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Finn ruled out of second Test

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November 20, 2012

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Steven Finn bowls in the nets, Haryana v England XI, Ahmedabad, 4th day, November 11, 2012
Steven Finn faces another scan to determine the seriousness of his injury © Getty Images
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Steven Finn has been ruled of the second Test against India in Mumbai after aggravating the thigh injury he suffered early in the tour.

Finn was injured during England's first warm-up match of the trip and bowled just four overs. He will now undergo a further scan in Mumbai on Wednesday to determine the extent of the problem.

Andy Flower, the England team director, said: "Steven has been working hard to get back to full fitness. He has unfortunately hurt his leg again, a couple of days ago, and is having another scan tomorrow.

"We don't think he's got any structural damage, but it would be careless to suggest that he might play the second Test."

However, Flower remained hopeful Finn could still play a part in the series and suggested they may use the Performance Squad, which arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday, to help in his recovery.

"They've got a three-day game starting on the 27th," Flower said. "If he's ready for that, which is the last day of the second Test, we'll put him through his paces. If he comes through that well, he'll be available for the third and fourth Tests.

"That extra pace would certainly assist us. But that's not to be, so let's hope he gets fit and ready for that third Test. I've got an open mind about it. Let's see what his scan reveals tomorrow. We hope he goes and plays that three-day game, and comes through well."

Finn had been tipped to be recalled for the second Test to bring a cutting edge to England's pace attack which struggled to make an impression in the opening Test in Ahmedabad. James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Tim Bresnan managed just one wicket between them and were considerably out-bowled by India's Zaheer Khan and Umesh Yadav.

There is still a strong chance that England will make changes to their bowling attack with Monty Panesar tipped for a call-up.

"We'll assess conditions tomorrow, when we're down at the ground for training," Flower said. "It would be naive, or silly, to prejudge them without actually having seen the pitch.

"But it might be fairly obvious that it might turn a little - which is good, because I'd like our guys to test themselves against the turning ball again here in Mumbai. Monty Panesar, of course, has a chance to play.

"We might well go with two spinners, but we'll judge that when we actually see the conditions. Of course these are challenging times for selectors, coaches, players. That's why we're here, because we like putting ourselves in those positions. If we didn't like to make those sorts of decisions; if we didn't like being in an arena where you're tested, and you're judged, then we wouldn't be here."

There will be an enforced change in the batting after Ian Bell flew home for the birth of his first son, Joseph William, but he did not make it home in time for the delivery.

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Posted by The_bowlers_Holding on (November 21, 2012, 16:13 GMT)

Zoot- Obvoiusly after the recent form England players have dropped down the rankings, you stated since they became No.1 in 2011, Anderson was rated No.2 then and Cook was top 3 (maybe top 2) after Ashes. Taking things out of context to re-inforce your case is frankly dumb. Ponting is meant to be a great batsman but is ranked No.21 so must have always been rubbish I suppose. Previously living in very diverse areas in the UK with a lot of Indian and Pakistani cricket followers as friends, it was patent the Pakistani supporters are much more well informed and honest in their appraisal, the majority of indian fans (admittedly in the Uk) bang the drum when winning relentlessly but offer multiple excuses in defeat and are never gracious or congratulatory. Some of the posters on here seem to buck this impression, but the majority seem churlish and re-inforce my experience.

Posted by Rajesh_india_1990 on (November 21, 2012, 15:25 GMT)

@jimhilcinney whatever you say zaheer is better than anderson anyday..anderson can bowl only in suitable conditions..zaheer is effective even in dead pitches..and in odi's zaheer is miles ahead of anderson...remember zaheer world cup performance?

Posted by Ross_Co on (November 21, 2012, 14:52 GMT)

@RandyOZ - I think they gave all the runners they sent out every 90 seconds at Cardiff MBE's for services to English cricket. I suppose they deserved theirs more than the one Collingwood picked up for wandering onto the field in the 5th test in 2005.

I'd like to think that they picked up these sorts of 'tactics' from Five-Nil Fletcher but sadly any browse through the history of the ashes will turn up some very interesting occurances.

Posted by brusselslion on (November 21, 2012, 11:03 GMT)

It's a blow. Finn's ability to extract bounce from a pitch is a real asset and there is no like-for-like replacement. He's not economical but Finn does take wickets and, clearly, that's what England need to do (duh!). Meaker is quick, and can move the bat, but I'd rather have a taller bowler in India.

Posted by RandyOZ on (November 21, 2012, 10:47 GMT)

@Ross_co - spot on mate, the poms will do anything to bend the rules. Much like they did at Cardiff when we had them on the ropes.

Posted by   on (November 21, 2012, 9:20 GMT)

@ jmcilhinney on (November 21 2012, 04:18 AM GMT)

I agree with you. Performance in just one match is totally baseless to compare two bowlers. But, as far as Matt Prior is concerned, he was the second best batsman, second only to Captain Cook, in he English lineup. And infinitely better that his Indian counterpart; both behind the stumps and in front of it. (I find it difficult to understand why Prior is not getting the kind of recognition he deserves even from English cricket lovers!)

Posted by Rogerunionjack on (November 21, 2012, 8:33 GMT)

Finn's injury is a big blow, we were hoping he'd boost our bowling for the second test. But for Mumbai, we only need to replace Bell with Monty. Five specialist bowlers are a must, if we have to get twenty Indian wickets. As for Trott, KP & co. - pull your socks up!

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (November 21, 2012, 5:13 GMT)

Finn must be happy with his injury as he may not get thrashed in the next test. Poor English bowlers. England again proved that they are lucky to be no:1 few months back.

Posted by jmcilhinney on (November 21, 2012, 4:18 GMT)

@Rajesh_india_1990 on (November 20 2012, 20:18 PM GMT), let's not get too excited. This is just one game and Zaheer hardly blew England away. Zaheer Khan looked better than James Anderson in this game, yes, but to say that you know that one player is better than another based on one game is a bit of an exaggeration, unless you know that Matt Prior is a better batsman than Virat Kohli.

Posted by Ross_Co on (November 21, 2012, 4:03 GMT)

I see they're still using the pic of Finn apparently knocking over the stumps with right foot at the point of releasing the ball. Since he does that in the nets I suppose there's little wonder that that's what he's most known for. That and bleeding runs like a severed artery.

Posted by satish619chandar on (November 21, 2012, 3:26 GMT)

@ddmumbaiindian : The only difference being - Zaheer was our top hope in England and Finn is nowhere near that role. I would equate the loss if Swann injures himself and is unavailable for the entire tour - which i don't want to happen but Swann in India is the guy who we can equate with Zaheer in England. Saying that, england would certainly miss Finn especially after the poor show of Broad and bresnan in last game. I am damn sure Monty will get a game in at espense of one of them but should the other too need to be dropped? Can Meaker be a option as well? Baristow/Morgan for Bell? Too many to think for the England team decision makers.

Posted by   on (November 21, 2012, 1:56 GMT)

Maximium Finn can acheive is get some wickets of Indian tail after long tired spells.

Posted by rob_damn on (November 21, 2012, 1:13 GMT)

@MattyP1979 on (November 20 2012, 21:52 PM GMT) "hope for 'another' great contest and pray Eng can perform"... I didnt see a great contest between these two since 2007.. worldcup match being exception...

Posted by Nampally on (November 21, 2012, 0:19 GMT)

My advise to England & Mr.Flower is to send Finn back home. His injury requires long time to heal. It is best if he takes a rest + PT for next 2 months and then attempts to get back into shape progressively. If he tries to push himself into the game without due rest, he may be risking a career ending injury. ZAK had a similar injury & he flew back to India from England. With rest & treatment he is fit again. Finn is not a superman. England keep talking he is a threat to India at his pace (140 KPH?). Bowlers much quicker than Finn failed in India. Half fit Finn will only jeopardise his career if he tries to return to the team. Yadev of India is quicker than Finn & bowls consistently in 135 - 145 KPH range.

Posted by jmcilhinney on (November 21, 2012, 0:18 GMT)

There's obviously a lot of people comparing England's performance here to India's in England recently. India were poor in England, no doubt. Personally, I take no real comfort from the fact that England passed 300 here where India didn't in England or any similar metrics. The fact is that England were mostly bad in game 1 and if they don't improve then I for one will not be pointing out how they might have been better than India in England in some insignificant way. Even if there is a draw in the series it is as likely to be thanks to the wicket. England need to improve. If they don't, anyone who feels it's a victory to be a bit better than another team who played badly is missing the point entirely.

Posted by jmcilhinney on (November 21, 2012, 0:13 GMT)

I guess this vindicates the decision not to play Finn in the first Test. Not that it would have affected the result, but it would have had a detrimental affect on the other bowlers too if he'd gone down during the game. Given that England appear to have been considering bringing in both Panesar and Finn, I wonder whether they're genuinely considering dropping Broad. If they really think that some extra pace would help then they still have Meaker, but he lacks Finn's height and experience, so I can't see them opting for him over Broad and Onions. As Onions doesn't have Finn's height or pace, I can't see them opting for him over Broad for the second Test either. If Broad does poorly again then he might get the chop for game 3.

Posted by 98-10_157-0 on (November 20, 2012, 23:32 GMT)

@Rajesh_india_1990 It's not much of a boast to say that Zaheer is second best to Wasim, given that Wasim is 46 years old and hasn't played a test for over 10 years!! If you mean all time you might want to check out Alan Davidson, Trevor Goddard and Bruce Reid. In fact of all left arm seamers to take 100 test wickets only Irfan Pathan, Karsan Ghavri and Pedro Collins have a worse average than Zaheer. Before you claim that Zaheer is hampered by bowling predominantly on Asian pitches if you reduce the scope to tests played in Asia, then only Pathan has a worse average [thank you statsguru for your assistance!]

Posted by dunger.bob on (November 20, 2012, 22:41 GMT)

I'm not so sure about extra pace being the X factor in India. One of the more successful foreign quicks in India was Glen McGrath, but he didn't do it with pace. He was never at any stage in his career a genuine fast bowler, he was firmly in Fast-Medium category with an average speed in the mid to high 130's. Uncanny control of the basics was his weapon. Line, length and a nasty little off-cutter were his stock in trade and I reckon that's the secret. Without those things, being quick through the air will probably only mean that you'll be quicker off the bat in Indian conditions against Indian batsmen.

Posted by Eat_Sleep_Play_Cricket on (November 20, 2012, 22:19 GMT)

@ JustIPL: I see a pattern in your comments! Before the start of the series you were highly optimistic of England winning the series in India, During the 1st test, you comments were more about dead pitches and boring test match, Now your comments are funny as you fear POMS will make your worst dreams come true. Cheer up buddy, Stop over analyzing the limited resources and batting talent English men have in sub continent and just hope margin of defeats wont be so embarrassing that you eat your own words.- Cheers!

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (November 20, 2012, 22:01 GMT)

I imagine many people on this site and others would have seen Mark and Bob's team from the Highlights packet. If you missed it : Cook, Trott, KP, Bairstow, Morgan, Prior, Patel, Broad/Finn( injury having ruled out the later now), Swann,Anderson, Panesar. Intersting, I thought. Maybe it could work.

Posted by MattyP1979 on (November 20, 2012, 21:52 GMT)

Big blow for Eng, as dispite some close minded thinking he could make a real difference. I would go for Bresnan over Broad but I doubt this would be the case. Whomever is picked (including Anderson) need to up their game for the next test. Hope for another great contest and pray Eng can perform.

Posted by   on (November 20, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

May I know IS FINN BETTER THAN STEYN? Morkel did nothing in India apart from supporting Steyn and He is similar to Finn. Zaheer had a formidable record in England including being a major factor in winning a series in 2007 for India , so he was missed in 2011. Finn hasn't done that.Is one series where he faced an injury depleted Indian team in ODIs enough to give him the hype which likes of Steyn usually get?

Posted by Rajesh_india_1990 on (November 20, 2012, 20:18 GMT)

Some english fans argued before the series that Anderson is better than zaheer khan...now everyone knows who is better...zaheer is a master in all conditions whereas anderson needs cloud cover and garden pitch to take wickets..zaheer is the best left hand fast bowler after wasim akram..

Posted by   on (November 20, 2012, 19:20 GMT)

Shame about Finn's injury recurrence...but would even he have gotten anything out of these dead wickets? Could be a blessing in disguise for his Test figures. I would guess Broad, Swann, Anderson and Panesar would be the likely bowling line-up, with Bairstow coming in for Bell at number five.

Posted by sachin_vvsfan on (November 20, 2012, 18:43 GMT)

@ Front-Foot-Lunge Just like how England cashed on the absence of Zaheer khan last year .You atleast field 4 bowlers. Move on. He wont make much difference in sub continent.

Posted by JustIPL on (November 20, 2012, 18:24 GMT)

Few more numbers for the guys. English team have an important battinig quartet (Prior, Broad, Swann & Bresnan) who scored 50% (95/191) in the first innings and 32% (131/406) in the second when there were totally alien conditions. They faced whatever spin was presented to them. English top order should take heart from this situation and then English scoring rate will definitely be stabilised as India has lilmited bowling resources which is too dependent on the pitch curators. However, it will be interesting to see Monty but Patel conceded just 3 runs an over and got bad decisions. I think Meaker for Anderson, Bairstaw for Bell and english are on their way.

Posted by Selassie-I on (November 20, 2012, 17:56 GMT)

@ nilesh91 on (November 20 2012, 16:38 PM GMT) True, although one thing is missed - India never scoring more than 300 on the entire tour/England have already passed 400!I should think there will be at least one draw to save us froma whitewash!

Posted by jjamie15 on (November 20, 2012, 17:55 GMT)

Marc B - that's brilliant! I echo your comments re; mother and son, wishing the Bell family well...

Posted by Bonnie1976 on (November 20, 2012, 17:52 GMT)

Frontfootlunge: Its time for you the accept that your team is going down the ladder. Happy days ahead for India and tough days for mighty England.

Posted by usernames on (November 20, 2012, 17:51 GMT)

Haha, I'm now loving FrontFoot's comments. Fastest bowler in the world? Haha. I don't think he'd cross Yadav, maybe by a whisker.

Posted by JustIPL on (November 20, 2012, 17:46 GMT)

Nice to see on this post so many options that england have. Certainly they are much better side than India but for curators and the toss the are being seen little bit struggling. They have plenty of options to try out. They have battery of frontline fastmen, decent spin attack and flurry of good batsmen who are currently in form. It is just tha matter of settling down in the second test and then they can win even the series.

Posted by JustIPL on (November 20, 2012, 17:35 GMT)

Good ploy by England to retain the big three(Trott, KP and Bell or Bairstaw) and the small three (Braod, Bresnan, Swann) then there is the opening pair which is in good form while there is Prior a block in itself. Only Panesar will be a non batting unit but it will be interesting to see him against India. Patel had his outing but was not as impressive in test as he was in warmups. Anderson can be the bonus just England team has to believe in themselves. Their prolific tail (Broad, Swann, Bresnan) scored 380 runs among themselves in five innings during whitewash series at home while their services as batsmen were not needed in three innings of last two tests which India lost by innings. Their contribution can be crucial in this series as well. In fact, they started the fight back alongwith Prior at the end of first innings of first test which continued till the fifth day. Hopefully, English batsmen have seen the secret weapons of Ojha and Ashwin and now nothing is unknown.

Posted by MarcB on (November 20, 2012, 16:54 GMT)

Shame about Belly missing the birth of his son, I hope the baby and mother are healthy and doing well. Mind you, it's not the only delivery he's been late for recently ;-)

Posted by 2.14istherunrate on (November 20, 2012, 16:54 GMT)

You do have to ask why Finn has been reinjured-it does not help the team. A reprieve for Broad this may be, but the figures for him in Asia do not suggest he should not play anyway. He needs runs though, desperately. Also Meaker is still around and he has pace. @ Prannsshu- I do have to ask in what universe you think Ravi would take wickets in India?

Posted by Front-Foot-Lunge on (November 20, 2012, 16:50 GMT)

The world's fastest bowler misses out again. And India are relieved for a second time. Tough on England, tough on Finn.

Posted by nilesh91 on (November 20, 2012, 16:38 GMT)

1)Zaheer/Finn breaking down in start of the tour. 2)Every one wanting RP Singh/Monty in second test. 3)Raina/Patel doing great in warm up and failing in Real Test. 4)only Dravid/Cook doing exceptionally well. 5)A Mukund/ Nick Compton debut match(both doing exceptionally well in domestics) 6)P Kumar/Swann taking 5-for. 7)First match heading towards the draw at the end of 4th day while home team still in driving seats and finally on 5th day winning without any fuss.

looking at the things happening I am starting to believe SUPERNATURAL things exist. And one more reason to predict 4-0.

Posted by   on (November 20, 2012, 16:38 GMT)

England now needs Panesar to attack !

Posted by the_blue_android on (November 20, 2012, 16:19 GMT)

The pop-gun English 'attack' bowling 122 kmph average is going to be destroyed in the second test. Brett Lee and Harmison retired after India tours, there's a reason for that. Also, Strauss is a smart guy.

Posted by Hobbart on (November 20, 2012, 16:13 GMT)

I would close my eyes and pick atleast 2 spinners for Mumbai. What does Andy need to assess?

Posted by Hobbart on (November 20, 2012, 16:08 GMT)

Well Eng team seems to be unable to find a good spinner to help Swann. They couldn't even ask the legendary Warne for help, he too would think twice before coming to India..lolzz...everyone speaking of a second spinner to assist Swann, I wonder what will happen if Swann has a bad Test !

Posted by FlashAsh on (November 20, 2012, 16:07 GMT)

Lets hope ENG bring in Monty for Bell and leave rest as is, gives ENG more bowling variety and Batting really won't change much either!! Ho! Ho! After all Patel got some shockers and is supposedly a better player of spin! Morgan I think will not improve the balance if losing Patel

Posted by   on (November 20, 2012, 16:06 GMT)

Put Meaker in, bowls 90 mph, skiddy. Give him a go, drop Broad too, put Monty in.

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (November 20, 2012, 16:04 GMT)

Sehwag the king of the flat tracks and Ghambir will be the most relieved.

Posted by csr11 on (November 20, 2012, 16:00 GMT)

@ddmumbaiindian comparing steven finns injury to that of Zaheer in the last tour is stretching it a bit too much.. it is not even close.. in terms of relative importance of players in the team in the conditions.. + zaheers injury happened during the test match.. and last but not the least i dont think finn is a sure shot selection even if fit - should be - but isnt - because the english selectors have this strange fascination for all rounders (players who are equally inept at both batting and bowling)

Posted by prannsshu on (November 20, 2012, 15:55 GMT)

Add bopara in team, play wid m0nty n swanny.. Nd play bop at n0. 7 all rounder.

Posted by   on (November 20, 2012, 15:53 GMT)

Such a shame. he would've bowled far better than anderson/bresnan/broad did in the 1st test. hope he comes back for the 3rd and 4th. was very impressed with his bowling in the odi series last year when england lost 5-0.

Posted by Hobbart on (November 20, 2012, 15:41 GMT)

@ddmumbaiindian : It would be a no comparison if you notice the absence of Zaheer in English conditions and that of Finn in Indian conditions. While Zaheer could have been lethal had he been available there, Finn would have only a fractional effect on Indian soil. What say English fans ?

Posted by Long-Leg on (November 20, 2012, 15:30 GMT)

This is bad news. Finn is young and rapidly improving as a fast bowler. He has height and pace and would have troubled the Indians. The thing I cannot explain is why Broad and Anderson have lost pace. Anderson in particular used to be capable of touching 90 mph. He is not that old is he? There were rumours going around that Broad had been coached into a change of action and yet other rumours that he is nursing an injury. Does anyone know if any of this is true? It is depressing seeing a couple of medium pacers open for England, especially when you know they used to be so much quicker than that.

Posted by zoot on (November 20, 2012, 15:30 GMT)

Ever since England got to No 1 in 2011 they seem to think that all their players and reserves are world beaters. The rankings tell a different story. Cook is seventh in batting and Anderson is sixth equal in bowling. Finn's ok but he can be expensive and he doesn't bat very well.

Posted by Hobbart on (November 20, 2012, 15:18 GMT)

@ Front-Foot_lunge : I am an Indian and would like to know your opinion about Onions...I saw him bowl once and he did bowl well !

Posted by Nutcutlet on (November 20, 2012, 15:16 GMT)

@Front-Foot_lunge: I'd say that there is plenty of talent around & as Meaker, who regularly bowls at 140+ kph, is available, I'd give him his debut. I see no point in having a quick, 100% fit bowler in India & not using him. Onions is not Meaker's pace & he was in the original party, but he wouldn't be as penetrating as Meaker in Indian conditions as he just offers more of the same. I fear that Finn's injury will justify Broad being kept in the team. He isn't really fit either, but is much favoured by the England management, being vice captain. I wouldn't call England's reserve strength as having amazing depth, but it is adequate. It's a pity that Tremlett is still unavailable. Now, he would have made a difference!

Posted by ReverseSweepIndia on (November 20, 2012, 15:06 GMT)

@ Front-Foot_lunge, there sure is depth in this Eng side, especially in fast bowling. But thats what happen when you play guys on reputation rather than form. In first test if Finn is injured, Onion needed to be in XI. But not, they decided to go with Broad, who didn't did anything special even in warmup. And remind you, your fast bowlers are picked more on batting prowess rather than bowling (except Anderson). And talking about attributes, each bowler worth his salt in Int cricket has some. How they use it over the time decide their destiny. And Finn has used his height well. Was thee only bowler to make impression in 5-0 loss in one-days earlier

Posted by riprock on (November 20, 2012, 14:57 GMT)

England may need to show courage, adjustability and flexibility in thinking and selection as they have an unsettled bowling combination and several inept batters of spin. they should look at giving their best batsmen and spinners most opportunities as the sub-continental conditions and opposition would generally demand. To make maximum advantage of their squad.. They can drop Compton to experiment with Bairstow as second opener... and replace Bell with Morgan for the 2nd Test as he's a decent player of spin. Bresnan can make room for Panesar while Patel deserves another opportunity at no.6 for his superior batting ability than Bresnan, century in warm ups, wrong lbw call by umpire in second innings..and his handy third spinning option. Cook, Compton/Bairstow, Trott, KP, Morgan, Patel, Prior, Broad, Swann, Anderson, Panesar.

Posted by wfaulkner on (November 20, 2012, 14:51 GMT)

That is a blow, really hoping Finn would have been brought in to provide some penetration. Still, an awkward decision for the selectors delayed; Broad to keep his place for now, Monty and Bairstow/Morgan in for Bresnan and Bell

Posted by apurvgupta1 on (November 20, 2012, 14:47 GMT)

Finn out, bell gone, Broad questioned on his place, no suitable replacements. Really interesting series!

Posted by Porky_PigTheToon on (November 20, 2012, 14:37 GMT)

Doesn't matter much. We all saw how Indian batsmen made mockery of English bowlers except Swann. Finn is a Fast Track Bully anyway. Forget Umesh Yadav, even ZaK was bowling with way better speed than all so called "fast bowlers" of England.

Posted by PiyushD on (November 20, 2012, 14:31 GMT)

really a bad news for England, India would have been tested by him, if they bat first in Mumbai Test.

Posted by o-bomb on (November 20, 2012, 14:27 GMT)

With Broad and Bresnan not performing in the 1st match this is a blow. I would like to see Finn back as soon as possible. Unfortunately that looks likely to be the 3rd test now. I hope he is fit for that match.

Posted by Front-Foot_lunge on (November 20, 2012, 14:19 GMT)

I was always under the impression, going by the one-eyed english supporters on here, that there was an amazing depth of talent in English cricket. Well Finn didn't play in the first test, and we all saw the result. So how will this 'depth' cover the continued loss of a bowler who may have an attribute (height) which makes him only slightly less cannon fodder than the other 'quicks' (read medium pacers) like Broad and Anderson?

Posted by ddmumbaiindian on (November 20, 2012, 14:16 GMT)

Not even India, fortune is returning favor back to England. When India travelled Eng, Zaheer injured himself in very first session of first test. Sadly Finn picked up injury in warm game itself. Wish there are no more such casualty in line from Eng camp. As an avid Test Cricket fan, I wish to see more closely contested matches. Had seen pace dominated series in Eng, now want to see some spin dominated one.

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