India v Australia, 4th ODI, Ranchi October 22, 2013

New ODI rules harsh on bowlers - Raina

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Suresh Raina has said the combination of two new balls and only four deep fielders was putting tremendous pressure on bowlers in ODIs, but added there was no choice for them but to adjust and learn to cope.

"I think it's tough for the bowlers," Raina said in Ranchi ahead of the fourth ODI against Australia. "We have to admit that. When five fielders are inside (the circle), and if a regular bowler can't keep it tight, it will be very difficult for a part-timer. There's pressure on bowlers on what line and length to bowl. They have to be very sure of what their plans are and how they have to bowl to each batsman.

"You can bowl two bouncers, but there are four other deliveries to bowl also. The ball doesn't reverse much because it's quite new. The ball is only 25 overs old at the most. Even spinners don't get that much turn. But whatever it is, we have to adjust to how things are. We can't give excuses. We just have to bat well and bowl well. No doubt it's good for batsmen, and we have no complaints. We have to play by the rules that the ICC makes, and as players do our jobs."

Raina also backed the beleaguered Ishant Sharma to rebound strongly, after the fast bowler conceded 30 runs in the 48th over of Australia's chase to lose India the Mohali ODI. Ishant has been the most expensive specialist bowler in the series, going for 7.87 runs an over. "It can happen to any bowler in the last few overs," Raina said. "Ishant has practised well in the last two days. I hope he stays strong in his mind, and if he stays positive, we'll definitely see a good performance from him. He has worked very hard in the last two days. I hope he will come back strongly against Australia tomorrow."

Twice in three games, the home batsmen have been unsettled by Australia's quick bowlers, especially Mitchell Johnson, but Raina denied the visitors had gained any psychological advantage over India. "I wouldn't say we are under pressure. We won the first game (T20) in Rajkot, then they won in Pune, and then we won again in Jaipur and they won after that. It's a good contest. We are both young teams.

"Sometimes our batting clicks, sometimes our bowling does. But whoever does well on the day, whoever has good plans and positivity and can feel good about themselves is important. Everyone talks about so much cricket happening, but it's important to see how you're feeling, how mentally strong and tough you are.

"Johnson bowled well no doubt, and he had luck on his side. There's no doubt the batsmen have to do well in the middle order - Yuvi paa (Yuvraj Singh), (Ravindra) Jadeja and myself. We'll have to take responsibility and bat well."

Raina has made 39 & 17, Yuvraj 7 & 0 and Jadeja 11 & 2 in the series. In Mohali, it was MS Dhoni who revived India from 76 for 4 with his ninth ODI hundred. Dhoni accelerated gradually to play several powerful strokes at the death, and also brought out his trademark helicopter swing, a shot Raina said belonged completely to the India captain.

"That is a Mahi-bhai exclusive. It's very difficult to play that shot. You have to pick the length early. He has played it for many years. When someone is bowling yorkers at 140-145 (kph) and the ball is aimed at the toes, you have to put the entire load on the back and turn the bat. Other players have their own quality shots, but the helicopter shot suits only him, and it won't suit others. He always clears the rope with it because he has that kind of strength. All players try to hit low full tosses to midwicket or over the bowler's head, but you need to practice that shot a lot."

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  • Android on October 24, 2013, 16:27 GMT

    imo raina will find it very difficult to retain his spot as ind will be touring sa nz and later aus.time to bring back dk or instead give a chance to rahane,nayar,pujara

  • Bhaskar on October 24, 2013, 8:53 GMT

    @AsherCA - Suresh Raina is presently the world's best fielder along with Steve smith of Australia, he did not get this tag for dropping catches, everybody has an off day, please check facts before posting.

  • Bhaskar on October 24, 2013, 8:48 GMT

    Mr. Srinivasan is the messiah of Cricket, he has to put pressure on ICC to change the 2 new balls rule, it is time ICC did some good for the spinners & not keep them as part timers in ODIs. Spin is way more important than pace.

  • Chetan on October 23, 2013, 14:59 GMT

    @Suresh Raina - If bowlers have fielding support that drops catches, even a field of bowler's choice would not suffice. Don't blame the rules, we have seen India fielders (led by you) dropping catches. The real piece that is harsh on Indian bowlers is called Suresh Raina - he drops catches & then, thanks to the CSK connection, Dhoni deflects the blame to somebody else. Your bowlers got you opportunities to take wickets, YOU grassed the opportunity. What does fielding restriction have to do with that ?

  • Bhaskar on October 23, 2013, 14:45 GMT

    Mr. Srinivasan is the messiah of Cricket, he has to put pressure on ICC to change the 2 new balls rule, it is time ICC did some good for the spinners & not keep them as part timers in ODIs. Spin is way more important than pace.

  • Bhaskar on October 23, 2013, 14:25 GMT

    ICC has really made a mess for spinners by giving 2 new balls to pacemen, this shows the partial approach. It is time to play with 1 ball only, spinners should be used more.

  • uncle bob on October 23, 2013, 13:34 GMT

    Posted by sweetspot on (October 23, 2013, 4:40 GMT) As usual, India has 1.2 billion experts on the subject of cricket, many no doubt with paunches and pot bellies, and zero physical activity through the day, but willing to curse the 12 on the field, each representing 100 million Indian people, and doing it all in their twenties and thirties!

    Loved it man. Great post. We not only have 1 billion experts, we also have 1.2 billion captains selecting their own teams.

  • Android on October 23, 2013, 12:00 GMT

    It's the time for Raina to bother about his batting and fielding too, he us not the Captain to think so much about the rules and regulations that too associated with bowling department. Raina should Concentrate on his no. 4 slot and should make his mark.

  • Dhruv on October 23, 2013, 11:50 GMT

    I think what Raina said about the new ball rules was spoken for the bowlers in general. There wasn't a mention of just the previous match, which India lost, in reference to these comments. So I can't seem to understand some remarks here that talk of India's 360 chase or CT victory (when the new rules were still applicable).

    Also, it was the press conference in which he, as a team representative, was sent to attend the media (can't say what was the management strategy here) and was confronted with the questions on the new rules, besides few others - like that of Ishant Sharma!

    Just to be clear, am not being defensive about everything being said and done by India though... BCCI's stance on DRS is beyond comprehension for an ordinary cricket lover like me.

  • Subterraneo on October 23, 2013, 10:34 GMT

    Along with the mentioned rules, powerplay overs have been reduced to 15 from 20. So bowlers are granted some advantage as well.

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