:54 GMT

    @Marcio, I agree with you. I dont think the Aussie system would have been this stronger had these things that are so typical of subcontinent like nepotism, regional bias and so on and so forth had played into the minds of selectors. There are only a couple of guys from Tasmania who made it big even when Boony is around. So I dont think they are biased. Wishing Joshy the very best in his future.

    On a side-note, Indians always need something to complain when they lose. Thats the reason why they oppose UDRS. Their so-called cricketing Gods (read Sachin ) have already disposed what was proposed for the well-being of the game - so much for their claims about being Angels.

  • Hector on September 4, 2010, 1:12 GMT

    Spot on Gordo85, Berry was regarded by many experts, including Shane Warne as the best keeper ever. Some of you out there misinterpret what I'm saying. Yeah, there are are a couple of Victorians who should be in the squad, White for one. The trouble is others were overlooked when young, eg Rogers, and now he is too old to get a run. Hughes should be in the squad.....but Hazlewood....6 shield matches??? Good one...this is bias. We want THE BEST TEAM....and it doesn't matter where they come from. A fully fit Damien Fleming was the best test bowler I have seen....even held McGrath up in one series. Played for Victoria but came from WA. Most people who write to this forum find many selections as NOT LOGICAL. The selection of 'Bunny' North demonstrates there is something questionable about the selectors competence. If we had vote on getting rid of Hilditch on this forum, what do you think the result would be? Cricket followers from other states will feel agrieved too - justifiably!

  • Peter on September 3, 2010, 23:13 GMT

    @Okakaboka. Roughly the same age? Hamilton is 5 years older! Hamilton is an ex NSW btw, having played U17 & U19 for NSW before moving interstate, Hazelwood was the bowler of the tournament at the last U/19 world cup against internationals recenly & lastly, they have both about the same bowling average? Oh, one last point of interest, not one of the National selector are from NSW, even Merv Hughes was on the panel!! That said, I believe that Hamilton's rate of progress will see him under the selector's eye sooner than later as I was impressed with his all round talents when I saw him play a shield match last season. After seeing Hazelwood also play, this kid can go anywhere, he is defintiely the real deal, perhaps you shoudl go out and watch these guys at shield? @Gordo85, that had to be a gee-up, surely?

  • Marcio on September 3, 2010, 20:47 GMT

    "We Victorians" get a grip! Players are selected based on what selectors are looking for. Your comments make about as much sense as the Indians saying the neutral umpires in the last Australian test series downunder robbed them - the Aussie selectors are NOT from NSW! Time to start looking at reality, and not Bill Lawry.

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