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Chappell: 'I can't imagine how it's going to help team morale'

Former Australia captain Ian Chappell discusses the axing of key Australian players from the third test against India in Mohali (05:39)

ESPNcricinfo staff

March 11, 2013

Posted by   on (March 13, 2013, 8:07 GMT)

Well done Arthur, He made India's 3rd victory easier....

Posted by Vasi-Koosi on (March 13, 2013, 2:48 GMT)

There was a period after the Allen Border the Taylor/Waugh era where there were a few folks who did not know what it was to lose a test match. The mantra was that just show up and win; a lot of folks thought that literally. The forgot, the kind of bowlers/batsmen who were on show and the kind of work ethics these guys had. Not to mention the man management skills of the captains. All this changed when McGrath, Warne, Gilli, Haydo and Langer retired; Ricky Ponting for all his greatness, has to take the blame a lot more than anyone else. 1st casualty was Bret Lee, then came along Andrew Symonds, the last one was Simon Katich. For all the professionalism that CA has been touted for, handling of Simon was one of the most unprofessional things. This started the rott, not to mention the dropping of Hussey for the Indian tour. The selectors have forgotten that players cannot just showup and win for Australia any more. The sooner they get back on track it is better

Posted by JackFlash on (March 12, 2013, 23:43 GMT)

Ian Chappell was one of the great cricket thinkers and without doubt one of our best ever Captains. He is absolutely correct here and the question must be asked of Clarke as Captain? First there was Symonds, then Katich, then Hussey abruptly retires now we have this fiasco with 4 players being axed and Clarke appears to be the motivating force behind it. Arthur should have nothing to do with writing reports or any team selections and all of these matters should be in the hands of the Captain and the Captain currently believes that his recent run of good form places him above the team and has a do as i say attitude. That's okay if you are solely responsible for the team and it's on field performance. Bart Simpson type of homework and punishment just wreaks of elitism. Ian Chappell was concerned only with his team's on field efforts and he built that national team into a side that regained the Ashes, defended it and then beat the mighty West Indies 5-1 in 1975/6.

Posted by   on (March 12, 2013, 14:04 GMT)

What does Mickey Arthur knows about test cricket or any level of international cricket? He didn't even play a single match in international level.

Posted by landl47 on (March 12, 2013, 13:48 GMT)

Ian Chappell isn't one of the great cricket thinkers. He was lucky to have Lillee, Thompson, Walker and Mallett, one of the best Australian attacks of all time, and his own brother, one of the great batsmen, in the side when he was captain. His side wasn't well-disciplined and quickly fell apart, leading to one of the poorest stretches for Australian cricket between 1977 and 1989.

Had he taken team discipline seriously, Aus would have not fallen into that trap (yes, I know WSC came along, but the damage was done by then). These comments show that he still hasn't learned that great teams don't loll about failing to follow team orders, they take playing for Aus seriously. Comments like his, giving the malcontents something to feed on, don't help the team.

Posted by kmgnath on (March 12, 2013, 11:35 GMT)

When there is crisis, Things (teams) do fall apart. CA never was in this situation in recent past. Sometime its really tough, where do you draw the line. In current scenario, Reality might be different , than what is on paper. I still believe Aus cricket team is more of Coach centric, so its good many ways to controle the team, otherwise it will be different. India should be carefull for the third test match, because each and everyone in the aus team will put more than 100%, India shouldn't relax the guard, to let them take over. India has to soffocate tham, so Aus team crumble like pack of cards, Otherwise they will comeback strong.

Posted by   on (March 12, 2013, 10:54 GMT)

Pup forgot his performances under Ricky Ponting. What was his scores except in the last year. Very poor. It was even felt that he may not hold his place in the side. All players go thru a bad patch. It sure looks more like discipline related than performance related. Anyway good luck pup. In any case in my opinion Shane Watson was no great cricketer. I feel sorry for Patti and Osman.

Posted by thinktank1 on (March 12, 2013, 8:31 GMT)

@kulaputra: you don't have anything else to say?

Posted by Kulaputra on (March 12, 2013, 8:11 GMT)

Can we have better quality from the questioner - a bit more preparation and fluency in questions and brevity. Let the expert talk more and don't lead him. It would have been wonderful to get Ian Chappel's reaction to 1. if he was a player being axed 2. If he was a player not being axed 3. if he was the captain

Quality helps !!!

Posted by   on (March 12, 2013, 6:17 GMT)

When Australia have people like Shane Warne, and Tom Moody who can be great coaches, why import someone from South Africa who just can't do the job. Poor decisions all the way through..

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