India v Australia, 4th ODI, Ranchi October 23, 2013

'Deceptive' Shami earns praise

ESPNcricinfo staff

Mohammed Shami, the India fast bowler, has drawn praise from both captains, MS Dhoni and George Bailey, for his performance in his first game of the ODI series in Ranchi. Bowling consistently around the 140 kph mark, Shami ran through the Australia top order with a first spell of 6-1-21-3, accounting for Aaron Finch, Phillip Hughes and Shane Watson.

"Shami is deceptive," Dhoni said after the game was washed out with Australia having posted 295 for 8. "He bowls quicker than you would think. What was important was he bowled full and the wickets he got, he was hitting the bails. That shows he was bowling the right length on this pitch. And at the death he was getting the yorkers in pretty consistently."

Bailey, who revived Australia after Shami's burst in the company of Glenn Maxwell, also said the fast bowler did a fine job. "He bowled very well," Bailey said. "He's someone we haven't seen in the series and he was a little bit quicker than what we expected. He certainly got a bit of movement off the seam. That's something to be pretty aware of for the rest of the series. That's obviously what's going to be coming at us."

Shami himself did not think there was too much help from the pitch, although he did generate some bounce and movement off the seam and in the air under overcast skies. "Nothing special in the pitch," Shami said. "We were bowling first and there will be something for the fast bowlers when the wicket is fresh. There was not much bounce or carry. It was a little better before the rain but once it rained, the pitch slowed down a lot.

"The plan was not to give any room to the batsmen and make them play at the ball. The pitch in the beginning was assisting fast bowlers and we bowled accordingly."

Shami also said he had been spending more hours in the gym to increase his pace, but added that speed was also an outcome of the conditions. "How fast we bowl mostly depends on the conditions available," he said. "If there is some assistance, you get inspired to bowl quicker. As we saw today, if there is some swing, some movement, you put in the extra effort."

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  • Gyanesh on October 28, 2013, 17:19 GMT

    Looking at Shami's previous records which is good but he has given an impression different from the true one like dhoni said... and the first Indian, to bowl four or more maiden overs on his ODI debut... he proved that he is better than others... can seize the batsmen depending upon the situation... the recent ODIs that he has played in Aug vs Zimbabwe 1/27, 1/34 (Avg 12inns-13wkts-35.92runs) and now in Oct vs Australia 3/42 with the improvement in the line length, consistent yorkers and delivers most awaited much needed delivery makes him "Deceptive"!!!

  • Dummy4 on October 25, 2013, 10:22 GMT

    Why he stood out among other Indian bowlers?? He had faster pace & superior decipline. simple others suffered on this pitch too. In PAKvs Ind ODI series scoreing 200 was next to impossible on same dead Indian pitches. Why avg scores continue to be low in Pak matches when they too play mostly on roads. Why in WC 2011 avg scores in all Non Indain matches were too low despite those being played on same so called dead Indian pitches..........similarly in ASIA cup scores in all non Indian matches were around 230 & in Indian Matches were 300+........ ANS is poor Ind bowling & exceptional Ind batting

  • Dummy4 on October 25, 2013, 4:26 GMT

    Yadav, Aaron, Shami, Shukla, Mohit Sharma, BHUVI bowlers for the future.. Sandeep sharma TOO and tall pandey..

  • Shailendra on October 25, 2013, 1:18 GMT

    I agree to Shami, that the speed varies with each pitch. It's tempting to counter the statement by saying Shaun Tait, Bret Lee and Mitchel Johnson differ to this argument but we need to consider this on more anatomically here. Bowlers like Shami, Vinay, Bhuvanesh Kumar are lean built and their main guile is their ability to swing. Once a while you may get bowlers like Shami & agarkar who add a little bit of quick arm action and shoulder push in deliveries and generate 4-5 kms extra. Thats what make them special as per the speed gun counts. They are predominantly 130-135 Km/h bowlers and when that rhythm and conditions suit they reach 140-140+, that's where batsmen get beaten for pace and misjudge the bowlers. I am not taking away anything from Shami but what worked in his favor was excellent line and lengths he normally bowls and the conditions which gave him that extra kick. He may not be that effective in all the venues though. But, I would surely tread with caution against him.

  • ANAND on October 24, 2013, 20:14 GMT

    I dont like Shami's comment where he says "How fast we bowl mostly depends on the conditions available". Do you see a Mitchell Johnson or a Brett Lee or a Shoaib Akthar or a Shaun Tait, etc bowl in the 125-135 range consistently just because the pitch doesn't offer assistance? Their average speeds would still be 140+ irrespective of the pitch. Seeing the way Shami said those words, I have a feeling he will eventually cut down his pace and could fade away. I hope I am wrong. His perception of pace needs to change.

  • Android on October 24, 2013, 17:33 GMT

    bhuvan,irfan if in fit and in form,shami,pandey,mohit,dhawal kulkarni,rishi dhawan (as bowling all rounder) should be kept an eye on & groomed well

  • binu on October 24, 2013, 16:36 GMT

    I pick Bhuvi, Mohith,Shami the trio then reserves Rishi Dhawan he can add with the trio out side subcontinent because he can bat then Rahul Shukla and Sandeep Warrior , he is bowling over 140 regulerly

  • Anurag on October 24, 2013, 15:39 GMT

    Yadav, Aaron, Shami, Shukla, Mohit Sharma, Unadkat + BHUVI bowlers for the future.. Sandeep sharma (from u19 winning team) can also be considered..

  • Dummy4 on October 24, 2013, 14:47 GMT

    Hope Dhoni gives more chances to Mishra who has been in good form .It seems he is last preference of captain cool eventhough Ashwin continues to get thrashed . Bringing him in playing eleven will bring in healthy competition and will benefit India .But the way it looks he would have to sit out till Dhoni is leading. Giving confidence is good and backing underperforming bowlers is good but it should not bring in complacency in bowlers that they will hold on to their places irrespective of their performance . Everybody has talking Ishant had a bad day .Please tell when was the last time he had a good day .He is too experienced in terms of exposure to give this kind of insipid bowling display time again. India's bowling attack should haveBhuvi as he is a good swing bowler , Umesh for his pace and attacking option , Shami as he can bowl and lively pace, Varun Aaron if he is fit . India should try Mohit Sharma who had a good start in Zimbabwe .

  • Sriram on October 24, 2013, 14:22 GMT

    Got to wait, Aus might work him out in next ODI(s). Too early to comment. Dinda too started in same fashion although he never had control, was deceptive now he is out of favour. I see Bhuvi comin back next game although it means Vinay could keep his place as its mostly Jaydev that will loose. Unless Dhoni think Ishant is also ready to be back in place of Vinay.