India v West Indies, 2nd Test, Kolkata, 3rd day November 16, 2011

Didn't apply ourselves in first innings - Barath


After subsiding meekly in the first innings, West Indies dipped in to the Bob Marley catalogue to get up and stand up the second time, progressing to 195 for 3, still 283 in arrears, by stumps. Adrian Barath and Kirk Edwards added 93 for the second wicket, preventing any repeat of the morning collapse that saw West Indies skittled out before lunch for just 153.

"We did not bat as well as we should have in the first innings," Barath said afterwards. "Basically we learnt from our mistakes in the first innings and we applied ourselves a bit more. It shows that as a team we are capable of playing spin well. I think it was just a matter of application in the first innings. The conditions were a bit difficult for the openers to bat in."

Barath said West Indies' cause wasn't helped by an early start after play had ended 50 minutes early on the second day. "The game starting at 8.30am, it's probably the first time I have ever seen that. I think it was obviously difficult for us batting that early in the morning. Usually, the warm-up starts at 8.30 and we were facing the first ball at that time. It was something new for us."

He didn't play the first Test and failed in the first innings here, and there was more than a hint of disappointment at the manner in which he was dismissed for 62 so soon after tea. "I went out there and tried my best to get West Indies off to a good start. Our objective was to go there and just apply ourselves once again. I have been away from international cricket for probably around a month. So it was important for me to get back in the groove. I am thankful for getting a half-century but I think I should have carried on and got a big one."

Barath became the youngest West Indies player to score a century in 2009 - beating George Headley's record - when he hit a stroke-filled 104 in an innings defeat at the Gabba. Things haven't been quite as easy since.

"That's something I have been trying to cope with in the past year or so where I have had good starts. Obviously it's a very frustrating period in my career after just coming into the team and getting a century on debut and not playing as consistently as I should have after that."

The learning process has been helped by the presence of Desmond Haynes - one half of West Indies' legendary opening partnership - as batting coach. "It is a privilege to have someone like Desmond Haynes as part of our team," Barath said. "Being an opening batsman it is great for me because he has the experience of playing on different pitches around the world against different opposition. It's obviously a work in progress and there is nothing he could do overnight as a batting coach."

Part of Haynes' mandate has to be to change the mindset of the West Indies batsmen, especially against spin on the slow and low pitches of the subcontinent. Barath said Haynes has told them to be positive against spin. "He was the sort of guy that took the bowlers on. He definitely dominated some of the best bowlers in the world. He always tells us that we should be positive as batsmen and not allow bowlers to get on top of us. It's all in the mind."

On the Eden Gardens pitch, chances of saving the game rest largely on Shivnarine Chanderpaul, the one individual in the batting line-up with more than 50 Test caps to his name. "He is the key player for us tomorrow. He can bat through tomorrow and make it difficult for the India bowlers and take the game into the fifth day and make them bat again. He looks very determined and he is eyeing 10,000 Test runs.

"It's important to make India bat again. It will be important tomorrow morning for [Darren] Bravo and Chanderpaul to continue. I think they just need to continue batting as long as possible and come back on the fifth day."

One man they'll have to see off to accomplish that task is Umesh Yadav, who has impressed with his wholehearted attitude and bustling pace. "I think he's bowling 90 miles an hour," Barath, who fell to him in the first innings, said. "Any bowler who can bowl at that speed is special. There are not many around who bowl at that speed. He has what it takes, and these pitches can help him develop as a player."

After a frustrating period, Barath too is eyeing the next level.

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  • Oneil on November 17, 2011, 12:27 GMT

    Please drop sammy as captain so the squad could be more balanced, no sammy could mean Edwards,Rampaul & Roach together suuported by Bishoo or in this match Edwards,Rampaul,Bishoo,Shillingford which i think would have bowled India out for 350-400 rather than 600 plus dec

  • H on November 17, 2011, 7:42 GMT

    The pieces are falling in to place for the WI. Although it appears they will go down to defeat, WI should take heart from this innings. Samuels needed to reach double figures, but did not. Hopefully, he can beging to produce consistently. We need a good wicketkeeper batsman. If we can get a consistent number 7, it would add solidity to the batting. Maybe, WI should look to convert someone like K. Powell to a wicketkeeper. Simmons has a back problem, so I don't think he would be up to keeping.

  • Srinivas on November 17, 2011, 6:02 GMT

    Need I say more? The Future Great, Darren Bravo is taking his first steps. Scintillating knock from the Lara look alike. It has been a privilege to watch him take on our bowlers and take them apart. Three cheers to Darren Bravo. I say it again, dear Windies fans, please support this team. They are young and immensely talented. I wouldn't say this is an inning of defiance from Bravo. Defiance is a word that has a condescending tone to it. This is an innings of Resistance and Aggression, coming out of his sheer ability, which was always there; coming out of his sheer class, which was always there. Can he, the seniors around him and the coach make sure that he'll develop a balanced head over his shoulders for the rest of his career? Let's hope he, Barath, Kirk and Marlon take the right path to glory with pride, passion and respect for the Legacy of Windies Cricket. I have no words to express how happy I'm today for Windies Cricket. Shiv will be a much relaxed soul now.

  • rahul on November 17, 2011, 2:10 GMT

    WI is probably better off playing their Seniors XI instead of this current lot. Desmond Haynes would score runs that these guys even now. And they could get Courtney from the pre-match show set to go bowl a overs.

  • Dummy4 on November 17, 2011, 1:47 GMT

    dont matters the detracters is saying i like this team that the w/i have now even many is still being critical of the coaches u can coach how much u want but it is up to the players to go out there and apply themselves to be successful what the w/.i is doing now the should of done it 5 yrs ago find the young 1 and invest in them stop recycling players get players who is willing to perform on a consistent basis move on and forget about those who we have given so many oppertunity to be consistent and yet still they havent repay the faith we had in them it is time let the ones who want to play their best when they r playing 20/20 good riddance to them hail up to this youth team i know they will make w/i supporters happy in the future it is better to lose with a young side than to keep playing those with experience and losing this team will prevail eventualy look for the future captain within this 11 and we r going to be okay eventualy/roach/edwards/taylor can destroy any batting tea

  • Dummy4 on November 16, 2011, 23:44 GMT

    Chanderpaul and Bravo need to bat throughout the day tomorrow to have any chance of saving the match. I hope they can register centuries. West Indies still need men like Chanderpaul in the set up for at least a season or two for us to have a formidable batting unit in the future. Good luck guys!

  • Srinivas on November 16, 2011, 19:31 GMT

    Though I'm an Indian, I sincerely hope West Indies can at least salvage a draw from here in this test match. This young and talented team needs support and some positive results to fall back on. If they get beat up real bad, their shoulders might droop and their confidence might be dented very badly. Good luck to both the teams but more to West Indies. Come on Shiv and Bravo. You guys can do it. Take it by each session, each hour or better still by each ball as it comes. Don't look too far ahead. The monumental task ahead can overwhelm you. So, don't look too far ahead. Give it your all as our Legendary Rahul Dravid did for us on so many occasions. May West Indies Cricket see good days ahead!

  • Sanjiv on November 16, 2011, 18:55 GMT

    Barath is a young opener. With experience, he will become an exciting player for WI. When I was 8, my father took me to watch WI play when Gordon Greenidge opened. Wow he was good! Now I hope one day to take my son to watch you play, Barath.

  • Ara on November 16, 2011, 18:20 GMT

    Love the attitudes of the WI players. It's almost peaceful on the field, unlike when England were here and all their players could do was spew foul language at us and at each other. I feel that the WI could save this test match, only 3 wickets down and they are a lot more positive against the spinners. Good luck to both teams.

  • Dummy4 on November 16, 2011, 17:51 GMT

    @ Daniel Millwood, Even though I might not agree with u right now, u have taken the issue of WI captaincy to the next level. Congrats. U have done well. Now we have a name to consider,& not a bad one. Others were just criticizing Sammy, but not suggesting an alternative. However,I will start to look at yr choice for future reference. Good job my friend.

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