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Wasim's tips on inswing helped me - Junaid

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January 7, 2013

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Junaid Khan took four wickets in his first spell, India v Pakistan, 1st ODI, Chennai, December 30, 2012
Junaid: "When I did my homework, I found out that Sehwag has a problem with the ball that comes in" © BCCI
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Junaid Khan, the Pakistan left-arm fast bowler, has credited Wasim Akram for helping him develop the incoming delivery for right-handed batsmen, which led to him picking up eight wickets in the three-match ODI series that concluded in Delhi on Sunday.

Junaid was most potent in the first ODI in Chennai, taking out four of the top five to reduce India to 29 for 5. He also took two top-order wickets in the second ODI in Kolkata, finishing with 3 for 39. The Indian batsmen had struggled to counter Junaid's swing and his contributions helped Pakistan take the series 2-1.

"I have been a bowler who has relied on bowling outswingers consistently at a good pace. It was Wasim bhai (Akram) who told me to develop the incoming delivery which would be my weapon against the Indian right-handers," Junaid told PTI.

Junaid had dismissed Virender Sehwag with an incoming delivery in Chennai and Virat Kohli in all three matches.

"It's very natural for left-arm fast bowlers to slant it across the right-handers," Junaid said. "Once a guy like Virender Sehwag gauges the length of the away-going deliveries, you can be murdered. When I did my homework, I found out that Sehwag has a problem with the ball that comes in. I then started working hard on that incoming delivery with our chief bowling coach Mohammed Akram."

This is not the first time Junaid has credited Wasim for his development as a fast bowler. Last June, after taking 5 for 73 on a flat SSC pitch in a Test against Sri Lanka, Junaid spoke of how he was inspired by Wasim's spell in the 1992 World Cup final, where his two wickets in successive deliveries turned the game Pakistan's way. Junaid said he had watched the Youtube video of it and Wasim himself had passed on tips on reverse swing. Junaid found appreciable reverse swing in that Test to put Sri Lanka under pressure.

In his short career with Pakistan, Junaid has established a reputation for being one of the quickest bowlers in the country. However, he says swing is more important to him than pace.

"I don't want to compromise on pace but swing is the most important aspect of my bowling," he said. "One might get adjusted to pace but if one has the ability to move the ball consistently at a decent pace, he can create trouble in batsmen's mind."

He said it was a team effort that helped Pakistan win. "I was never under any kind of pressure to perform. I also got a lot of back-up from the other end as Mohammed Irfan and Umar Gul also bowled superbly. It was certainly a collective effort."

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Posted by sawjid on (January 9, 2013, 19:08 GMT)

@supercricfan... People like you have always deteriorated the essence of indo-pak cricket. I hope you can absorb some sense shown by some other indians here. Yes Pak is an inconsistent team, Yes we have a security issue in our country, Yes we are rated low in the rankings ..And that is always how the situation of Pak Cricket team has been. But the Pakistani cricket team brings its own flavor to the game of cricket and you can never write them off. I have respect for many indian players because i am a fan of cricket but your comments clearly depict you are biased and arrogant.

Posted by Kamranaliawan on (January 9, 2013, 15:46 GMT)

Very well Said Sweeetspot...!!! Definetly I agree what you have mentioned. Lets make the cricket into sports not WAR....Being a Pakistani I am very much fan of Indian batsmen...specially Yuvi, when he is in form he can be very very devastating to any opponent. Furthermore, I request to all Please respect each other and enjoy cricket between these 2 countries....

Posted by   on (January 9, 2013, 14:43 GMT)

awesome comment sweetspot!!!

Posted by   on (January 9, 2013, 8:54 GMT)

@immi271: mate you see no comments on your thoughts as you logic doesnt have much weight. you have put it all on indian team physically and mentally tiredness. how come a team tired was so energetic in 3rd odi ? they were looking totally different in 3rd odi in field. and fielding won them match. I would like to see your comments after india vs england series. if we go by your logic india will loose it as they are tired and no rest its just 4 days gap. and only 1 player added to the squad played vs pak. but i doubt that. i think india are fav to win england series.

Posted by   on (January 9, 2013, 5:04 GMT)

those who havent seen junaid bowl on flat tracks,plz refer to the test series between pakistan and sri lanka in UAE and in sri lanka... where he made them dance with the ball and literally humiliated sangakara and mathews.. he is a gem!!!

Posted by Sarmad3007 on (January 8, 2013, 17:40 GMT)

All though we lost Aamir but here is a replacement for him.Junaid only need to avoid injuries and he can play in all three formats for a long time. Its always a pleasure to see left armers bowl specially with the quality of in swing.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 16:44 GMT)

without doubt junaid is finest bowler after amir...but in my opinion amir more quicker and death bowler from junaid..bcoz amir was did well in both flat and bouncy pitches..nd i think in future junaid will be more dangerous for opponents if he continue work hard and learn quickly from conditions..on the other hand i see india will more down..bcoz indian team quarrel's to each other for captaincy ...

Posted by Solid_Snake on (January 8, 2013, 16:27 GMT)

@Umair->Totally agree with you..Asif had a class..He msde the ball talk.I emember how he clean boawled Sehwag,Dravid,Sachin,Laxman so many times.Dravid the Wall,Asif penetrated that wall successfully.But dont forget that he got too mny chances.I lost the count of how many times he was involved in activities like that.Always escaped but at the end he got himself into the sad to see such a bowler banned from cricket..he was something special.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 16:10 GMT)

Comment made by Junaid Khan proves that Wasim Akram is much much better coach then Muhammad Akram. Nobody praises him which is not right. He should also get some credit of keeping the boys spirit high !

Posted by henchart on (January 8, 2013, 15:02 GMT)

Nobody dare, especially irrational fans of inconsistent Pakistan,comment about batting prowess of legend SRT. Entire Pakistan team put together hasnt scored even 2/3 ofruns SRT has. SRT is the maestro and king.He is going to return to ODI pretty soon and knock the daylight out of Pakistan and other teams.India is going to win the Champions Trophy in June in UK with SRT's brilliance looming large.

Posted by StatisticsRocks on (January 8, 2013, 14:13 GMT)

@Sabrina: Clealry it seems you have a PhD in reading negative comments. There are so many positive comments posted by my fellow Indians including me but, you chose to pick only the negative ones. Such is the status of our mind in this 21st century that no good deed gets awarded but a bad deed gets attention for sure. Makes me wonder where are we heading as humans.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 13:13 GMT)

Asif was a better bowler than both Amir and Junaid, especially in tests. People might not agree, but Amir and Junaid are still not the finished article and learning their trade and will become greats, but Asif already was a mature, cunning bowler, being able to out-think and out-class modern day greats like Pieterson and Laxman. He was like Mcgrath but better in some ways because he could reverse it as well. It was a shame he got invloved in all the wrong things but that guy was Class.

Posted by GreatWhitePathan on (January 8, 2013, 12:36 GMT)

I have long said that a left arm pace bowler is pretty useless if he cant bowl inswing to right handers. Thats why Junaid Khan like Wahab Riaz have not been that effective until now. While Wahab Riaz continues to struggle (despite coaching and advise from Waqar, Wasim, Aaqib Javed and others), Junaid Khan has developed into a dangerous bowler just because he is now able to bring the ball back into the right handers. The same was true for Mitchell Starc.

Wahab Riaz would be even more dangerous than Junaid because of his extra pace but it seems that Wasim and Waqar have written him off as a hopeless case - he just cant learn the right technique.....

This is why Mohammad Amir was such a talent.. He was able to do everything with that ball at the age of 18 only!!!

Anyway, they gotta invest a lot of time in Mohammad Irfan and ensure he develops into a world class bowler.

Posted by scdkee on (January 8, 2013, 7:51 GMT)

@ Karim Javed: I guess you were sleeping when Junaid was swinging the ball both ways which had the likes of Sangakkara and Jayawardene scratching their heads in unhelpful conditions in Sri Lanka and UAE just recently. In his very short stint as a player for Pakistan, Aamir played his cricket in helpful conditions of New Zealand, Australia and England. Junaid has been playing his cricket in the UAE and Sri Lanka since he came on board and even then he beats Aamir in both Test and ODI averages. Both these guys were Pakistan's U-19 crop, Aamir came in to the limelight earlier because he was a much quicker learner than Junaid. Further till about last year Junaid was almost 10kms slower than Aamir.

But in the last 12 months Junaid's pace has increased and he now averages in the high 130's, often above 140 Kph. No doubt Aamir was a great talent, better than Junaid, but don't just say that Junaid has now started taking wickets just because you've just woken up.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 7:03 GMT)

If Pakistan has the strongest bowling side in the world , I think that India has the strongest Batting Line up in the world , and the series was important because it was the match between World strongest bowling line and world strongest batting line up which was crushed by Pakis , well done Pakistan .In future Younis and Misbah and shoaib Malik should be dropped , from the team , and young batsman like Asad Shafiq , Azhar ALi and Umer Amin Should selected to strengthen batting line

Posted by PravinJP10 on (January 8, 2013, 6:55 GMT)

@henchart Hey why don't you accept the defeat and move on instead of calling Sachin back to the team, if you look at past records you must call S.Gavasgar, Kapil Dev too to indian team. What a pathetic joke mate??? Pak has really impressed me a lot in recent times with their bowling skills. Wonder how they keep producing some lethal pace attacks??? I'm a cricket fan so it's nice to see some young bowlers coming up in sub continent. India's bowling is very weak and par below than Australian Domestic side NSW. They should hire Wasim A or Younis K as their bowling coach if at all they want to get prepared for 2015 WC. Pak is one of the best in the world to compete in any condition...,

Posted by SamRoy on (January 8, 2013, 6:48 GMT)

@wakaPak Don't compare him to Amir. He is a very good bowler no doubt. But Amir is different. After Steyn, only Amir has the x-factor to be a true great. Even Philander, Finn, Pattinson, Starc, Umesh Yadav and Junaid Khan can only be world class. To be a true great there needs to be something completely out of the ordinary. Big, big loss to world cricket that he is not playing. This coming from an Indian.

Posted by wakaPAK on (January 8, 2013, 6:20 GMT)

@Sach_Vir the kid has got just 20 internationals under his belt, nobody's rating him now; we say 'over rated' when he gets more experience. Presently we see him as a good future prospect and he's showing great improvements every match; if he can bowl on flats decks in SriLanka; why cant he bowl in SA. In England he's done great for Lancashire on fast pitches so he is expected to perform well in SA. Amir was a natural but this guy is a hard worker; I'll give it to you but the pace at which he's going, he can be more lethal than Amir.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 6:09 GMT)

However, there was no homework required to get better of current Indian batting lineup you add Pujara as well. The way Indian lost wickets was totally all ends up. Bales flying all over the place. This is the reality of Indian batting might. The lessons might help against england but india have to play more often against pakistan to redeem their status.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 5:49 GMT)

You can't compare Junaid with Aamir. Aamir got his own class and mind, Junaid Khan has taken wickets because ball was swinging both ways. But in case of Aamir he manages to take wicket on flat tracks and even his bouncers were wicket taking deliveries too. We have also seen how Aamir manages to play with batsman mind in both ODI and Test format.

Posted by Solid_Snake on (January 8, 2013, 5:47 GMT)

@supacricfan ->I could say the same for Indian team..Another fan coming with a big 'IF' & 'BUT'...Batting line ups dont become pathetic in a single match..You should thank the weather which came in between..Put any best batting line up in that condition & watch how they become pathetic suddenly..You are saying that we coould not chase 167..You missed the other side of the story where 'THE GREAT BATTING LINE UP' the 'WORLD CHAMPIONS' were bundled up on a score of 167 & guess what...on their own home ground..Now beat that :P

Posted by RaadQ on (January 8, 2013, 5:15 GMT)

Excellent performance from Junaid. Also, Pak lost the last match fairly, not fixing, because the batting was overly reliant on Jamshed/Hafeez, Jamshed only made 30 odd and Hafeez was injured and came in at the wrong time. No other batsman performed consistently in the tour as these two. However, Indians claiming that India have dominated Pak, this is only true in World Cup and some multi-nation series, but bilaretly, Pakistan have always been ahead of India. Junaid has become lethal in ALL CONDITIONS, unlike Philander, who is extremely dangerous in seaming pitches. I hope Pakistan cricket remains consistent, I think Junaid will become the top paceman along with Philander.

Posted by AmjadZork on (January 8, 2013, 4:58 GMT)

Good luck to this young lad & i wish Wasim Akram keeps helping all the young Pakistani bowlers !!

Posted by glancedream on (January 8, 2013, 4:46 GMT)

if indian strong batting can collapse from which kohli was in prime form (2 series back), dhoni in form, yuvraj showed in t20, raina played fair than why shouldn't pak batting can & secondary pakistan has got very rare chance to enjoy victory so accept it with dignity fortunate enough its not 5 one day series otherwise result could have difference coz from last few years pakistan had faced defeat by india in any series. so enjoy your cricket rather than showing concern towards indian team

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 4:43 GMT)

Pakistan keeps producing quality left-arm quicks like they grow on trees or something. It's astounding. I'm looking forward to watching Junaid square up against South Africa later this year.

Posted by Cricket_Fan_And_Analyst on (January 8, 2013, 4:39 GMT)

This kid is overrated. He is nowhere near the class of the lefthand bowler who got caught in match fixing. Indian have been struggling against swing. Wait and watch him in SA.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 4:29 GMT)

It was shameful to see Ajmal and Nasir being given man of the match awards. Dhoni wins awards when loses and when he wins...just like big western powers Indian logic only works in India. Lack of even handed and sportsmanship was lacking from commentators to award commitee

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 4:13 GMT)

he is the only hope after asif & amir

Posted by TheIndiaRockers on (January 8, 2013, 3:57 GMT)

@Mohammad_Imran - Pak team are not able to hold the catch. because it was hit by tendulya . u people are not able to catch him he is the super hero indeed. did u remember he scored centuries when wasim & waqar plays. check you tube friend. Am a great fan of wasim , tendulya is 39 yr old, he as done everything to cricket , as a indian i can't expect more than that. Give respect for the man as a cricket legend.

Posted by TATTUs on (January 8, 2013, 3:40 GMT)

I think this guy wants himself to be compared to Wasim straight away and I can see people have obliged.

But a real good bowler nevertheless.

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 1:39 GMT)

Junaid is an excellent bowler but i still think Mohammed Asif was the most delightful bowler to watch after Great WASIM AKREM what a pitty he won't play again. Pakistan should give a chance to Anwer Ali in South Africa alongside Junaid.Irfan needs to Improve his fitness he ll be unplayable on bouncy tracks and you ll see first time ever a bowler pitchs the bowl at full length and keeprt carries it at shoulder hight.Wasim Akrem should be bowling coach and then we will see the most deadliest bowling attack ever in history

Posted by   on (January 8, 2013, 1:08 GMT)

Folks - Pakistan always had good bowlers and it was whether Indian batsmen can hold their own - which they badly failed. Outside the captain - looks like the bowlers like Ashwin and others did better than top order. Pakistan need to review their batting as they didn't too well against an average India attack. India has a serious issues with under-par bowling attack with spinners providing no joy. ideally one should annul all the IPL contracts and TV sponsporship to non-performers and push down 2 levels into domestic circuits as well as get three different line-ups for test, ODIs and T20. Indian fans are going to endure more misery with English who are going to overturn two 5-0 failures in last two visits.

Posted by AvidCricFan on (January 8, 2013, 0:54 GMT)

I am not sure why all discussion here is about fast bowling. What about Saed Ajmal? He is way above Indian spinners. Ishant Sharma also performed reasonably well in ODIs. Hope his progress continues. Once Umesh Yadav is back in the team, Indian team will have a formidable pace bowler. What India is missing is quality spinner and left arm pace bowler. All of a sudden, the Indian batting looks depleted. The batting debacle is aided by spineless selection of persisting with Nohit Sharma and other marginal players like Gambhir and Yuvi.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 23:32 GMT)

Quick Learner!! He is just exceptional against right handers! (y)

Posted by IAS2009 on (January 7, 2013, 23:01 GMT)

If Pakistan Batting can score 300 in test against SA, they could win over there. It is a big if, i think Azhar Ali, YK and Nasir have to be very good in order to achieve good result in SA. remember SL have beaten SA last year, Aussies were very close. SA is beatable they have not reached that unbeatable status yet. Misbah excuse about chase was ridiculous, no one tried to be positive apart from Nasir Jamshed and YK. If YK have lasted a little bit more the result would be different remember the first ODI. Hafeez alway pulled it off he should have done it in couple of over earlier though.

Posted by PMadhavarao on (January 7, 2013, 22:58 GMT)

I am impressed and congralate Pakistan fast bowlers for their demonstration. However, they are always nervous to face india in one days , this was agreed by many ofo their players. They might have gotten the edge due to the current Indian team condition,, young team, a captain not wanting to try new things etc., Also, it is absolutely ridiculous to plan a seres during a break of an ongoing series. And I've some advise to the indian bowlers, why don't they study opposition teams and understand the batting style and comeup with a plan ??

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 22:51 GMT)

@supacricfan: Pakistan is hopeless yeah. (And we NEVER deny that ours is the world's worst batting lineup) So what does that make the team who lost to us?

Posted by hiren888 on (January 7, 2013, 22:39 GMT)

Well done Pak!! Despite all adversities, they still manage to produce world class bowlers, time and time again. They can't even play in their own country, let alone enjoy world class facilities like our Indian Rock-stars. What was heartening to see was the ground fielding. Traditionally, pak team has been very lazy and lethargic in the field, but I really like the look of this team. It's on its way to the top. Batting is a little worry though! They were able to fend off fragile Indian attack, but they will need more skills to face world class attacks. I hope Indian selectors take some heed from the pak story and try and emulate some of it into the Indian ranks.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 22:25 GMT)

Pakistan lost the third ODI because they need to realize that Misbah is not a ODI player - he does not know how to time his innings and stonewalls.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 22:04 GMT)

I really shocked by the negative approach of the Indian public, It was a game and any one who play well will win.Simply accept that this time Pak played well and even it was obvious they deserved this win, just accept it.Do,nt insult your players, do,nt panic, i think you have to be adopted in 2012 India had lost so many series.

Posted by maddy20 on (January 7, 2013, 21:58 GMT)

@Sabrina Angum You cannot be more wrong my dear. As you can see many of us greatly admire Junaid Khan. Even I think he is a fantastic bowler. Being able to get so much of swing at such a good pace is incredible. Pakistan deserved this victory and apart from Ajmal, this guy was the major difference between the two sides, constantly wrecking our top order.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 21:44 GMT)

What I observed , Every Indian is PhD in Jealousy!!!!I do,nt really even enjoyed the Whole series, they way they were cursing their team on one side and on the other side not accepting defeat was ridiculous.

Posted by Hoyle27693 on (January 7, 2013, 21:31 GMT)

Good to see some celebration in the Paki camp. They deserved a 2-1 victory. And despite being a strife-torn country where trouble was created by their own army and government, they are playing good cricket. And despite some tall claims made by some losers, the third match cannot be considered fixed. Every time Pakistan loses, they say that the match was fixed. However, I am fairly sure Indian team will make a comeback and beat them soon just like we have been dominating them in the last decade or so. Its just a matter of time.

Posted by FRRR on (January 7, 2013, 21:08 GMT)

Dhoni got the Man of the Match award to boost his morale ... :)

Posted by PakCricketRockStar on (January 7, 2013, 20:56 GMT)

The world can try what they want but Pakistan will keep producing quality fast bowlers. there are a couple more already in domestic circuit Sadaf Hussain and Rahat Ali both quick n good heights.. so who knows, maybe Aamir, when he comes back might not be able to get back in the team.... good win although 3-0 would have been much better.. also Zaheer and other so mentioned senior bowlers arent tht mighty anyways..they are slower than even Aizaz Cheema so live with it :P

Posted by ZsZs on (January 7, 2013, 20:37 GMT)

Can't wait to see him SA conditions - Alhamdulillah! Best cheers from a Bangladeshi.

Posted by washingtonindian on (January 7, 2013, 20:36 GMT)

Pakistani folks, The Indian team was really Joyous cause they were successful in defending such a small total, They would have been equally happier if they were playing any other team for that matter.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 19:57 GMT)

@kc69: continued from previous, mate if didn't meant anything then why do we see too much happiness and joy and the celebrations from indias team and fans at stadium, fans comenting on yesterdays match report on cric info. If 2-1 win didn't meant any thing, how come a win in last odi after loosing series meant so much toindian fans? Bro there isn't anything small about india pakngames.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 19:51 GMT)

@kc99: mate I totally agree with you on aamir, no point crying on it by fans, much time left and a lot others will come by then. Totally agree on pak batting as well. Rightly said tht it wasn't perfect. Not even close to it. Thanks for ur wishes for sa series. But do not agree ur last line tht 2-1 isn't greatest win. It was series win after 2005. Though they didn't play any after 2007. 2nd it was won in india. And 3rd its the manner in which its won. 1st 2 odis were pretty single sided. T20 was tough series and both team made tht hard . & with indias record at home seriouslyalmost all pundits, experts even factual fans were not giving any chance to pak before this series. Cheers mate.

Posted by supacricfan on (January 7, 2013, 19:44 GMT)

if pakistani fans are thinking of past,who won the most important matches,all world cups..we won the last 2 one day series in ur country..we are 2 time world cup champions,how many times did u win the cup?Lol..even that world cup win was fluke,remember england game which was washed out..Lol.. u won this series only becoz u won the toss..Lol!first make sure that cricket happens in ur country..,u guyz are reliant on BCCI,we are the super power of cricket..Lol!!

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 19:30 GMT)

Well done junaid khan. You really did well. Its always good to see fast bowlers doing so much good. The way he bowled in uae, sl and now in india shows his talents. He troubled all the batsmen in this series in all 3 odis. Its not always the wickets, but its the way he bowled make him special. Good luck to him

Posted by kc69 on (January 7, 2013, 19:29 GMT)

I don't know why my Pakistani Brothers are dying to see Mohammed Amir in the team..Forget it i'm an Indian and i believe Pakistan can produce better bowlers than Md.Ami by 2015r.I'm also not sure why people are making a fuss of this series well remember Indian bowling is without the seniors such as Irfan Pathan,Balaji,Umesh Yadav,Zaheer Khan etc.I still believe woes of Pak cricket are not healed(Their batting)where if openers(Hafeez and Jamshed) fail there is no-one to save the match.All the best for SA(Best Pace attack in the world) tour.Well i believe 1-1 in T20 and 2-1 in ODI is not the greatest win in the world.See you in June(Champions trophy IndVsPak).

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 19:27 GMT)

Some of indian fans here are making some silly comments like mirjaffar, and supa cric fan, mirjaffar mate if u wana live in past then check overall record..u r just taking what u want to take . If past then why world cups? and supa fan looks like u r dhonis fan making excuses tht they won coz of toss in 1st ok then india won in 3rd coz of toss?

Posted by mazii on (January 7, 2013, 19:17 GMT)

supacricfan...My sympathies are with you my dear as your team was humiliated. Grapes are sour mate. lolzzzzzzzzz

Posted by HawksEyeFocused on (January 7, 2013, 18:54 GMT)

All my sympathies are with Indian team as Pakistan crushed them down to earth with a style in their own backyard!!! Sachin unlike Sehwaq was wise enough he took retirement before Pakistani bowlers could force him to retire !!! He knew that he wont face Junaid Khan, Irfan, Umer Gul and above all his old bunny SAEED AJMAL!!! Now according to my humble opinion India should invite Kenya or Zimbabwe for test and ODI series to improve their rankings and regain their form!!! I don't think with their current team they can even beat BD ,Ireland or Afghanistan!!! Mark my words... India in 2013 will lose matches against all the minnows especially Afghanistan and Ireland !!! BD is no more minnow!!!!

Posted by Stark62 on (January 7, 2013, 18:54 GMT)

So, it was Wasim who worked with him!!

Posted by Tipu_Dogar on (January 7, 2013, 18:37 GMT)

May you haven't watched the bowling of M.Amir.he was next(no,no,no)he is next wasim akram for Pak.I'm waiting for his return and he will return in 2015. I can't imagine what will happen when Junaid and Amir will open the bowling for Pak.

Posted by supacricfan on (January 7, 2013, 18:34 GMT)

pakistanis only won the series of winning the toss in the first match and some umpiring decisions going in their favour especially in 1st odi..Lol,they couldnt score 168 to win a match,pathetic batting line up..not even a single great player..Lol!!

Posted by Solid_Snake on (January 7, 2013, 18:24 GMT)

@counterstrike1.6 ->This makes the fans of opponent team mad when their bowlers are not appreciated & the whole thing fell on the bad form of all the top order batsmen.It's true that Indian top order is struggling.It was Kohli who has been scoring runs consistently.Now When Kohli failed,the whole team went down.. But dont forget that In India Pakistan matches,out of form players comes back in form again.History shows this thing.All 11 players from both the sides are like do or die situation.If still top order fails then credit must be given to the bowlers.All these Indian batsmen are very big names,all match winners..Taking their wicket is no small thing

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 18:16 GMT)

I dont know why people are crying over Mohd Amir..We have got A Outstanding talent in the Name of Junaid Khan..Support him...Stop supporting those Culprits who sold our home country...Best of Luck Junaid khan..May Allah gives him lots of Success..

Posted by crifanlover on (January 7, 2013, 18:13 GMT)

I am 100% sure now Indian Board would not play cricket with Pakistan in future, because they are afraid of Whitewash from Pakistan. Indian Bowling is Worst than Zimbabwe.

Posted by mirjaffer on (January 7, 2013, 18:02 GMT)

Come on..paki batting is pedestrian at best against quality will your batsmen fare if your own bowlers play in the opposition! How do you forget the drubbing you have received in all the world cups so far...

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 17:53 GMT)

@ counterstrike1.6 junaid is a type of bowler who can perform in every sort of conditions. on a flat track of sinhali sport club wher pak score over 600 in first inn. junaid made the old ball talk. and its hard for even the likes of jayawardene and sangakara to cope him.

Posted by C.A-SA1987 on (January 7, 2013, 17:45 GMT)

@Posted by Mohammad_Imran on (January 07 2013, 17:23 PM GMT):

Ja, I couldnt agree with you more. The new-look indian team has the attitude of the once mighty aussie team. Main difference though is that the aussies used to beat teams into submission and as such, they earned the right to have the attitude that they had.

Indian team on the other hand... I'm glad that all indians support their team because pretty much everyone outside of india is deriving more and more joy from indian losses (PURELY BECAUSE OF POOR ATTITUDE AND SPORTSMANSHIP).

I am South African of Indian descent and grew up watching gentlemen like Javagal, Venkatesh, Anil, Rahul and Sachin (young Sachin was more humble than modern day Sachin).

It's a pity what has happened the Indian team. Hope they are able to recover from this poor slump (and they should find some humility along the way).

Posted by Mohammad_Imran on (January 7, 2013, 17:23 GMT)

Did everyone see the pathetic celebrations by the Indian team after winning the third game - i think they forgot they had already lost the series... Kohli grabbed a stump to always remember his most embarrassing series! Lol

On the other hand, you could see such a calm & graceful celebration by the Pak team after thrashing India in the 2nd game & winning the series... Indian cricketers (less Dhoni) should not only take some cricketing lessons but some behavioral tips from the Pakistani players.

Posted by Mohammad_Imran on (January 7, 2013, 17:14 GMT)

@ henchart - keep dreaming buddy! Tendulkar was thanking God he retired before this series or he would have been forced out after the series was over, like Sehwag.. Lol

Stop living in the past my friend - i think u forgot Sachin's most humiliating knock in the last WC against Pakistan... he was given 5 chances & still couldn't make more than 60 odd... maestro? yeah riteee!

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 16:56 GMT)

After the advent of Junaid Khan, Pakistan can easily forget the loss of Muhammad Aamir.

Posted by arvind.Kejriwal.AAP_A_Better_INDIA_ on (January 7, 2013, 16:50 GMT)

@ Solid_Snake - Excuse ? I didn't give any excuse. I'm accepting India's defeat gracefully. But you can't change the fact that Ind batsmen are indeed out of form (Unable to play spin , unable to play swing - just some good individual performances here and there) of course except Dhoni & UV - to some extent. The fact is after WC 2011, it was Kohli's 'form of life' that was saving India again and again. And now when he is failing top-5 batsmen are just unable to play big knocks. Despite all that our selectors are not ready to drop likes of Gauti, Rohit, Jadeja.

Posted by ReverseSwingMaster on (January 7, 2013, 16:44 GMT)

@ henchart: I think you also forget how many times SHOAIB bowled sachin on his first ball. Just search on youtube you will find that.

Posted by ReverseSwingMaster on (January 7, 2013, 16:42 GMT)

@ henchart: I think you also forget how many times SHOAIB bowled Sachin on his first ball. Just search on youtube you will find that.

Posted by TommytuckerSaffa on (January 7, 2013, 16:41 GMT)

@henchart time to get with the times, its 2013, not 2003. SRT is a shadow of his former self, to say that if he played India wouldve won is laughable. Walking wicket more like.

I think PAK is the 3rd best team in the world, if they went down to OZ now they would win. I think they will be a huge challenge on the tour to SA.

Posted by iftikhar93 on (January 7, 2013, 16:22 GMT)

He's taking over Aamir's supremacy & following his footsteps. This is the beauty of the wonderful land that produces a series of seam bowlers. My heartiest wishes for this guy>> Hats off.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 16:20 GMT)

I think Pak should request waseem to be the bowling couch for Pakistan...

I cannot imagine Amir and junaid opening the Pak bowling attack.... only one word... lethal

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 16:05 GMT)

He will surly a successful bowler in future if he continue his hard work,,but we miss M.Amir who was a real natural talent ,i think ICC should give him at least a chance soon as he was younger that time...

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 16:03 GMT)

i guess Junaid Khan might b responsible for ending sehwaq careear . who knows now he come back or not. LOllz also kohli became his bunny.

Posted by ABRAR-JANJUA on (January 7, 2013, 15:59 GMT)

@ henchart nice Joke... It was 2003 now we are in 2013 mind you... If you remember that how lethal were Waqar and Wasim in the 90s??? when India did not dare to Play with Pakistan for 13 Years and They only came to Pakistan when Both Wasim & Waqar got retirement...Come with some optimistic arguments but not lame Excuses...

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 15:50 GMT)

Love to see Junaid pitching it up all the time, he can be a lethal weapon in up coming champions trophy in England. Irfan on other hand is quite raw though he bowls at right length but he needs to work hard on his line and swing to trouble top class batsmen. After a long time Pak looked settled with a pace battery that had aamir, asif and gul but due to unfortunate incidents Pak was out of options and relied on spin for their successes. Nice to see young pacers evolving out of sub standard domestic circuit. guys like starc, cummins, pattinson, philander, junaid, steyn and andy provide us a reason to watch cricket.

Posted by Solid_Snake on (January 7, 2013, 15:49 GMT)

@Counterstrike->& playing Panesar is no joke when facing him on turning wickets..He made our Pakbatsmen life a hell in UAE..but still we managed to survive & thrashed England..Indian batsmen are said to be masters of Playing Spin bowlers.If they couldnt handle him,this shows how deadly he is..& i am hearing this thing again & again that Indian batsmen are out of form..Is this the best excuse someone would come up with?All 11 players are out of form..All top order batsmen suddenly went out of form?

Posted by Solid_Snake on (January 7, 2013, 15:35 GMT)

@counterstrike1.6 ->Same goes for Kumar & all the Indian bowlers..& infact same goes to almost all the bowlers of the world..Give them Alien conditions & they would get hammered.Give them favorable conditions & they are good to go..All are talking about Philander now a days..Just try giving him bowling in India,you'll see how fast he gets exposed.Same goes for Indian batsmen.They are the kings on flat tracks but collapsing on Bouncy & seaming Wicket..Pakistan is not any different

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 15:29 GMT)

More than the skills and talent of this young kid I love his attitude. He surely has the right attitude. If he keeps his feet grounded and continues to work hard, he will have a bright future.

Posted by henchart on (January 7, 2013, 15:28 GMT)

India lost 2-1 simply because Sachin did not play.It would have been 0-3 for Pakistan had the maestro played.Remember how he smashed Akhtar in 2003 WC?Return maestro, in ODI's.India needs you for at least 2015 WC.

Posted by Solid_Snake on (January 7, 2013, 15:27 GMT)

@swat1999 ->Indian team also needs some batting tips..One win & started acting all high & mighty again..out of 5 matches..The great Indian batting line up collapsed 4 times.Who needs a lesson here?If there is no Jamshed,someone else would make runs for Pakistan.

Posted by davidatlas999 on (January 7, 2013, 15:04 GMT)

a great talent good bowler i wonder why bowler cant bat they have any facility why they cant try for some batting scales.pak need some batsman and sack the oldies they are dump player who cant chase 167 against indian bowling attack.they dont deserve to be in the team.

Posted by StatisticsRocks on (January 7, 2013, 15:03 GMT)

Absolutely, as an Indian fan it was a treat to watch Juanid bowl here in India. What a sight it is indeed to see a fat bowler deliver those toe crushing yorkers. We in India know very well how PAK day- in and day-out produces high quality fast bowlers and one can only wonder how and why? Wish Junaid all the very best and gr8 success. Can't wait to see PAK vs. SA later.

Posted by Asadpk on (January 7, 2013, 14:57 GMT)

Junaid made Kohli (the world's "best" ODI batsman) his bunny in this series

Posted by lenceshadow on (January 7, 2013, 14:47 GMT)

india need a very good bowling coach like him.

Posted by on (January 7, 2013, 14:38 GMT)

very much impressed with this guy Junaid khan , has all the right attributes to be one of the worlds best , i am sad India lost the series , but then again as a cricket lover there is no better sight than good sustained quality fast bowling !

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 14:14 GMT)

@Paras Yep they will and i am sure many indian players will be for Sale

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 14:14 GMT)

why was he not played in a single game in wc11? why was he not selected in T20WC despite being best bowler in SL series? PCB and selectors need to answer. Similalry Anwar Ali has now toured twice with Pak team without plating a single game!

Posted by swat1999 on (January 7, 2013, 14:10 GMT)

Dear wasim, your bowlers doing extremely good but i very disappointed with your batsman. Teach them how to bat, If Young Naser Jamshed never bat wel pakistan obviously loose 3-0. It is only Pakistani mighty bowler who won the series. 3rd match one of the Pakistan's worst batting performance for recent years

Posted by getsetgopk on (January 7, 2013, 13:46 GMT)

The bout between Youraj, Kohli, Ghambir and Sehwag on one side and the young Junaid on the other and its a knock out win to Junaid in the first round. Shame that Dhoni came to the crease so late other wise there wont be a single Indian standing.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 13:34 GMT)

Excellent, i like this ,world ckt. need bowlers like shoiab ,lee, bond, steyn ,pattison, morkel, junaid ,irfan , cummins etc etc,.as i personally love watching fast bowlers beating batsmen and terror which one could feel in batsmen eyes, world ckt. should produce more bowlers of express pace. I am eagerly waiting for sa tour of pak. as there are some tearsome fast bowlers on display. who can forget the bouncer of shoiab ,to great Brain charles lara, in champions trophy, but in sa tour pak. should strengthen their batting ,if they want to win. cheers from j&k...

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 13:33 GMT)

No bowler would ever get lost in Pakistan. They will always find one of the greats working with him. That is why I feel Irfan Pathan may have not been spoiled had he been in Pakistan.

Posted by Sports4Youth on (January 7, 2013, 13:32 GMT)

Once again Umar Gul has shown what an ordinary bowler he is. Even in such helpful conditions where all other bowlers had excelled, Gull managed only 3 wickets at an average of 35.66 , & economy 4.65. Younster Junaid was miles ahead of Gul in the series. Even the debutant B.Kumar was very lethal, but somehow the wickets keep eluding Gul. Even Ishant Sharma, whom I regard as a very ordinary bowler, excelled in this fantastic conditions that helped seam & swing bowling.

Somehow the selectors need to understand this. Just like Umar Akmal , Umar Gul has been underperforming for a very long time. Its High time the selectors moved beyond Gul & the Akmals.

Umar Gul's bowling figures are continuesly nose diving. The Captains have tried everything, from allowing him to open the attack to using him in the middle & the death overs. Nothing has worked.


Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 13:30 GMT)

it will be a treat to watch that how he performs in bouncy and pacy sa pitches!!

Posted by jqamar on (January 7, 2013, 13:19 GMT)

It is nice to have a bowler after 2Ws. Pakistan can produce more bowlers like him but India is not a right team to test a pacer mind you.

Posted by voyager on (January 7, 2013, 13:16 GMT)

@facebook... Please spare Pakistan from the likes of Mohd Amir....

Posted by Sir.Ivor on (January 7, 2013, 13:14 GMT)

I had seen Junaid a year or so back. He used to bowl around 130 kmph normally but was accurate. His bowling at Chennai looked outstanding but it was on a moist wicket. He was more impressive in Kolkotta I thought. But the point which impressed me was that now he was regularly bowling in the high 130s .Maybe e has put on some muscle. But a wonderful bowler to have anywhere.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 13:11 GMT)

The bookies will start their hunt soon?

Posted by doubtingthomas on (January 7, 2013, 13:10 GMT)

Meanwhile, seniors in India are busy buttering up to the board, youngsters be damned.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 13:09 GMT)

yes truly he was a much improved bowler in india ....And i pray that he keep this thing up and bring a marvelous victory to his country after defeating SA in all three formats of the game...Best of Luck Junaid and Best of Luck Team Green

Posted by ABLcric on (January 7, 2013, 13:09 GMT)

Dear Junaid Khan, it was pure delight watching you bowl in India. You are doing perfectly fine. Plz do not over exert yourself. if there is anything you need to work on is to develop a decent batting and few nice slog shots. Be humble with your achievements and keep learning. Pakistan team is reputed with producing good fast bowlers. Your competition is to keep yourself on top of everyone else. this is healthy competition. Good Luck for your SA visit.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 13:08 GMT)

The Great Sir Wasim Akram plz you should help other bowlers also. Pakistan is a land of quality pace/Swing bowling.

Posted by arvind.Kejriwal.AAP_A_Better_INDIA_ on (January 7, 2013, 13:04 GMT)

Junaid looks impressive and a good prospect for Pakistan in future considering he is only 23. But lets not forget that he performed against such side (Ind batsmen) who are already out of form. Before this Ind-Pak series, Ind batsmen could not even play Panesar- an average spinner, against Eng in test series just tells what terrible form they are in. Also, the pitch in this series was offering good swing and pace to fast bowlers; So obviously it was assisting Junaid. There is no 'greatness' in kicking someone who is already down that too on pitches that suit you. If someone from Pak deserves applause it is Nasir Jamshed, who looks technically correct, can handle swing bowling and can accelerate any time unlike other Pak sloggers like Akmal Bros etc.. The way he handled B. Kumar's banana deliveries was awesome to see. Bt wt surprised me in last ODI tht Junaid was bowling at an avg speed of 132 kmph prob he lacks consistency.he may stil gt hammered on pitches tht don offer swing n pace.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 12:53 GMT)

This guy has really got so much potential in him.We Pakistani's have been missing a good fast bowling attack since the the spot fixing scandal but now irfan,gul,junaid alongside ajmal and afridi/hafeez looks like one of the best bowling attacks in today's cricket.I can't wait to see Muhammad Amir coming back,he and junaid will be a deadly pair.

Posted by   on (January 7, 2013, 12:45 GMT)

He improved a lot specify with his incoming to the right hander best of luck Junaid khan for the future

Posted by GreenVenom on (January 7, 2013, 12:43 GMT)

I hope he continues the good work especially in the upcoming series against South Africa where I believe he would be a handful since the conditions there will be more conducive to seam bowling than they were in India. All the best young lad. My prayers with you :)

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