Australia in India 2010 October 21, 2010

Bollinger, Hussey to return home

ESPNcricinfo staff

Australia fast bowler Doug Bollinger and middle-order batsman Michael Hussey will return to Australia prior to the third ODI against India in Goa on October 24.

Hussey is being sent back to play Western Australia's Sheffield Shield match against South Australia, while Bollinger's return is to help the rehabilitation of his abdominal strain, which has kept him on the bench since the first Test in Mohali.

"Doug reported some minor discomfort to his abdomen during his rehabilitation from the previous injury," Australia physio Kevin Sims said. "We do not think the new issue is serious, however it will prevent him from achieving the workloads necessary for him to be available for selection in the third ODI in Goa. Therefore we have decided it is in his best interests to return to Australia for further assessment and to outline further rehabilitation. Doug's return-to-cricket date will be finalised following this assessment."

The decision to send Hussey home is to help manage his workload in the lead-up to a packed home summer, which includes the Ashes. Hussey struggled for form in the India Tests, managing 99 runs in four innings with a highest score of 34. He was fluent in the second ODI in Visakhapatnam, scoring an assured 69 in Australia's defeat, but the board thought a four-day fixture following some rest would help him more than another one-dayer in conditions different to those he will encounter at home during the coming months.

"As part of the ongoing individual workload management ahead of an exciting Australian summer and the World Cup in the subcontinent, Michael Hussey will not play in the third one-day game in India and will return home to Australia," Andrew Hilditch, the chairman of selectors, said. "Michael will have a few days off and then resume cricket in the Sheffield Shield match between South Australia and WA commencing on 29 October at Adelaide Oval."

Both players had joined the squad in India late after fulfilling their Champions League commitments for the Chennai Super Kings in South Africa.

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  • Sanjoy Kumar on October 23, 2010, 7:25 GMT

    Mike Hussy is going to play in the local tournament...!!! How funny...!!! :-)

  • Marcio on October 23, 2010, 4:23 GMT

    There's lots of ways you can spin things. Even if Australia lose all games on this tour, it's not that important. Australia lost 5 one day games in a row before the last world cup, then smashed everyone to win the cup easily. They lost all three games to NZ on their tour just before the cup, so it's not the first time. Personally, I think Indians are overrating this tour in terms of what it means to India and the quality of their team. Your bowling attack is quite poor, to be honest. After the first over or two of the 1st one-dayer, your bowlers could only take another 2 wickets in the next 48 overs. India lost 5 wickets and won narrowly against a bowling line-up of state-level standard with almost no experience in India.That's hardly an impressive performance, and I doubt your current bowling line-up can take 20 wickets in Aust conditions. Remember, India won the first test after an LBW decision cost Australia the game and series. This is a good but not a dominant Indian team.

  • Prem on October 22, 2010, 23:22 GMT

    I think, SA and Zimbabwe series is more worthless than Aus and Ind, as there is world come coming in India. Why have useless SA-Zim series? while I still think, it is not worthy enough for Aus to rate India's 1st ODI good enough to let Hussy play, and not send him back with Ricky, while they lost the 2nd ODI, they think hell with India, we CAN NOT win in India, so lets rather TRY to win Ashes, that is so pathetic, Aus knows, that even less rated Ind-Aus ODI series brings more crowd and attention in India itself, compared to Aussie and Brits fans COMBINED from the Ashes series, so, this is all to TRY to break the Indian Cricket Economy, by not having High rated player in ODI, so no one is interested and less people comes to watch on ground and at home, that is less income for Indian Media and Indian Cricket, this is nothing but WHITE monopoly ONCE AGAIN. that's all, how can Ashes be more important than WORLD CUP in India just in few months?

  • Sharad on October 22, 2010, 16:01 GMT

    I see a lot of Indian readers talking about the 3rd ODI already. I just hope you don't have to swallow a huge humble pie. The current OZ ODI team may not be a proven side at the International level but you'd do well not to underestimate them. These guys are in due to a combination of very strong domestic performances and vacant slots caused by injuries to key players. Having said that, India would do well to keep Jadeja out of the side.

  • Dummy4 on October 22, 2010, 11:53 GMT

    Well, Marcio, India has also left out some of its players for the ODIs. But see, because of the 2-0 result, it looks different for India and Australia. When we drop players, we are doing it from a position of strength, trying to experiment with new kids. When Australia does that, it looks like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Further, I can assure you that it is not the Indian ego that has been hurt in this series, has it?

  • Subba on October 22, 2010, 10:47 GMT

    There's no poinmt in their remaining in India anymore. They have lost all hopes and are demoralised.

  • Sunil on October 22, 2010, 9:42 GMT

    Bollinger's injury is understandable.But Hussey is the only consistent batsman the Aussies have.What's even more surprising is that Clarke is being built up as the next skipperand he is being given a team of rookies.Clearly Hauritz is not as penetrative as even a Yuvraj,this would go down as the weakest side to have visited India

  • Dummy4 on October 22, 2010, 8:11 GMT

    @Ashish Rana i am not agree with your statement Aussies can win without these players and they have guts they will not accept any defeat without fighting.

  • Nuur on October 22, 2010, 6:33 GMT

    Both the sides are not talking ODIs seriously, so it doesn't matter who they play and who they dont. India should win the last ODI comfortably but its an unpredictable game. But does anyone remember the last time Australia didnt win a match on a tour?!

  • Ashwin on October 22, 2010, 6:25 GMT

    The series in India is not that important to Australia its all about the ashes cant understand why they had the series in the first place i guess mainly to adjust to the conditions b4 the world cup, its a good decision to rest the test players for the upcoming ashes coz nothing is as important than to reclaim the ashes again. winning a single match or test match doesn't seem to matter in india so i dont expect aus to win the next odi as well they dont really care as long as they win the ashes and the WC which is the main thing

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