India v New Zealand, 2nd T20, Chennai

Yuvraj makes 'emotional' return

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September 11, 2012

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Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni scamper for a run, India v New Zealand, 2nd T20I, Chennai, September 11, 2012
The 42-run partnership between MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh took 38 balls © Associated Press
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Yuvraj Singh has said his first game for India after his battle with cancer was "a big emotional moment." He bowled two overs for 14 runs, took a catch, and scored 34 runs off 26 balls in the second Twenty20 international against New Zealand in Chennai. However, Yuvraj was dismissed in the final over of the chase and India lost by one run.

"There are mixed emotions," Yuvraj said after the game. "We lost a game that we should have won, but for me personally it was a big emotional moment to get on the field. I had tears in my eyes when we were fielding, luckily the cameras did not catch it. I think I am timing the ball well and it can only get better from here."

Yuvraj's return was much awaited and he got a standing ovation from the spectators when he came in to bat at No. 4. "It was good to see Yuvraj come back and score some runs. It was a big game for him," MS Dhoni said. "I personally feel that he gives us the right kind of balance we need. He is not someone who will bowl all four overs in a T20 game, but he is a variation that I can use especially since we have to play with four specialist bowlers."

India managed 24 runs between overs 14 and 18, making a chase that appeared in control slip out of hand in the last two overs. Dhoni said the slowness of the pitch in the second half of the chase made it tough for the batsmen to score.

"The wicket slowed down and it was difficult to hit," Dhoni said. "It's among the bigger grounds. It was holding up and not all the balls had same bounce. In the end it became quite difficult. But we should have won this game."

Chasing New Zealand's 167, India were boosted by a quick start from Virat Kohli, who opened in Virender Sehwag's absence. Kohli's 41-ball 70 included seven fours and a six, and he was well supported by Suresh Raina and Yuvraj. Sixteen runs came off the 13th over, but Kohli's wicket in the next dried up the boundaries for India.

Dhoni, who scored 22 off 23 balls, said the team was worried about the nature of the wicket towards the end of the match. "After the 10th or 12th over, it got tough. Had it remained the way it was in the first half, we would have fancied our chances."

However, Dhoni expressed satisfaction with the form of India's top-order batsmen and said it bode well ahead of the World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka. "Virat gave us a very good start. After that, Raina and Yuvraj also batted really well. It is a positive for us before the start of the World Cup. To play a few games before getting into the World Cup is very important. Two more games in Sri Lanka ... that means we will get into the groove."

India are scheduled to play two warm-up matches - against Sri Lanka and Pakistan - before their first Group A match against Afghanistan on September 19.

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Posted by   on (September 14, 2012, 14:34 GMT)

He's a good player and all that but pulled on a lot of weight though.

Posted by RiyazVScricket on (September 14, 2012, 5:50 GMT)

Dhoni wat r u doing in T20 game...!!

Posted by Meety on (September 13, 2012, 5:22 GMT)

Really happy for Yuvraj, it was a successful comeback, however I would not of selected him without some List A/FC ot T20 exposure prior.

Posted by kc69 on (September 12, 2012, 20:41 GMT)

i really feel the true test for Yuvraj will be in coming up matches(Especially practice matches).Because i feel the comeback was not completely satisfactory(he did look a bit rusty).

Posted by DaGameChanger on (September 12, 2012, 19:15 GMT)

I totally agree with Ashish Gupta. Its great to see what Dhoni has brought to India. I am also big fan of Dhoni but He totally miscalculated this one. With 6 wickets in hand, he should have attacked much more earlier especially knowing Franklin has to bowl later on. The only possible explanation for him can be he wanted Yuvraj to take over the chase.

Posted by Nampally on (September 12, 2012, 18:46 GMT)

@SuperSelector.WC: I agree it is wrong to blame Dhoni entirely for a match which could have gone either way. It swayed on both the sides. But Dhoni's tactics misfired. When Kohli was out, 48 runs were needed off 42 balls. Dhoni should have gone all out for the kill at that stage with 7 overs to the finish line. I personally felt that Dhoni who decided to come in place of Rohit should not have altered the batting order. Rohit is the guy who can hit most bowling because of his footwork being superior to Dhoni. It was just unfortunate that Franklin was bowling very intelligently changing pace & direction with accuracy. Dhoni could not force the pace & kept on mishitting. Rohit would have got his huge 6's because he hits them all over the field. Batsmen-Bowler fit is also a big factor which luckily went the NZ way. Nevertheless it was very good game- Good to the last Ball!. We can't win them all. Lot of luck goes into T-20, which is partly a lottery.

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (September 12, 2012, 18:06 GMT)

good game of cricket. and i cannot understand that india lost only 4 wickets and still lost the match. surprising but it's ok to lose.

Posted by mohanan on (September 12, 2012, 14:33 GMT)

I don't think that the pitch slowed down all of a sudden when Dhoni came into bat. I think it is rather the bowling of Franklin and Oram, changing pace and bowling a lot of slower deliveries that undone India. Dhoni and yuvi should have looked for more ones and twos, when boundaries were harder to score. Two more runs and India would have been on the winning side.

Posted by HawksEyeFocused on (September 12, 2012, 14:02 GMT)

The real giants to watch in semi-finals are Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies and Australia. The rest of the teams will be like this according to their points at the table S.A,N.Z, B.D,Eng, Ireland, Afghanistan, Zim and India.

Posted by jasonpete on (September 12, 2012, 13:42 GMT)

Posted by SimplySoms on (September 12 2012, 13:19 PM GMT), India lost 2003 world cup,even though they had a impressive record during the league stage with tendulkar being the top scorer.Even in 2011 world cup,India reached final but if they failed to win,will you remember the league matches and the runners up stories?NO. During the final,the performance matters ,whatever you do in the league stage will go waste if you slip up the chance in final.When India was 32/2 sehwag 0 and tendulkar early exit,with the help of gambhir ,kohli ,dhoni promoted himself up the order and played a sensible innings.Yesterday he did some mistakes,but last over changed the entire scenario,yuvraj avoided to take twos and got bowled out then dhoni was not on strike .sometimes situation like this creates more chances but it's a good lesson for the team in coming t20 tournament.

Posted by InnocentGuy on (September 12, 2012, 13:22 GMT)

@rahulcricket007, are you kidding me? Seriously? You can look into your conscience and tell everyone that Dhoni is NOT a good T20 captain? If you say he is a bad Test captain, there is some truth to it. The man gave India its first T20 world cup. He has led CSK to IPL semi-finals 5 out of 5 times, won the trophy twice, and ended runners-up twice, led CSK to CLT20 trophy! I don't know why Cricinfo publishes rubbish comments like yours.

Posted by SimplySoms on (September 12, 2012, 13:19 GMT)

@JeeshYDillac, Dhoni played match winning innings in World cup final i agree, but its because of Yuvi and Zaheer India won world cup. Those two consistently performed the whole tournament when Dhoni failed to even contribute. Don't just contribute success to one person Dhoni. Good players make good team and Good caption comes from that team.

Posted by The-love on (September 12, 2012, 12:10 GMT)

@solankibhavesh : You don't know anything about cricket man,if you think Parthiv Patel is better is better than Dhoni.99 of the 100 true cricket followers will laugh on you if you say in front of them same line.... Ha ha ha ha....parthiv patel is better than dhoni....

Posted by The-love on (September 12, 2012, 12:08 GMT)

So people finally got something....Its the habit of indians to make person down when he has power....I don't think Gambhir even justifies to his place in test team,specially in foreign conditions....Kohli is still new,has to score some centuries in foreign conditions....Even then i want him to stay away from captaincy....It will spoil his game....We have seen it happening with Sachin,Ganguly,Azhar and now Dhoni....

Posted by pratit on (September 12, 2012, 11:57 GMT)

Typical Dhoni.Not for the first time coming on to bat when things are smooth and then bungling up. This leaving things till late comes from his proclivity to show himself off as a hero. Build the run rate up to 13-14 per over, then hit some sixes and behold- the next morning Indian media is brimming with news as to how Dhoni FINISHED the match in EMPHATIC STYLE. God knows what is the need to keep things till the last over when the required run rate is only 7 anyway, which it was when Dhoni came out to bat yesterday.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 11:36 GMT)

Chennai crowd is one the best in India. And Chennai cricket ground has seen many great games including the tied test match. It was perfect stage for Yuvi to return in internationals. Go Yuvi go.........

Posted by jplterrors on (September 12, 2012, 10:53 GMT)

Cant be 2 hard on Dhoni with this one he did have the best T20 bowler in the world(Franklin) on fire to deal with

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 10:09 GMT)

@ Ravishankeran Ramaraj Who will then be keeper? Or should India not play with a wicket-keeper?

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 9:55 GMT)

I am a big Dhoni fan.. for all he has brought to Indian cricket. its easy to forget what Indian cricket days were before he came to the team.. When wicketkeeper used to be tailender and there was a big collapse towards the end of almost every Indian chase. Dhoni changed all that. His habit of leaving things till the end may have cost India a few matches, but it is a lot lot better than those days of great collapses. My respect for him would have doubled had he put his hand up and said "Ok, I miscalculated this one". Whatever the nature of wicket; its not acceptable to loose a game with 6 wickets in hand. Maybe he needs to revise his strategy for 20-20. Because there is not much time and leaving things just a little late can cost you the game. Like the one in Chennai. I am sure he will adjust his strategy in the world cup.

Posted by SuperSelector.WC on (September 12, 2012, 9:54 GMT)

Its time to stop blaming Dhoni for every defeat. Did we say cricket is a team game? When someone like Tendulkar fail, we say he will come back strong and silence his critics, but when the team fails we always demand Dhoni's head on our plates. Grow up guys.

Posted by JeeshYDillac on (September 12, 2012, 9:50 GMT)

if team is winning then no one having problem with Dhoni's batting or captaincy. If once in a while we lost a game, fans will turn against Dhoni. You people are forgetting about Dhoni's batting and captaincy "how many games he single handedly makes us feel proud." Please dont make stupid comments. If Dhoni did not play like an innings he played in world cup final then is it possible to win the World CUP guys?????

Posted by SimplySoms on (September 12, 2012, 9:20 GMT)

Is Dhoni a Dictator? Not even commentators like Sunny/Sanjay/Ravi not able to talk anything about Dhoni's performance. I am not saying that Dhoni is an absolute waste, but at least these critics who points finger on every other cricketer. How pathetically we lost the match. It is India's match till Virat got out and we just kept the match safely in Kiwis hands

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 12, 2012, 8:57 GMT)

i can understand what dhoni is trying to say here . actually the pitch has a sensor due to which it changes its nature when dhoni is batting . the moment other batsman came it became normal .

Posted by vish2020 on (September 12, 2012, 8:32 GMT)

I just read that MS Dhoni's T20 record is pathetic and other reader wrote he can't captain T20?? What? Didnt he win the WC for us in 2007? Man my indians are just too selfish when it comes to wins!! Guys, let the tournament start, we will do well

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 8:31 GMT)

@DNcric Exactly, the change of title has something to do with BCCI :D

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 12, 2012, 8:29 GMT)

whatever be the performance of indian team in t20 wc , dhoni should step down from t20 captaincy . he is not a good t20 captain . india 's poor showing in the 2009 , 2010 wc shows it .

Posted by masoodali150 on (September 12, 2012, 8:26 GMT)

Well, Once Sanjy Manrekar said after Pitch report that wining toss should bat first, that was first mistake by Dhoni to bowl first. Further, its a fact that no bowler yet India has produce compere to Pakistan. Yes, off course batsmen are much better in Indian Team than Pakistan except Dhoni. PITCH WAS SLOW FOR HIM hahahaha.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 8:11 GMT)

It's time we start looking out for seperate captain for T20, One Day and Test.I think too much of cricket is spoiling down Dhoni performance in all the formats. I would like to see Gautam Gambhir taking up captaincy role in Test Match and One Day Captaincy being given to Dhoni and T20 being given to Kohli. Dhoni record in Test Match are pathetic in overseas and his T20 performance is not so good these days both in India and overseas. It was sub standards to his quality.He was more vulnerable to quality spin bowling both against the Off spinner and left arm spinner. He only knows to play only in V. He doesn't have much strokes to play against top quality spin bowling. It's the same with Yuvi and Raina against top quality off spinner. We should have the following team for upcoming T20 matches. I think most of them will agree with my selection.

1. Viru 2. Rahane 3 Kholi 4 Gambhir 5 Yuvi/Raina 6 Uthappa 7 I Pathan 8 Harbhajan 9 Ashok Dinda 10 Munaf/Praveen 11 Zaheer/Yadav.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 7:43 GMT)

Arunachalam_Solayappan ur correct so isupport ur comments dhoni very slow batting and unfortunatly india loss the match

Posted by neerajprasher on (September 12, 2012, 7:25 GMT)

We lost the match cos of MSD.he was saying pitch was slow in the last then y didn't u bat first.stop giving excuses.

Posted by Naresh28 on (September 12, 2012, 7:22 GMT)


Posted by solankibhavesh on (September 12, 2012, 6:56 GMT)

For while i think Parthiv Patel is better than Dhoni in T-20 format, may be i am right?

Posted by SanjivAwesome on (September 12, 2012, 6:48 GMT)

More importantly, NZ played really well. They are a good t20 team and should put up quite a display at the world t20. It is ok to take it easy on Dhoni for he admits that India should have won the game. They came across a really tough competitor and it was not the pitch!

Posted by solankibhavesh on (September 12, 2012, 6:44 GMT)

Instead of Manoj Tiwary India would have selected Robin Uttapa or Yusuf Pathan in the squad. Tiwary was good in ODI's but he is not that much good in t-20, i have seen him playing in IPL for last five years and he hasnt done anything special. India will miss Powerful Hitter Like Yusuf and Uttappa in middle order although they play one good knock in 3-4 innings, but world cup stage and that too in subcontinent would ave given them very good opportunity. Dhoni, enough said, he is not a t-20 quality player although he is the best ODI player or finisher, just saw his record in cricinfo in all t-20 matches and his best is 48 not out that is only the best innings he has played, he just came to bat knowing to score some runs and reamin not out, if there are t-20 specailists like Rohit and Irfan, why he choose himself above all them even Tiwary as he was there as Batsmen. Shame on Dhoni, becuase of him we Tied with Sri lanka and Lost the place in Final in CB series.

Posted by sam_screaming on (September 12, 2012, 6:42 GMT)

All the dhoni bashing is already done so i dont need to say more.. With enough batsmen in the team its irresponsible to say that pitch was slow and thats why we were not able to pull off a win.. what I was surprised by was the comments made by commentary team... when dhoni hit a boundary in the last over, sunny said he is the finisher in a way that only he can win the game from there. Mr Gavaskar, you may like that style of batting but rest of india wont because we needed 34 of 18 balls and not 36 of 132 balls.... Good to see yuvraj on field and performing... As far as people concerned with indian bowling i wud like to state that our sub standard bowling is good enough for your substandard batting... Please let me know the last time pakistan beat india in an international match

Posted by SamRoy on (September 12, 2012, 6:31 GMT)

Dhoni has become a real master at giving excuses. Time, to seriously question, whether he plays for the team or for himself. If it is the latter then, well, some harsh decisions need to be taken. Anyway, his international T-20 record is pathetic. Strike rate of 109 and no fifties, only not outs in defeats to bolster his average....

Posted by DMcric on (September 12, 2012, 6:25 GMT)

Dear cricinfo moderators, yesterday title of this article was something like "Dhoni blames slow wicket ....." and today "Yuvraj made .....". May I ask if Srinivasan also controlling cricinfo and any title revealing incompetency of Dhoni should not be highlighted? Just curious ;-) Because, it seems like Dhoni is the only greater than the greatest captain, who could keep his captaincy even after a pathetic display of batsmanship, wicket keeping and more specifically captaincy in a 8-0 loss. I really grant Mr. Srinivasan and Mr. Srikanth their superiority and talent catching eye to see the hidden talent in Dhoni that none of the cricket fans and/or former cricketers/pandits could see from his performances (which I would term as pathetic performances). I would assume, if Dhoni gets dropped from the team (as a captain and/or as a player) then his brand value might go down and let me recall - Dhoni plays for CSK owned by Srinivasan, isn't it?

Posted by Arunachalam_Solayappan on (September 12, 2012, 6:25 GMT)

I fail to understand why Dhoni played very very slowly (as what he is been doing for quiet few years) when we have lost just 3 wickets and still have Rohit, Pathan, Tiwari, etc are yet to come. Putting blame on the pitch in a T20 is a real joke. Moreover, Chennai is his home ground (CSK) so not reading the pitch is not at all an excuse. Dhoni is becomig a politician now.

Posted by Dalajit on (September 12, 2012, 6:21 GMT)

It is not the slow pitch which cost the match for us, it is the slow batting of Dhoni which cost the match for us. How can he always blame somebody else rather taking the blame on his shoulder. It was all ok when Kohli was batting and even Yuvi was batting, suddenly Dhoni could hit the ball in a T20 when there were so many wickets in hand. Why to send Rohit instead of Tiwary or even Ashwin who are in good forms to score the last two balls. Dhoni always takes the match to last over and sometime he wins which India fortunate enough but in yesterday match it could have been finished well before if Dhoni would have hit the ball early. Well, it is now very often that India always loose one off match in T20 and lost the series in the process. Should learn from theses matched and be prepare for T20 world cup and please don't make same mistake again in World Cup also.

Posted by Arunachalam_Solayappan on (September 12, 2012, 6:20 GMT)

Past few years (say 3-4 years) Dhoni is playing very slowaly. Meaning, too many dot balls in the innings and reluctant to go for big hits even when the situation is demanding. Many matches had been lost or close victories because of this approach. Even Gambhir had said in a press match conference (few month ago) that we should have won the match in 47th over insted of 50th, which created a big controversy. Many IPL matches had been lost by CSK becuase of his slow batting. Thanks to Morkel and co who played aggresively (for CSK) and won the match and saved Dhoni's face. Right time for Dhoni to give lame excuse on the pitch condition when all players except him is not able to hit big shots.

Posted by AnniT20 on (September 12, 2012, 6:20 GMT)

MSD's decision to play with fire backfired on him!!

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (September 12, 2012, 6:17 GMT)

WickyRoy.paklover law may be it..tehy are capabale of beating a team which got no guts and quality in good toiurnaments..i mean pakistan..any given day this dhoni team can easily defeat lazy pakistani afridi team .. ashvin is still better than ajmal...first find oiut will yoiur pak win agaisnt any team in t 20..

Posted by sumit176 on (September 12, 2012, 6:09 GMT)

@wickyroy,,,i dont have high hopes on indian team but neither your "73 all out team"is going to win,,lol

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 6:03 GMT)

Cause of the loss = Rohit Sharma. Therefore the main culprit is the person who sent him in to bat. It wasn't Dhoni because he was in the middle already. Therefore Dhoni is not culpable.

Cricinfo commentator is hilarious. As Sharma walks in he says "Here's Rohit Sharma of six-hitting fame" or something like that. As soon as the match is lost he questions the wisdom of sending in Sharma, saying that Pathan would have been better.

What about Harby then? I would trust Harby to connect more than Pathan. And hey, can't Ashwin bat too? Why didn't they send HIM?

Posted by joseyesu on (September 12, 2012, 5:54 GMT)

It is dhoni, dhoni and dhoni alone....

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 5:47 GMT)

Have a heart my Indian friends, loosing by one run doesnt mean any thing when it is a t20 match that too not of WC but in preparation of WC, now that your team know what mistake she made so I am sure you people will cope up with that small mistake thats not a big deal. What I personally think that India and even Pakistan by loosing these last T20Is before WC will keep them cautioned not to become overconfident. Other wise we all know these two are best t20 sides in the world. Hope to see another Pak v Ind T20 WC final. I personally like MS Dhoni, he is a world class batsman just in one or two odd matches you cannt just brust it out to him. By the way we also had Misbah and we didnt send him to T20 WC :p

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 5:38 GMT)

Welcome Back Yuvraj.... It was great to see him back on the field.

Posted by veerakannadiga on (September 12, 2012, 5:38 GMT)

Happy for Yuvi. Welcome back supreme star. The happiness written on the face of Yuvi's mother, while Yuvi was batting says it all.

Posted by timohyj on (September 12, 2012, 5:37 GMT)

I cannot believe that you people are questioning Dhoni's "ability" because he failed to take India home in one match. How many times in the last 1 year has Dhoni taken India home in chases and clobbered the bowlers at the death? Just because he fails to do so once on a pitch where the ball was not coming onto the bat and oram and franklin were bowling very tight lines. They would have won if Yuvraj had taken the second run on several occasions but his fitness levels were not very good which is only to be expected. Also, Yuvraj was not picking the slower balls very well and had a lot of swings and misses. If he plays a couple more matches he will get to full form and India will win the WC

Posted by VinodkumarVC on (September 12, 2012, 5:32 GMT)


Over No 12 and 13 Fetched India 31 Runs. Suddenly MSD, India's Best finisher came and the pitch became unplayable. 17 runs came of the next 4 Overs (24 of 5 Overs). Well Played DHONI!!! LOL.

Posted by tuluguroshan on (September 12, 2012, 5:24 GMT)

Dhoni is trying to make the game thougher and then getting the credit of winning the match on his own...this time that went wrong.this team can definitely win the T20 world cup..but please dhoni you should come to the crese when the required rate is 10+/over.welcome back yuvi....yuvi and kohili will win this world cup for india..

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 5:17 GMT)

Before this match, here is comparison of Misbah ul Haq & MS Dhoni stats:

Twenty 20 Internationals Record comparison of Misbah ul Haq and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Misbah: Matches: 39, Runs: 788, Best: 87*, Average: 37.52, S/R: 110.20, 50's: 3, Fours: 45, Sixes: 26. MS Dhoni: Matches: 32, Runs: 565, Best: 48*, Average: 29.73, S/R: 110.13, 50's: 0, Fours: 32, Sixes: 17.

Misbah is far better, yet, Pakistan has dropped him - from the T20 captaincy and also from side. India should also has someone like Kohli or Yuvraj T20 capitan who are aggressive and bring aggressiveness to play.

I blame only Dhoni for not winning this match. All other players did their best.

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 12, 2012, 5:15 GMT)


Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 12, 2012, 5:12 GMT)


Posted by CRIC_or_CRIC on (September 12, 2012, 5:11 GMT)


Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 5:11 GMT)

With that Sixer to Vettori, it was not the leather ball he had hit, it looked as if it was that tumor he had smashed out of the Park! Welcome Back Yuvraj ! India Lost but you defeated Cancer!

Posted by AMEERCI on (September 12, 2012, 5:05 GMT)

Only one mistake cost india....change of batting order... Rohit should have come on at No.3 or 4...india could have win very easily . Why Why....Dhoni come first..what he wanted to prove...required run rate was also not so big. this was a disaster decision. Same mistake was done by Hafeez againt Austraila he gave one costly over to Shoaib Malik..and later send him at No.4 position. It is time to think ..just do it

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 12, 2012, 5:05 GMT)

SURPRISED TO SEE NO COMMENTATOR CRITCIZE DHONI FOR HIS SLOW BATTING . when dhoni was batting commentators were saying "look at him , he is so calm under pressure , he is in no hurry to finish the match , he knows the required rate is only just 7 , just two big hits can do the job . in the last over when dhoni hits a four bhogle said " LOOK AT THE POWER OF THIS MAN , HE IS A GREAT FINISHER & IS DOING HIS JOB AGAIN . "l

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 12, 2012, 4:56 GMT)


Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 4:56 GMT)

Dhoni did a Misbah ;)

Posted by MelbourneMiracle on (September 12, 2012, 4:56 GMT)

Is Mohan Kumar around? He once asked me not to compare Dhoni with Mathews coz Dhoni is a far better finisher than Mathews. Where are you Mohan Kumar? Hiding behind the bush?? Hehehehe :D

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (September 12, 2012, 4:54 GMT)


Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 4:54 GMT)

Dhoni got a good sense of Humor...

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 4:38 GMT)

I think Dhoni lose this match on Purpose . Cant believe till now how India lost the Match.

Posted by Madineni23 on (September 12, 2012, 4:37 GMT)

Why not sehwag? Is it dhoni troughing seniors away? Sehwag needs be to be there in T20 format...

Posted by Ribs on (September 12, 2012, 4:36 GMT)

What a statement from MSD, please don't make full of us. 7 runs per over with 7 wickets in hand merely cake walk in T20. Slowness only for MSD, run a ball in T20 is not acceptable at all. He needs to clear his role. Giving chance to Rohit again again looks childishness. Why he is not considering Yusuf in T20 format he is far better T20 player than Rohit. After nightmare performance in SL tour Rohit should not be selected for T20 WC at all. Amabti need to be considered as well. MSD need to stop his dirty game with Viru as well

Posted by viswanav on (September 12, 2012, 4:30 GMT)

@nyc_missile: Really enjoyed reading your comment. I second your thoughts on Dhoni-the "so-called" Captain Cool...

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 4:29 GMT)

Only when you cameto bat pitch got sluggish..... when Kohli and Yuvi were batting it was playing quite fine.... come on man... just take up the blame when it's due on you, you'll not get thrown out for that.....

Posted by VinodkumarVC on (September 12, 2012, 4:22 GMT)

Statistics of the Slow pitch at chenai: Over no 12 & 13 fetched 31 Runs, Here comes Dhoni and suddenly the pitch became unplayable. only 24 runs in the next Five overs with India's Best finisher at the crease. Well played DHONI..!!! LOL........

Posted by shivashakthi on (September 12, 2012, 4:16 GMT)

@ satish619chandar: u r absolutely spot on, I also rememberer that match but could not recall which series it was, Ind were in need of 59 runs of 58 balls when India lost 5th wicket & Jadeja joined Dhoni & the result was a tie. Has Dhoni played on a different pitch here? It wasn't slow for Kohli, Yuvi, Raina, Rohit!!! What an excuse from the great finisher? Its time for the selectors to think on a new captain for T20I or else India will go further down in Rankings. I've been watching many matches where Dhoni was praised for finishing the game but never found his strike rate above 100. Doesn't it mean that he creates such situation by eating too many ball in the beginning? Calling him as a finisher is foolish i believe, If he's a finisher, i would expect his strike rate to be above 100 or else cant accept him as finisher! I do agree with fielding 1st as in 2 previuos matches against NZ they have chased down the target, so good idea to chase here but you should score runs to chase!!!

Posted by BHARATH_DADA on (September 12, 2012, 3:59 GMT)

Dhoni Make 3 big Mistake...... 1.sehwag miss 2.Toss win choose 2nd bat 3.dhoni went to 3rd down....

Posted by Narbavi on (September 12, 2012, 3:55 GMT)

@Muhammad Farhan: ya ajmal is better i agree, but just like how pakistan will never produce batsmen like Dravid and Tendulkar, right??

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 3:55 GMT)

the usual expected indian comment. its always the pitch, dew, ground size, ball, umpire, toss, sun in their eyes, conditions, or something else. Why dont they ever just say that they played a poor game.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 3:53 GMT)

Because of the Dhoni we lost the match.There were wickets in hand, still we lost in ball to run chase this is not good for any country who has good team.Dhoni would have accept the blame.

Posted by PTtheAxis on (September 12, 2012, 3:51 GMT)

funny how none of the indian commentators could not say anything against dhoni. this is india's problem. can't speak the truth based on facts ever. ravi shastri even went to the extent of saying dhoni was right in coming to bat when he did when it was clear anyone amongst tiwary or irfan could have finished by the 19th over. silly selfishness exists in people like dhoni and is promoted by those pretending to be commentators. even all the tv channels were trying to find other scapefgoats lika ashwin. dhoni is above reproach even after losing so many t20's singehandedly and india has not even reached semifinal since 2007. dhoni should not be in the team for t20 or test. he is too slow for t20 and too techniqueless for tests.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 3:44 GMT)


Posted by Sidath346 on (September 12, 2012, 3:43 GMT)

Oh so here he goes whining about other factors instead of accepting a better opposition performance. Dhoni is by no means a good professional sportsman. For every match that India have lost, he has something to point the finger at. Sorry Dhoni but you are a pathetic person. I'm not referring to his skills but his 'lame excuse' qualities.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 3:39 GMT)

I think Dhoni's casualness cost India the match. In the first place, Harbhajan should have played and not Ashwin. And Rahane should have been there, in place of the out-of-form Gambhir.

And finally, to say the least, why was Dhoni in the middle, when Rohit Sharma & Manoj Tiwary were still there? He wanted to the take the glory yet again ... and failed miserably. Hope he learns a lesson from this this and also the ever so silent 'team management'.

Posted by Sudhirhk on (September 12, 2012, 3:37 GMT)

What is the joker Dhoni yammering about? A few days ago, he was whining they should prepare slow and turning pitches in India. Now, he is blaming the pitch got slow and so India screwed up. That means, according to him, India cannot play on either fast or slow pitches?! What a load of crap coming from the captain! Why can't he just man up and admit he screwed up the chase, as simple as that.

Posted by SimplySoms on (September 12, 2012, 3:34 GMT)

Don't pass the blame on Pitch Mr.Dhoni, India lost this match just because of you. Sometimes you will get into a shell and cannot come out of that, and just blame pitch for that. You spoiled Yuvi's re-entry

Posted by WishW on (September 12, 2012, 3:23 GMT)

slow pitch?the so called good finisher has an excuse?well...dhoni's slow innings was the reason they lost...when kholi was batting the pitch seemed to be excellent for batting...became slow in 2 overs?well played NZ..nice comeback...

Posted by satish619chandar on (September 12, 2012, 3:16 GMT)

Slow pitch? If Dhoni can play shots only in last two overs, then he should not come in to bat at 14th over but at 19th over. Not sure what made him to raise the RRR from 7 to 11 in four over period from 14-17 overs. Put unnecessary pressure on Yuvi too. With two batsmen in Rohit and Tiwary to come, he should have looked to finish off by 19th over. Leaving till last minute had cost India many times now. Even the CB series tie was due to his slow batting and it ultimately cost the place in finals. Had we lost too many wickets and Dhoni was the last batsman, it would have been perfectly understandable but not in yesterday's game. He should ve been awarded the MOM for making NZ win.

Posted by WickyRoy.paklover on (September 12, 2012, 3:11 GMT)


Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 3:11 GMT)

India lost the game because of Dhoni. In a t-20 match, run a ball is not acceptable rate of strike. Dhoni with a strike rate of less than 100 was thus the main culprit.The other reason was reluctance of Yuvraj to run a second or third run but he can be excused as he had only recently come out of a life threatening situation.He has been a "yuvraj' long enough and I would him become a" maharaja" of cricket during the forthcoming T-20 World Cup.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 3:05 GMT)

oh come on why can this man just for once can't admit that it's his fault..he is too good in pointing out other's mistake that curator made a bad pitch,seniors are slowing us down and all that but just once i would like to hear taking the damn responsibility of loss on his own shoulders.seriously pathetic.and thank god this loss came just before WC may be it will teach Dhoni some lesson even though he is never willing to learn.

Posted by Alexk400 on (September 12, 2012, 3:02 GMT)

why sehwag not in the team. And TIWARI?

Posted by CSKftw on (September 12, 2012, 3:00 GMT)

It was Dhoni's decision to bowl after winning the toss so if the pitch slowed down and made batting difficult, he should take the blame. The real reason why India lost was because of Dhoni's slow innings, he does this often in T20 matches at both the international level and in IPL's, sometimes he makes up for it by scoring heavily in the last few overs but sometimes he doesnt, which was the case this time.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 2:41 GMT)

Maybe, Dhoni should look at his innings. It was slow.

Posted by JustIPL on (September 12, 2012, 2:34 GMT)

Kohli was consumed at the top of the order and his stay is so important during chases even his wicket when India were closing in on victory put batting under pressure. Initial success by pathan and zak were due to swing they got but then Pathan unveiled spin balls which got hit. Also Ashwin has been picked and there are much better batsmen then Mccullam. Yuvi can open with Kohli while Viru can play at allrounder spot could be a good option.

Posted by Aditya0460 on (September 12, 2012, 2:19 GMT)

Dhoni is just out of sorts. I mean how can he say the pitch slowed down towards the end when Yuvraj was striking cleanly and Rohit managed 4 off just 2 balls. It's a lame excuse for hiding his own capablity. And if he wasn't sure about the pitch then why did he elected to field. If Pathan would have come further than Dhoni then things would have been diffrent. Dhoni's decisions are out of my mind.

Posted by mucheemaann on (September 12, 2012, 2:15 GMT)

When will Doni stop complaining? He wants spinning wickets all over India; ready to lose big when faced with a sporting wicket; he himself plays really bad on any type of wicket other than slow low wickets; and we need to continue with him as player and captain?

On top of all this, he is the one that decided to bowl first. Why wouldn't he just say that he misred the wicket? Would he acknowledge the slowness of the wicket if NZ batted last and if India had won? For that matter, How many Indian grounds have consistent bounce all day?

Sick of this nonsense excuses!!

Posted by natasrik on (September 12, 2012, 2:09 GMT)

Perhaps Dhoni and Duncan should have sent Irfan after Yuvraj's wicket. Rohit definitely a good batsman who has produced great innings but with lack of runs under his belt it would have been a challenge and what happened next, everybody going to blame him for the defeat. With Irfan what would have happened is, replacing a left hander at the crease and with only two balls left, 6 runs to get and Irfan who had a good last series plus with good bowling in the NZ innings would have given him the licence to score freely.

Posted by musa441 on (September 12, 2012, 1:59 GMT)

excuses excuses and lame excuse!! come on india learn to accept defeat!! if india gets knocked out in the wct20 then they will say that the pitches were good for seam bowling and our batsmen are not capable of playing on seaming wickets so its no our fault simple as that lol get a life man show some sportsman spirit!!

Posted by Jack_India on (September 12, 2012, 1:49 GMT)

Even if the pitch was slow and difficult, India had a lot of big hitters waiting to come. There is no reason for Dhoni to have taken so many singles and dot balls.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 1:34 GMT)

dhoni...why did you come ahead of rohit to bat. is this a test match to stood not out . after your wicket there are 3 more batsmen to chase it down.

Posted by theRule19 on (September 12, 2012, 1:26 GMT)

India is good on their batting but really lack on their bowling with their pace and spin at times. Ashwin needs to be replaced as the batsmen around the world know all his tricks now and Dhoni has to start giving guys like Rahul Sharma a game or someone else from the IPL..Yuvi looks to be in good touch and will only fare will as the time goes. Good to see him back.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 1:15 GMT)

Dhoni was playing test match and not T20...even run a ball would have tied the match...grow up dhoni..

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 1:13 GMT)

Hahahah....Indians were too much expecting to Ashwin's bowling and were comparing him with Saeed Ajmal, but just check out his RPO...11.33...India can never produce a marvelous bowler like Saeed Ajmal..

Posted by sportsfan on (September 12, 2012, 1:06 GMT)

Dhoni single handedly lost the match. The required rate was 7 when he came in to bat with 3 wickets down and he took it to over 11 runs in the last 2 overs by his slow scoring. Kholi, Yuvi and raina played well to get India to a comanding possition. Dhoni lost the match from there and made sure he kept his average up. He has done this on numerous occassions but nobody seems to notice it. This is truely selfish batting without regard to the indian team

Posted by Aaryanraj88 on (September 12, 2012, 1:01 GMT)

We Lost because of this stupid captain of ours MS Dhoni... When u hv two players (manoj and rohit) competing for a place in final 11 when sehwag comes, why did dhoni come up with a very very dumb idea of promoting himself. And everybody knows his style now. he will play dot balls in the start and will make difficult to chase, also not to forget the tremendous amount of pressure he indirectly puts on the other batsman to score as he himself is not scoring. Time to change the captain. Make gambhi or kohli captain of the team.

Posted by bluefunk on (September 12, 2012, 0:58 GMT)

we all know he's a great finisher, but he needs to remember his limitations as a batsman. there's a reason sharma and tiwary were in the team.

Posted by   on (September 12, 2012, 0:50 GMT)

Having won the toss Dhoni would have opt for is a lame excuse batting second pitch is Good match

Posted by praveen4honestremark on (September 12, 2012, 0:46 GMT)

NZ Congratulations!! Well bowled, and you deserve win. I didn't like how Dhoni batted and has been batting.Dhoni works hard on his batting but that is mostly on hard hitting, what about good strokes, i mean straight bat strokes and playing slow balls well. Dhoni is very slow of all Indian batsman against slow balls There was only emphasis on hard hitting in practice sessions i guess by Fletcher on Dhoni batting. Dhoni's self belief on his batting is laudable but his self belief and achievements have closed his mind in learning new things. Time has come to go and talk strongly to Dhoni and show his failures in matches playing slowly. Make him to listen. If this is trend where no one dares and talks, not strongly says him to improve then Team India will loose a lot. Let his black mailing words of saying search another captain end by keeping a strong mentor above Dhoni who has guts to change this Dhoni or rest him for some matches so he can come back to his senses again realizing mistake

Posted by Dashgar on (September 12, 2012, 0:25 GMT)

Dhoni was the only player in the match to score more than 3 runs and have a strike rate under 100. Sounds like the only person who struggled to score was him. New Zealand got the key wicket and tightened the screws on new batsmen. They also avoided getting bogged down in their own innings despite losing wickets. Maybe Dhoni got the toss wrong (his fault anyway) but I think he needs to take the blame for batting way too slow and credit the NZ bowlers for tying him down, not the pitch which played the same for every other player in the match.

Posted by Deenesh on (September 12, 2012, 0:08 GMT)

Dhoni's slow batting cost India the game. If yuvraj can come in after fighting cancer and score so quickly, why couldnt Dhoni have done the same considering he is in excellent form. He messed up today, pure and simple. any other batsman on this track wudve taken India home.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 23:53 GMT)

And I thought DHoni was useless only in tests :D

Posted by bantersaurus on (September 11, 2012, 23:47 GMT)

This is the 2nd time he has blamed the wicket in 2 months... The reason you play for your country in any sport are because your good enough to adapt to any conditions put in front of you. It seems as if it is not in India's favour they go to water like they did in Australia and England. Soft captain, soft players soft team culture.

Posted by cooljack_143 on (September 11, 2012, 23:35 GMT)

Oh come on guys give us a break..we all know India isn't and was never good at international T20 cricket except that 2007 WC that we won.And we are ranked somewhere down in 5/6 position.So considering that they did pretty well as far as Iam concerned.But I agree with a few there that Irfan with some confidence from SL, would have been a better choice for that last couple of balls to hit management went pathetically wrong in that decision.For me Yuvraj doesn't look quite match fit, though he hit some blows out there.He is definitely slow in the field and in between.Sure he adds value to the team but he shouldn't be considered for all the matches in WC, and should be used cautiously,like for semis& finals ,which I hope Insia will make it...good luck and god bless team INdia..Go India gooooo!!!!

Posted by msnsrinivas on (September 11, 2012, 23:35 GMT)

First time in memory that Dhoni let the chase slip by. It's a good experience before the World T20 starts.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 23:34 GMT)

thats y i hate dhoni he cant even give credit wea credits due

Posted by passion_for_crick on (September 11, 2012, 23:28 GMT)

I think this was one place where hiding your weakness with an excuse made it even more blatant

Posted by goldeneye075 on (September 11, 2012, 22:39 GMT)

Let's analyze it in a different way , >> Brenden McCullum ' s batting made all the difference ... and the final overs by NZ.. wel-done guys.. you deserved to win today ;-)

Posted by sirvivfan on (September 11, 2012, 22:36 GMT)

At start of Indian chase local commentators were saying that it was a very good pitch....fact borne by a good start. So what is MS taking about.....India had lots of wits in hand! SA should win the T 20. come on Hashim, Kallis, Steyn how it will be done. Hash does not play in IPL !

Posted by harmske on (September 11, 2012, 22:33 GMT)

so if india were worried about how the pitch would play out towards the end of the game, one can only wonder why we would win the toss and bowl first? if pitch is dodgy, get the runs on the board and let the other team chase.

Posted by KamalBishnoi on (September 11, 2012, 22:25 GMT)

Go guys improve not too far from WC T20... Yuvi expect a lot from u

Posted by RaghuVasudevan on (September 11, 2012, 22:23 GMT)

Thats ridiculous!!!.Yuvraj ,Rohit sharma who just faced 2 balls didn't have any problem.What a waste of that tremendous game played by Virat and raina and suddenly after Virat getting out he says the pitch slowed down. Dhoni was struggling to get one on the bat. This time its not the rain but the skipper himself who spoiled the game for India.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 22:21 GMT)

Common Dhoni.......when Kohli and Yuvi are striking the ball can you give the lame excuses......its your 10 dot balls at that point of the innings cost the match for us.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 22:19 GMT)

Dhoni being a captain.... needs to stop giving these excuses like blaming the pitch whenever he loses...Its been there for year and half and is becoming a habit for him...We all like dhoni's hitting and he has certainly played crisis knocks in ODI.and world cup...But..Also its time India seriously needs a good test skipper who leads from the front in test matches.....specially in overseas conditions .remember its 8/0 ..As long as we have home or subcontinent matches ..Dhoni would definetly survive in T20 and ODI with his batting..The biggest challenge for dhoni would be overseas test match without laxman,sachin , dravid...and it would be the situation where dhoni would need to bail out situations where the ball would swinging.....I can hardly see happening and havent seen him play atleast 2 and half sessions in a test match overseas...If india needs to regain the respect overseas again..some broad thinking has to be shown from BCCI..either dhoni shld improve test btting or resign capt

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 22:17 GMT)

lamest excuse ever, why cant he be brave enough and accept the defeat as his fault

Posted by Chris_P on (September 11, 2012, 22:16 GMT)

These games are such lotteries anyway, but kudos to the Kiwis who salvaged something. Perhaps my Indian friends can help, but was this typical of this pitch & if so, why would Dhoni have chosen to bat second if it was? I am trying to gain an understanding of the vagaries of pitches unknown to me.

Posted by vipravara on (September 11, 2012, 22:07 GMT)

Though a one run loss in a T20 match doesn't write off a team, the way Dhoni putting the blame on the slowness of the pitch for the loss is pathetic. Can't blame Yuvraj on his return as he indeed scored at 130 SR. It was Dhoni who maintained less than 100 SR. Apart from his routine excuses, I was really surprised at two things with Dhoni. He coming ahead of Rohit-a regular batsman (Don't tell me he is out of form etc, if so why to select him). Second: On the penultimate ball he forcing Rohit (his first ball) for a couple, making him to face the last ball to hit a four (which would be only his 2nd ball). Instead, Dhoni, having faced 23 balls by then would have taken the responsibility of finishing the match, having come ahead of Rohit. Certainly, poor captaincy/responsibility on the part of Dhoni.

Posted by anandby on (September 11, 2012, 21:57 GMT)

Slow pitch is to blame - then what do you want fast & bouncy pitch so that you can blame more?. When pitch is same for every one - only Dhoni found it difficult to bat because of his short come in his batting -that too in his IPL home pitch. What else does he want? In the test matches he want slow and turning wicket but here he is blaming the same pitch. He doesn't have the guts to admit that the game was lost because of his batting. Commentators like Ravi Shastri & Gavaskar know how to blame others than comment on the actual fact.

Posted by Dilbar786 on (September 11, 2012, 21:49 GMT)

Ind captain n his excuses lol

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 21:46 GMT)

No it didnt. Your slow batting made the chase difficult.

Posted by sunilvaidya on (September 11, 2012, 21:43 GMT)

It is true that at one point we needed 49 runs from 42 balls---lets see what happened after that...we lost by one run that means we made 47 runs from the remaining 42 balls---

The break up is---

Yuvraj 17 balls 15 runs Kohli 1 ball 0 runs Dhoni 24 balls 22 runs Rohit 2 balls 4 runs

3 wides and 3 legbyes

Posted by DMcric on (September 11, 2012, 21:41 GMT)

Another lame excuse - I love one quote of the great Richie Benaud: Captaincy is 90% luck and 10% talent. But if I did not have that 10%, I would not go for the other 90%. And Mr. Dhoni lets face the fact you rely completely on that 100% luck. You are pathetic in Tests and now your vulnerability is also getting exposed in shorter format. Well, if I take your excuse of the wicket being slow then that would make you even a more pathetic player. Because Yuvraj, who was playing after nearly a year, could score at a strike rate of 131. Bottom line is - one has to have talent to keep the standard of something that he/she inherits and you simply lack that talent.

Posted by East_West on (September 11, 2012, 21:37 GMT) SLOW PITCH is the problem, Mr Dhoni!wah bhai wha! what a Revelation? Dhoni, with all the expeirence of IPL thought he would make it, but it was such a pathetic batting display of Dhoni! sure Yuvi was slow, afterall he is still regaining his health, but hit some of the balls cleanly whereas Mr Highly paid Dhoni had no clue in finishing the game, so I wonder what is the advantage of playing in IPL and the experience that come with it,hmmm..may be we should ask Aussies! As some one said, N/ROhit sharma shouldn't have been sent, and Irfan would have been a good choice, oh! well, Mr Captain Cool knows it all!!

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (September 11, 2012, 21:26 GMT)

@phoenixsteve: You are being harsh buddy. A 1 run defeat in a T20 does't mean India are a poor team. But I do agree on MSD's attitude. He sometimes lives in self denial. Today both teams played well EXCEPT Dhoni who cost India the game. Period.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 21:24 GMT)

Why does the pitch slow down automatically when Dhoni walks in with a moderately stiff target still to get? For 20 + 12 overs it was fine. As soon as it saw Dhoni, it got butterflies in its stomach and slowed down!

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 21:24 GMT)

Dhoni is back again to giving excuses. Just say that you played badly simple enough.Keeping it for the last is not always advisable.You dont want to hit sixes in the last over every time to win matches especially when you have 7 wickets in had. Admitted the next guys in line were sharma and tiwari who cannot be trusted but in that case they should not have played in the first place

Posted by leonsamte on (September 11, 2012, 21:19 GMT)

gauti was right all along. dhoni should not have waited till d last over to b the "hero"... he has done it many times now n on occasions when he could not do it, it resulted in losses for Team India. Misplayed misplayed

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 21:17 GMT)

Pitch and dhoni were slow. India please choose who you want to blame.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 21:11 GMT)

Slow Dhoni made chase difficult.

Posted by vinny34a on (September 11, 2012, 21:06 GMT)

everyone knws that Dhoni messed it up......... he tries to take to last over just to make it look like its HIM who won it for India. and our great commentators like Ravi Shashtri and Sunil Gavaskar dont even have guts to come up and say it that yes its Dhoni AGAIN.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 20:50 GMT)

India lost by a run , I think fans will be disappointed but not too disheartened. Lots of positives but Dhoni should introspect his approach to batting. He does not have to remain not out everytime and finish it only in last over. Pitch did appear to slow down a little but this should be bread and butter for Indian batsmen. Wont harm if we admit, NZ played well in last 5 and it wasn't Dhoni's day.

Posted by vertical on (September 11, 2012, 20:49 GMT)

Let me see,Dhoni was the only one who scored less than run a ball ,and suddenly the pitch is slow when he enters the crease.This match was equivalent to the one in Champions trophy when the Saffers gifted the match to India inspite of having wickets in hand and needing less than 6 per over.

Posted by LondonRaj on (September 11, 2012, 20:44 GMT)

How to win a loosing match ask Dhoni. How to loose a winning match ask Dhoni.

Posted by phoenixsteve on (September 11, 2012, 20:43 GMT)

What Dhoni says maybe true - but it was the same pitch for boths ides. This guy has so many excuses - it's never a case of him saying "we were beaten by a better team". India are a were poor, End of story - congratulations to New Zealand!

Posted by Rajesh_india_1990 on (September 11, 2012, 20:31 GMT)

The only worry is YUVI was very slow in running between the wickets and he struggled to convert one's into two's....hope he will come good in the upcoming world cup

Posted by loke_cricfan on (September 11, 2012, 20:29 GMT)

Yuvraj looked exhausted later on in his innings, but played very well...

Posted by Leather_N_Willow on (September 11, 2012, 20:21 GMT)

I don't understand what is Dhoni's role in the side on limited overs cricket. Is he an aggressive number 6 player? Is he a middle order player who can anchor the innings finishing matches? If the team management and Dhoni himself feels he is a middle order player who is supposed to anchor the innings, so why pick Tiwary and Rohit in the squad? Drop one of them and pick someone who is aggressive down the order and then Dhoni can promote himself to number 5. It doesn't make sense to me when players like Tiwary and Rohit Sharma are pushed down the order.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

dhoni should either bat first down or should be at lst..but not in the middle he plays lots of dots.... the reason he should play up the order is because he can provide solidity at the start and then explode a bit later on...others players like raina and rohit cannot do that because they get out alot of time as soon as they come to crease....raina should be demoted down a little because he doesnt score more than 20 -30 ....but i maintain that he is india's best t-20 player...just see his record...his strike rate is high ...good avg...but has only 3 fifties...

Posted by kc69 on (September 11, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

Game of cricket is funny if you win all positives come out and if you lose all negatives

Posted by Raki99 on (September 11, 2012, 20:19 GMT)

Its time to change a captain atleast for one of the three formats, As Ian chappel said once, Every captain has an expiry date and I think dhoni's expiry date is very near and atleast he should give away one of the foramat as a captain. He wants more turning pictiches in india,after 0-8 drubbing in test ,complains about banglore picth, now he complain's about a chennai pitch where he plays half of the ipl games.(LOSER)

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 20:14 GMT)

Surprise surprise, nobody's blaming SRT for India's loss !!

Posted by Leather_N_Willow on (September 11, 2012, 20:13 GMT)

Few Questions to Dhoni--- Was there a better situation than this for Rohit Sharma to get a few runs or to try some on like Manoj Tiwary (49 reqd from 42 balls) with 7 wickets in hand? So what was the need for Dhoni to come up in the order?

In Australia Dhoni hit back at Gautam saying he doesnt have the cushion of batsmen coming after him so he cannot be aggressive and throw away his wicket? But here he had two specialist batsmen and two all rounders (Irfan and Ashwin) waiting. What is the logic behind taking the innings slow until the last over?

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 20:12 GMT)

dhoni plz dont give lame execuses ....just say you are not a good twenty twenty shouldnt have promoted urself up the fact ur twnety twnenty strike is the lowest among all the batsmen in the world who have played appreciable number of matches...u havent scored even one 50 in international cricket...i dont remember u having any t-twenty mom....his strike rate is 110 .... pathetic...our indian commentators are no less ignorant...they always give lame execuses when dhoni doesnt fire...why dont they see that he is not a very good t-twnety batsmen...just by seeing his exploits in odi cricket they presume that he is a very good t-twnty player.....he has been a very big factor for india losing in the last two world cups both because of his poor strike rate and his poor captaincy....he played slowly against westi ind in this world cup and against england in the world cup before that....but no one sees that....but he should still be playing in the indian side...he

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 20:12 GMT)

Cant believe this - one loss and every one is blaming Dhoni!! do these people remember how many games he has WON us? He has the highest average in successful chases in ODIs. This is called short memory or complete lack of cricket knowledge. No one is talking about the horrible bowling attack that india has, letting NZ score 160 after being 2/2. So please just because you have fingers and an internet connection, just dont start typing non-sense.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 20:10 GMT)

Dhoni, YOU lost the game. Irfan should have come ahead of you and we would have won. stop making excuses.

Posted by S.N.Singh on (September 11, 2012, 19:59 GMT)


Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 19:57 GMT)

pitch slowed after 12th over?? Common.. You screwed up, MSD. You slowed the game down. If only Gambhir had scored well in this match, he would have pummelled you nicely. In T20, there is no necessity to take it slow.. You have more than enough batsman in the lineup to keep up the run rate. Such a lame excuse.

Posted by Nampally on (September 11, 2012, 19:54 GMT)

Dhoni is partly correct regarding pitch slowing down. But I was little suprised when Dhoni came in place of Rohit Sharma. Rohit has more improvisation strokes than Dhoni. Dhoni's footwork limited his stroke play. That is my only comment on batting. But it was just bad luck India lost in a game which was going India's way. It was nice to see Yuvraj batting so well after a long lay off. Kohli of course was his usual slf totally in control. However my comment is more for improvement of the bowling. But for Pathan & ZAK, Indian bowling was sub standard for an international match. Ashwin & Balaji were poor & disappointing. Yuvraj bowled better than them.India need someone like Dhawal Kulkarni (>135 kph), who bowled brilliantly in the only IPL match he played for Mumbai. It is amazing as to why he is not in this weak Indian bowling? India need to go in with 5 good bowlers if they wish to be World Cup contenders. Batting alone will not Win! Add 2 more good Bowlers to ZAK,Irfan,Ashwin.

Posted by Prakmca on (September 11, 2012, 19:52 GMT)

Dhoni to be blamed for this loss. No one else. He took it lightly consumed more balls, and at one instance his strike rate was less than 70 while chasing a target of 8+ per over. These type of things happened in the past also. No need to be too defensive Mr Dhoni, it's not something you can win in the last over in all the matches. We have close it of as quick as possible... no need to drage till last over or last ball..... All the good work done by Kohli & Yuvaraj is totally wasted.....

Posted by Deepak414 on (September 11, 2012, 19:51 GMT)

Pathan would have played better than Mr. Dhoni... phhhuuuu.....

Posted by SurlyCynic on (September 11, 2012, 19:50 GMT)

Wow, so the pitch just changed character when Dhoni came in. Very unlucky for India, but I thought only England complained about Indian pitches.

Posted by loke_cricfan on (September 11, 2012, 19:47 GMT)

Main culprit for the loss is MS Dhoni.... how come he say the pitch is too slow. when he come in India needed 49 of 42 balls. In international standard, it is easily achievable with 7 wickets in hand. Dhoni accept your mistake. Commentators, why are you people supporting Dhoni so much, no one mentioned in the commentry that dhoni was the reason for the loss. Commentators, just to remain you world cup won by a Team India, not by Mr. Dhoni alone. Dhoni sparkled only in the final, that too Gautam given good start....

Posted by nyc_missile on (September 11, 2012, 19:46 GMT)

Despicable performance by Dhoni and as usual he throws excuses almost as an instinct whenever we lose.Y doesnt he accept it boldly that he screwed up that too after a brilliant inns by Yuvi.Poor guy did not enough strike from Dhoni.Dhoni is a specialist int turning canters into nail-biting finishes and this time a loss.He is a shameless attention-seeker trying to snatch limelight always from one player or the other.In Oz,it was Gambhir and here its Yuvi.So even in shorter formats he is losing his touch as an aggressive finisher.This just cannot go on.As lots of comments indicate,he'd done it enough times in World T20's and many more matches in the past.Time he is given a stern warning to rotate strike more or allow a youngster to come up as he is being the case lately.Rohit or Tiwari wouldn't have done worse in fact they would have pulled it off due to better strike rotating capability.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (September 11, 2012, 19:41 GMT)

Well played NZ !!! This is why the T20 format is the BEST format in cricket - any team can win on the day. India should have won this game. A defeat of 1 run is not worrisome but the Indian batsmen should have handled it better. Anyway, good luck to both teams for the World T20. It should be a cracking tournament.

Posted by leleraja on (September 11, 2012, 19:39 GMT)

Dhoni chocked. India lost. Period......

Posted by Munafis810 on (September 11, 2012, 19:38 GMT)

Lol@Dhoni. He played slowly

Posted by DaBigDawg on (September 11, 2012, 19:34 GMT)

It appears Dhoni *always* has some Australia the pitches were too quick and bouncy, at home...they're too slow...did anybody hear his interview in Bangalore...give me a break. Own up to your mistakes when you screw up.

Posted by addsmiles on (September 11, 2012, 19:26 GMT)

It wasn't the slow pitch, it was the slow Dhoni who made the chase difficult. He took it easy and displayed no sense of urgency until the last 2 overs. He did the same thing back in Australia as well, but he managed to pull it back courtesy a 112 m six off Clint Mckay when India needed 12 off 4 balls. Even though it went down as a great chase and a masterful innings by Dhoni, I wasn't very happy about it. Coz everyday is not a Sunday and and one will not end up on the winning side all the time if he lets the game go down to the wire rather than grabbing it by the scruff of the neck.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 19:23 GMT)

How can he defend his own slow batting by giving this excuse. He used to bat slow from last few years and already India lost few matches due to this and he always skip criticism of commentators and others.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 19:22 GMT)

Slow pitch??? Just admit you Choked were on course to win comfortably in the 12th over but then you had a massive choke

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 19:18 GMT)

It is not the first time dhoni made a blunder like this. Back in 2009 V ENG , india lost by 3 runs and guess what Dhoni and Yusuf Pathan was not out.Also in the same tournament VS the Windies dhoni's stike rate was close to 60 after consuming 25 odd balls..So India should take a lesson from could have happened in the World T20. By the way loved the way Yuvi played.a true champion.

Posted by Icyman on (September 11, 2012, 19:17 GMT)

Pitches dont change that fast in India. And for God's sake, it was a T20 not a Test match that the wicket would change in the second half. Add to that, almost every batsman had a strike rate of above 100 bar the Indian captain. Why does he not agree that he is the main culprit and that he has done the same thing in many a match previously too ?

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 19:14 GMT)

It wasn't the slow pitch. It was one batsman scoring at less than a run a ball for one fifth the innings i.e. 22 in four overs, when everyone else scored at over 8.5.

Posted by   on (September 11, 2012, 19:14 GMT)

excuses! Slowness of the pitch...pssh!

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