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Fans allowed free entry for tour match with Dhoni leading India A


The police hiked up their fee for providing security in anticipation of a greater crowd with it possibly being MS Dhoni's last match as captain of an Indian side © Associated Press

Fans will be allowed free entry into the Brabourne Stadium to watch the first warm-up game between India A and England after the BCCI agreed to pay the actual cost for the security cover provided by the police. A Cricket Club of India official told ESPNcricinfo that entry for what could be MS Dhoni's last game as captain of an Indian side would be restricted to the north and east stands, which can accommodate around 10,000 fans, as the west stand was undergoing renovation. If the stands were filled by 3 pm, an hour and a half after the start of the game, the gates will be closed.

The decision to allow fans into the stadium came a day after confusion prevailed around the security arrangements for the game. According to The Hindu and Indian Express, fans were in danger of being locked out after the police demanded Rs 60 lakh to provide security, and the CCI redirected the request to the BCCI. The BCCI, according to the reports, had subsequently instructed the club to not allow spectators and restrict the attendance to members of the Cricket Club of India, in the premises of which the stadium is located, should the police not lower their fee.

According to the CCI official, the police, having initially asked for Rs 2 lakh to provide security, had hiked up the fee after anticipating a greater crowd in the stadium. The request was then forwarded to the BCCI, who, after closed-door meetings with the police department, eventually accepted to cover the actual cost incurred for security late in the evening. The BCCI, it is understood, has communicated the decision in writing to the CCI and the police department.

"There were only 40 policepersons who were set to be deployed initially," the official said. "There are normally hardly 200-300 people for warm-up matches, but with Dhoni [possibly] playing his last match as a captain, the game has become high profile. There will be a bigger crowd now. So, more police personnel will have to be deployed; there will be around 300 policepersons now.

"The CCI gets only a grant of Rs 1 lakh per game from the BCCI and our expenses are generally reimbursed by the board. Even in this issue, the police dealt directly with the BCCI."

Arun Venugopal is a correspondent at ESPNcricinfo. @scarletrun

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  • vrok007 on January 12, 2017, 15:28 GMT

    @ZS32 - I agree the win-loss ratio was good for Ganguly, because he captained just one series each against Aus/Eng/SA. Not assuming that it would have been bad if he had captained a series more in each of this countries but it could have gone both ways. I also agree with the 8-0 drubbing against England was the worst ever we played but at that time there was no one else to replace Dhoni as captain in the test team , hence they had to persist with Dhoni captaincy. And even adding these kind of bad results to his entire tenure, the overall records doesnt seem that bad is what my point. You cannot bad mouth by considering just 5 negatives and leaving out 95 other positives.

  • zs32 on January 12, 2017, 12:44 GMT

    @VROK007- See the win-loss ratio in overseas tests. In England Ganguly's 1-1 was much better than Dhoni's 7-1. Similarly in Australia Ganguly is 1-1 while Dhoni is 4-0 and Ganguly played against a far better Australian team if you want to remind that McGrath and Warne didn't play in that series. Vs South Africa also Dhoni is 1-2 vs Ganguly 1-0 which is not much of a difference. I will ask you one question. Did you watch those 8-0 tests in England or Australia? or last two tests of England tour? or First drawn test of series against SA? I am 100% sure anyone who did will never have a high opinion of Dhoni as a test captain.

  • vrok007 on January 11, 2017, 15:41 GMT

    @ZS32 - There can be many types of dhoni fans but only one type of haters who never use their brain to see the facts which are easily available. If you take away Test record of Ganguly - out of 11 away wins, 6 were against Zim and B'Desh,only One win each against Aus, Eng, WI, Pak and SL. Note: There were no series win twice by Ganguly. Only Dravid, Ajit Wadekar and Dhoni( Vs NZ and WI) have won Test series twice away. We are not saying Dhoni was legendary test captain but other's record were not that exceptional as projected. FYI- Overseas Aus/Eng/SA record is on level - Dhoni has not won test in Aus and Ganguly has not won one in SA. Both have just one victories each against the other 2 countries. You have to agree that both the captains were good in their own way. Yes, today if you see by overall stats and achievements Dhoni is the most successful ever but fans do not think that he is end of the world and would definitely want to see Kohli taking the captaincy to next level.

  • HadesLogic on January 11, 2017, 9:09 GMT

    @VROK007, I can provide all the stats but you are not going to be satisfied. Too much emotional investment in one player to think well of the team. For all the 'best ever' captain tag, Dhoni has won ONLY 4 out of 24 MATCHES outside Asia in his career. Easy to find excuses for non-performance (fav game of Dhoni as well) then to produce results. Funny that all wins are attributed to him and all losses to 'old players', 'young team' etc. I have nothing special against CSK, I make fun of all IPL teams equally but are you seriously going to deny the CSK privilege? We all know the 'big boss' interfered in selection to help Dhoni keep the captaincy. By the way the CSK provided the easy LOI selection for: Jadeja, Raina, Mohit, Nehra and worst of all Negi.

  • zs32 on January 11, 2017, 4:11 GMT

    There are two types of Dhoni fans, one who think he is the beginning and the end and is the best captain India ever produced and of course the other more sensible ones. There are no better sounding words like "needed improvement", "tried hard but in vain" etc which can describe his captaincy in overseas tests. Which in one word was "pathetic". He had a formula for desi tests and lived by it no matter playing anywhere in the world. Same medicine for cold and same for diarrhea. This didn't overshadow the fact that he was an excellent LOI captain. As for the stats, look at Ganguly's record in overseas tests in Aus/Eng/SA vs Dhoni's. No one can deny the fact that he just went through the motions as a captain during 8-0@2011, 2-1 at home against England and last two tests in 2014 series in England.

  • vrok007 on January 10, 2017, 19:17 GMT

    @HADESLOGIC - Through mouth we can talk whatever we want - Please provide the stats of test matches in which Dhoni captained. There were losses because the test team was getting built at that time and obviously you will see players finding their feet , infact even Virat also admitted that it was dhoni who backed him to be present in the test team and the way he had given opportunities shows only the deserved got selected and backed. I understand the stomach burn people around the country have on the CSK Gang. To day its the CSK Gang( Ashwin, Jadeja and Murali Vijay) which is being the back bone of the Indian test team. They had performed with the chances they were given and now have become a force to reckon in the international arena. Even Suresh Raina was CSK but he was selected only when he performed, once his consistency dropped the selectors have moved on to other younger players. Please note that it is only during Dhoni's time, so many youngsters got chance to play.

  • vrok007 on January 10, 2017, 18:32 GMT

    @HADESLOGIC - Out of the 4 you have mentioned, in which batting position each played in their time ? All 3 Sehwag, Sachin and Gambhir played either in 1,2 or 3 positions and Dhoni came at 4 down or 3 down. It would be much appreciated if you can pull the stats for that too - how many innings in which positions these 4 played. And the average Dhoni has is still very good considering the fact the position and the time he gets to bat. And also please try to collect the wicket keeping stats of Dhoni as well and add to the total, because all the other 3 (Sachin, Sehwag and Gambhir ) did not share much an extra load in the games they had played.

  • HadesLogic on January 10, 2017, 18:15 GMT

    @SIR_IVOR, couldn't agree more. I am surprised that everyone is quick to lavish praise and call him the best captain ever for Ind while completely ignoring his test record. Everyone conveniently blames the test losses on 'old senior players' and just as easily attribute all the glory of ODI wins to him alone. What mockery is this? People forget the big 'role' played by Srini in keeping Dhoni and the CSK gang in charge of every part of Ind cricket for a long time and now as soon as Lodha reforms reached a decisive stage, lo and behold a resignation comes through.

  • cooljack_143 on January 10, 2017, 17:38 GMT

    sir.ivor...just chill its only a warm up match. moreover india is not invincible side to win all the games. They dont have power hitting opening batters like England do. Test is a different ball game that too only in SC conditions.Except for Virat and MS no one in this team is capable of winning any game single handedly.Only these two are reliable.Others just get lucky at times & players like Rohit or Dhawan play only on their given day. Chill and enjoy MS a he is at end of his career instead of blabbering about him.Iam sure you were also one of those who reoved shirt and enjoyed when India won WC, remember you had that opportunity only becoz of MS, none else would have won that game for India except for that man himself and that the bitter truth for everyone to understand.I feel he earned all teh maketing for himself just due to his hard work and nothing else, no backing.Show me how many players who being no one came into national set up and made a big name like MS.. CHEERS.

  • vrok007 on January 10, 2017, 17:28 GMT

    @SIR_IVOR It is not rocket science or strange reason to think that there are no biopics of other legends. Not comparing Dhoni with others because each one of them have achieved various feats on their own but Dhoni has brought all the laurels to the country as a Captain. Hence I don't see any wrong reason to stop doing a biopic on him. 400 odd captains have been there in world cricket but only one has achieved all the ICC trophies as a captain.

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