India v New Zealand, 3rd Test, Nagpur November 19, 2010

We'll be judged on performance in decider - Vettori

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They said New Zealand will be swept 0-3. They said New Zealand's batsmen don't have the patience to bat out in Indian conditions. They said the bowlers can't push India at home. They were wrong. Contrary to knee-jerk pre-series predictions of a whitewash, New Zealand have not rolled up and surrendered. Daniel Vettori, though, is not satisfied and said that the team will be judged on how it performs in the decider in Nagpur.

"This one is the most important for us. I think the way our team will be viewed will be more on this Test rather than the previous two. We can't be satisfied. The moment you are satisfied in world cricket, it is the start of your downfall. We can never put ourselves in that position because we aren't good enough yet and we are looking to improve all the time. We are happy with what we have done but we are definitely not satisfied. Our expectations are high even though we are the eighth-ranked team in the world."

Chris Martin's five-for nearly pushed them towards a win in the first Test and they were never under much pressure to save the second.

Vettori put the success down to "excellent preparations" before the series and the post-mortem after the debacle in Bangladesh. "We prepared exceptionally well and we got confidence from that preparation," he said. "Fortunately, our performances followed. And when your performances follow, the camp's pretty happy and there is a lot of confidence going around. So, not a lot needs to be said to the players."

There must have been lot to be say, though, after they were comprehensively beaten in the ODI series in Bangladesh. "There was a little bit of hard talk. I think a lot of players know themselves; you don't need to say too much because people understand expectations on them and people have their own personal expectations. Unfortunately, we weren't at our best in Bangladesh and Bangladesh played very well. You have to keep improving, you have to keep adapting and you are always playing good teams. So there is nowhere to hide.

"We knew India are a huge challenge here and our talks were mainly about coming here to try and win a series. As soon as the talk veers to draws and gutsy losses, then that's not a good sign for the team. The team picked itself up pretty quickly. We want to continue all the hard work that we have put in so far. It's important that we don't get ahead of ourselves and just let the Test match play itself out. But we are certainly excited to be in this position and we hope we will continue the good work that we have done."

Vettori said he was not going to get into a debate about favourites and underdogs ahead of the final Test. "That's for you guys [media] to decide. Both MS [Dhoni] and I think about the game reasonably similarly and go into the game preparing and playing as best as you can. That's what we have done in the first Tests and there's no reason for us to change anything. We just have to come back a little harder. We still expect India to be at their best and we know that they have got some amazing players. You still look at them, their team and what they have done over the last little while and realise just how good they are. We are fairly sure we know what to expect."

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  • Ajay on November 20, 2010, 8:32 GMT

    @ all who said i was ridiculous see the collapse of Nz batting against bowling without even zaheer khan. With a little assistance from pitch Indian bowlers have shown their capability.

  • pramathesh on November 20, 2010, 6:33 GMT

    Starting from 18 July 2010 till end of November 2010 Indian team will have played 7 tests in a period of 4.5 months in addition to the one dayer tournaments. Not surprised that Zaheer is out of the Nagpur test as unfit and dont know how many more will get unfit before the SA tour. By 1st Jan 2011, Indian team would have played 3 more tests. Rest days between two consecutive tests are only 4 days and travel distance is like Mohali to Bangalore or Ahmedabad to Hyderabad. Better not to talk about how India schedules its matches and their venues around the year. Many NZ players play for IPL and they seem to have taken utmost advantage of that exposure to Indian pitches and style of bowling. If Nagpur tests ends in a draw then dont be suprised because in the past, 4 serieses each of 5 test matches held in India resulted in all drawn tests. Also true that tests like Mohali 2010, Kolkatta 2001 or Chepauk 1986 have failed to attract crowds to test match grounds in India

  • Dummy4 on November 20, 2010, 4:59 GMT

    I am confident that BJ Watling can do the wicketkeeping/#8 role we is lightning in the field and between the wickets. It sounds like a defeatist attitude but New Zealand rely so much upon their middle/lower order. I believe that whilst his first class record is impressive, Hopkins is past it (at 35?) is should have been included earlier- there is still time (at 25) to nurture Watling into a player who's technique is sound. He started off well against Australia in the one dayers and that proved his worth.

  • Alex on November 19, 2010, 23:16 GMT

    I really think it is because of Vettori's clever thinking , bowling and planinng against indian middle order. Also indian bowling is really toothless in a flat track. India really do not have bowlers who can knock out tailenders. Sreesanth is act like he is a passengar , may be he is running on empty cylinder. May be done?. I have not seen him put lot of energy. He needs to bowl more stock ball and stop experimenting and try to out think batsman. It mostly fails because opposition knows what you are doing. Ojha is good only if you have rest of 3 bowlers good. At present ojha is not strike bowler , bhajji is not strike bowler except in spinning wickets. Mccullum licking his chops to destroy ishant sharma clueless bounce balls.

    Ishant sharma problem is lack of quick thinking. He needs sehwag to keep telling him how to adjust.

    Also i am thinking whole selectors to dhoni concentrating on SA and completely forgetting nezealnd. Hope NZ shock india and by defeating india in india.

  • Morgan on November 19, 2010, 22:36 GMT

    A bad workman will blame his tools -- and bad cricketers blame the pitch -- if one team can perform on it then why cant the other? Its not like an ODI where luck canbe a factor, a test match is 5 days of cricket... Enough said - I hope NZ turn the indains upside down and give them a first lose in years for a series - however it will not be easy as India have the best team I have seen since the Australian team in the alte 90's

  • richard on November 19, 2010, 21:13 GMT

    go the kiwi's after the sick bangladesh series whiteout the kiwi's have turned it around in this series great to see some good batting coming out of them for a change have to say its the first test series i have watched closely for a long time..... india's a great team & they will be keen on getting a result on this last test but nz know they have a chance of taking it as well hope it ends with a result a good test series got me watching test cricket again!!!!! GO THE KIWI'S KIA KAHA!!!!!!!

  • Joseph on November 19, 2010, 20:51 GMT

    Hindi, you are kidding surely. If NZ had been able to get Harbajhan for his average in all 3 innings, they could well have been to nil up in the series and loking at a whitewash. Harbajhan's last innings - THAT was lucky. I've never seen so many mishits fall safely. NZ has been the better team without doubt if you disregard harbahan.

  • Andrew on November 19, 2010, 20:48 GMT

    @hindh88 - totally disrespectful - if anything India were lucky - lucky Harbajan wasplaying as a BATTING ALLROUNDER! NZ played great, before the series, any day of the week most people would of predicted a 3nil thrashing to India. The series so far has been about NZ playing close to their best capabilities, India not so - but that is partially due to NZ not letting them play well. @Snowsnake - I agree re your first sentence. There is huge pressure on India, a loss would send India's beloved #1 ranking into freefall, a drawn series will do a similar effect. Not having Zaheer - easily the best bowler this summer is going to put huge pressure on India. If I was a betting man - I'd love to take up some odds on NZ winning - I think India are vulnerable. That being said - I think SRT & VVS are due big scores.

  • P on November 19, 2010, 19:47 GMT

    I think NZ has nothing to lose and everything to win in the final test. India is exactly opposite. I hope that India-NZ plays more tests in the future. Very gentlemanly series. Both teams are very respectful of each other.

  • Leigh on November 19, 2010, 19:45 GMT

    I think you would be hard pressed to really beleive that NZ have ben lucky, they have played to their game plans and applied themselves very well. They are admittedly still behind India in terms of skill but they have negated that by performing to their limit. As a fan of the kiwis the exciting bit is how good these guys, Ryder, Taylor, williamson,Southee,Guptill will be in a few years time as they are still early twenties and are not yet the finnished article.

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